01/03/2018 NNDC's Sustainable Investment in Real-Estate

“The Contractor brought to bear professionalism and experience in handling the construction of the project. I hereby call upon NNDC to continue to engage in the development of such project in future in order to boost its earnings.  As, real estate development is one of its core mandates.’’

Abdulkareem Mohammed Sani, FCA

(Deputy General Manager/ Head, Musa Bello Learning Resource Centre)

“From the feedback we are receiving, the populace appreciates the new development. The general opinion is that if the Company had been doing such projects, it would have gone very far. The project is one of its kind in Kaduna and it is a key project and achievement of this management because the project was conceived, embarked and delivered within a remarkable period of time. It is hoped that in future, a mortgage scheme along the same model would be developed for the staff.”

                                                            Engr. M.K Yakubu

                                                            (Assistant General Manager, Maintenance and ICT)

“This is a new development for northern Nigeria. NNDC is re-awakening its investment in real-estate which was done in the past but has been rested for a while now. The general opinion is that the contractor has done well. People are commending the project. However, staff should not be left out in the allocation or better still, an alternative property like this could be developed for staff use.”

                                                                                    Mohammed Maaruf

                                                                                    (Principal Manager, Group Internal Audit)

“The project is located in a nice area, it’ll attract easy return on its investment.”

Hadiza Bello-Liman

(Principal Manager/ Head, Personnel and Admin.)

“It is a commendable project of high standard. Similarly, the project is a good effort at diversifying the income base of the Company. For many years, the Company has been sustained on a single stream of income, we hope subsequent Management will also build on this feat.”

Friday Agbo

(Principal Manager, Account and Finance)

“it’s one of its kind in Kaduna, a great milestone for the Company.”


“The building is tastefully finished, by the time the land-scaping is done, it’ll bring out the beauty of the estate considering that it is located at a serene environment with a beautiful ambience.”

Alex iliya

(Manager, Business Development)

“I am highly impressed with the standard and quality of work done. It is superb.”

                                                                                    Baba Abba Gazali

                                                                                    (Manager, New Business Development)

“It is a good project. NNDC hasn’t done a project of this magnitude over a long period; it’ll further project the Company.”

Mohammed Dahiru Umar

(Deputy Manager, Investment Supervision)

“It is a nice initiative for the progress of the Company. We hope the Company will develop its property at the Trade Fair Complex so as to assist staff members.”

                                                                                    Zainab Aliyu

                                                                                    (Deputy Manager, Personnel and Admin.)

“The project has met a global standard.”

Isaac Adeka

(Deputy Manager, ICT)