The autopsy report attributed the young man’s death to cranial trauma, while his body was heavily bruised. Zeca’s family would like some answers here on Earth – along with justice. CONCURSO LITERÁRIO E AUDIOVISUAL “O QUE É SER ANGOLANO?”, Angolan Police Detain, Harass, and Beat Journalists Covering Protests, Angolan Corruption Case Snares Irene Neto. “He [Batalha] told me that my son was a highly dangerous criminal who was one of a gang of robbers who had stolen an Elantra on the Via Expresso.” When she looked disbelieving, the investigator told her “you wait here, we are working on the investigation.”, “I began to hear screams. On the morning of July 9, Sugar Land Police recovered a body found in a lake located at Lakebend at Sugar Creek near Southwest Freeway and Sugar Creek Blvd. Within hours he had been so severely beaten that his skull was fractured in three places. António Variações had no formal music training. Starting in local theater and singing in local venues, she developed her … In the admission records, the police clearly stated that the two had been their detainees prior to their deaths. He may not have been the best husband to me, but he never spent a night away from home and I never saw him with any car parts.”. Yet the family say that the vehicle owner failed to turn up at the station to identify the suspects. AMAZONENSES ZERO AWARENESS! Authorities say Sam shot the Nascimento in the face then dumped her body in the lake behind the flower shop. But she was alarmed by what she saw: “By the time they returned to the Zango I station, he (Zeca) was already bleeding profusely from the beating they had meted out along the way.” Within hours, the three detainees were transferred from Zango I to the 8th Police Station, a unit under the command of the Rangel Division, headed by Chief Superintendent José Amaro Franco. His garish visuals and camp fashion accessories, uncommon for a man at the time in Portugal, soon started to become noticed. When ‘Zeca’ went to the station to look for his wife, he was detained on suspicion of breaking up the stolen vehicle for parts. In July 1982, his first single was released, this time under the name of António Variações. Apart from dedicating his first LP to her and covering one of her songs, he also wrote an ode to the singer, recorded as the song "Voz-Amália-de-Nós", in which he sings "All of us have Amália in our voice and we have in her voice the voice of all of us" (Amália Rodrigues is a Portuguese national icon). At the time, the health of the artist was severely debilitated and rumours about his condition being brought on by AIDS started to circulate, which, given the prejudice towards the disease at the time, made him a target of some discrimination. After a series of concerts, António returned to the studio and, between the 6 and 25 February 1984, recorded his second and final LP, entitled "Dar & Receber", which would be released in May of the same year and received once again with great enthusiasm on all fronts (having in the song "Canção de Engate" one of the artist's biggest hits). Copyright © 2020 KTRK-TV. He wouldn’t give me his name, or his son’s name, because he didn’t want any problems with the Police. Another of the artist's major influences was Amália Rodrigues, a fado singer of international renown. The average life expectancy for Nascimento in 1961 was 58, and 76 in 2004. The five members of Heróis do Mar acted as António's studio band; they would become close to Variações, especially Pedro Ayres Magalhães, who speaks fondly of him on the liner notes of "Dar & Receber": "I thank you António, for your enthusiasm and trust, and I would like to write here that I've gained a friendship".

António Joaquim Rodrigues Ribeiro, (3 December 1944 – 13 June 1984) was a Portuguese singer and songwriter.

This encounter with a different musical culture left a deep impression on him; a testament to this is the fact that his first song experiments were written in English (although he soon abandoned this approach, in search of a more authentic and personal style of writing, in Portuguese).

Following this appearance, he would be a guest a few times on "Febre de Sábado de Manhã", a radio show on Rádio Comercial presented by the same host. In 1978, António submitted a demo tape to Valentim de Carvalho, one of the most important record labels in Portugal, but, despite signing a contract, he would not be allowed to record anything for another four years because the executives were unsure about the genre that best suited his work, folk or pop music, and therefore could not come to a consensus as to what should be done with the unusual artist. As I was leaving I saw police throwing water over an unconscious man lying on the floor – I asked my other son Edmundo to go see if it was Zeca. Family members reported Nascimento missing on Wednesday evening, July … I would have been less shocked if he’d been executed by gunshot. Variações' music is characterized by the use of a variety of instruments, ranging from synthesizers, to Portuguese and classical guitars, to accordions and more. On Saturday, July 10, Nascimento's vehicle was found abandoned in a remote area of Binville Parish, Louisiana. Angolan national police officers have again been accused of carrying out extra-judicial executions at a police station. 29 records for Ricardo Nascimento. The colloquial tone, set by the Portuguese popular saying, "Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today" reproaches the listener, reminding them of the fleeting nature of time. Meanwhile, Dr Eurídice de Brito saw the bodies of two other men, beaten to death on the same day at the 8th Police Station, and taken to the Josina Machel Hospital Morgue. These were then kept for over ten years by David Ferreira at EMI-Valentim de Carvalho, until journalist Nuno Galopim took up the enterprise of listening to and transcribing them, which would become the beginning of the musical project known as Humanos. This was his response: “You have to submit a request in writing to the Luanda Provincial Commander. “I managed to speak to the father of one of the deceased, and I tried to persuade him to join with our family in making an official complaint.

Júlio Isidro was a usual customer of António Variações's barber shop, and at a certain visit, he told him that he wrote songs. His remains were buried in the cemetery of Amares, where they still rest today. On a single day, August 31, the bodies of three men taken to a hospital morgue in the capital, Luanda, all displayed the unmistakable signs of being badly beaten. But he told me that he was just ‘one of the masses’ and only wanted to mourn his son,” says Dr Eurídice de Brito. José Padrão Loureiro’s death certificate notes that his death was due to “blunt force trauma to the cranium and abdomen”. Because tomorrow who knows if you'll still be here Despite having only the minimum education (at the time, four years of basic instruction, although he also attended night school classes in Lisbon for some time) and no music training, Variações had a deep sense of rhythm and a keen mastery of the written word. Maka Angola is making inquiries into their whereabouts and state of health.

Fort Bend Detectives obtained an arrest warrant for murder with a $1,000,000 bond. It wasn’t.”, Maria Padrão went home, returning early the next morning (September 1) to the 8th Police Station to find out what was happening regarding her son. He loved street life and hanging out with his buddies for a beer.

From his extensive travels abroad, he got acquainted with the work of foreign artists like David Bowie, Bryan Ferry, The Kinks, Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Angolan national police officers have again been accused of carrying out extra-judicial executions at a police station. This recording featured a cover of the seminal fado "Povo Que Lavas No Rio", immortalized by the diva of the genre, Amália Rodrigues, and an original song of his own authorship, "Estou Além", one of his best known songs that would feature in his first LP record. Not knowing how to play or compose music did not stop António from making music by himself. Two of the songs from this release, "O Corpo É Que Paga" and "É P'ra Amanhã" experienced frequent radio airplay, the latter being released as a Summer single. Then you want to, but it's too late. António Variações was a fervent admirer of the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa (dedicating the LP "Dar & Receber" to Pessoa, in a cryptically unfinished sentence, and using one of his poems on the song "Canção") and some of his lyrics share similarities with the feelings expressed on some of Pessoa's poems. HOUSTON Lorenza Sam, 31, is charged with murder in the death of Leesa Nascimento, 49. The funeral stirred some controversy because the authorities ordered that his coffin be sealed for public health concerns, which further fueled the rumors that he had died as a result of AIDS-related complications.

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