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The Young Professionals Development Scheme (YPDS) is the pioneer academic programme to have taken off. This is in consideration of the recommendation of the IFTC coupled with the general belief that the north is short of professionals in areas like Accountancy, Insurance and Stock broking, the NNDC management deem it fit that to establish a scheme aimed at sponsoring young graduates of northern extraction to qualify as chartered accountants, Stockbrokers and insurance professionals, thus the establishment ofthe Young Professionals Development Scheme which was officially launched in February 2000 during the 50th anniversary celebration of the NNDC.


The Young Professional Development Scheme (YPDS) which later became the Young Professional Development Trust (YPDT) can be described as one of the best form of Corporate Social Responsibility that the NNDC has achieved over the years. The original concept of the scheme arose from the observation that there is a shortage of Northern indigenes in certain key professions which are critical to government and the economy.


The NNDC therefore considered this development as a great impediment to the effective participation 3S well as empowerment of northern indigenes in the public sector and other key areas of the national economy hence the need for a remedy. At inception, the Scheme commenced in 2001 and is administered under a module which gives equal opportunity to all owner states to nominate three candidates for admission. A total of 22 trainees drawn from the 19 Northern States pioneered the scheme. NNDC has bas been responsible for the payment of the take-off grant; registration fees; examination fees; exemption fees; tuition fees; annual subscription development levy; books allowance and monthly living allowances for students. The scheme is governed by a board of trustees which comprised of people of proven integrity, public repute and commitment. As at today, the scheme produce 13 qualifies chartered Accountants, 2 Chartered Stockbroker and Chartered Insurance Professional since its commencement.



New Nigeria Development Company (NNDC) is a conglomerate owned by the 19 Northern States of Nigeria. It has interests in Agriculture, Textile, Solid Minerals, Oil & Gas, Capital Markets, Hospitality, Mining, Telecommunications among other business fields.



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