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The Economic Counselor of the United States Embassy in Nigeria, Susan Garro led a delegation of 5 agencies on a business visit to NNDC Corporate Headquarters on 18th October, 2017.

The Counselor stated that the mission was to look into the prospect of co-operation and collaboration on trade with NNDC. The agencies’ representatives were from the US Consul, US Commission E

In attendance at the meeting also were officials of Backbone Connectivity Network Ltd (BCN), a Nigerian telecommunications Company. NNDC made a presentation on its areas of interest starting with the Company’s profile, investment climate, incentive and possible areas of collaboration. Sectors that NNDC is currently involved are: agriculture, hospitality/real-estate, commodity marketing, healthcare, mining, proposed regional banking and telecommunications.

The USTDA proposed that NNDC as a regional DFI in the north should take ownership of some of its investment in solar power grid in the north by collaborating with it in the on-going 50mg/wtt solar power grid in Manchok, Kaduna State and their proposed 100mg/wtt solar power grid in Kano and Jigawa States. In this regard, USTDA would provide technical assistance and full funding for the projects. The Team also promised to look into the possibility of funding any other power projects with potentials in the north in which NNDC could connect and unlock but which would guarantee US content by working along with other international implementing firms.

Further to this, NNDC was requested to present a representative to join other stakeholders in Nigeria on a 12-day mission to the US in order to interact with US policy makers, industrialists and US financiers in a bid to develop a broadband infrastructure in Nigeria. The mission is slated to take place between November 26 and December, 8, 2017 and would be funded by USTDA.

The Executive Director, Management Services of NNDC, Mrs Kaneng Adole who stood in for the GMD thanked the delegation and contact persons from both parties were identified for further discussions in order to fashion areas of possible collaboration.

At the end of the interactive session and after due consultation, the Economic specialist in the US Embassy, Nigeria; Ruqayya Makama requested for a comprehensive feasibility study from NNDC on the demography of the north for suitable power projects.