The Dutse Emirate Council in Jigawa State has confirmed the elevation of Alhaji Bashir Mohammed Dalhatu to the prestigious position of Wazirin Dutse, effective from November, 6, 2017.

In a statement signed and released by the Galadiman Dutse, Alhaji Basiru Muhammada Sanusi, the Emir of Dutse, Alhaji Nuhu Muhammad Sanusi approved the promotion which was confirmed by the Jigawa State Government. The turbaning ceremony of the new Waziri will come up by January, 2018.

Alhaji Bashir Mohammed Dalhatu, the former Walin Dutse replaces the late AVM Muhammed Mouktar who died on October, 1, 2017 and who was the last holder of the title in the Emirate. The Emirate Council noted that the title is well deserved due to the outstanding leadership qualities of Alhaji Dalhatu.

The statement further stated that the promotion is a ‘reward for hardwork, sincerity of purpose, humane disposition coupled with the zeal to serve and a character of patience and tolerance’ which are the hallmark of the new Waziri.

The title of Waziri is often conferred on sons of the Emirate who have distinguished themselves in various positions of public and private trust. Alhaji Dalhatu served as minister under three different heads of state in Nigeria in various capacities ranging from mines, power and steel; transport and aviation and internal affairs at different times. He has served as the head of many boards and he also sits on the board of various public and private institutions.