183 degrees. I’m in third grade.” “Well, I’ll pack you some coffee, then!” So I would eat the lunch, run over to the church, work a full funeral. The people that work at the airport? We need Halls.”, But as odd as this upbringing might’ve… might’ve been, they taught me passion. We need food. Okay? They hadn’t had company in 13 years.

Antidepressants. !” Handle it. Why don’t you just…?” “I’m gonna pay delivery when I got you? Something’s going on in the country. I can’t stand the word. I’m like, “Dad, could we get a dog?” “Dog, yeah. They would boil water, they would drop the Vicks in the water. The employees are never working. Some Arab countries and leaders condemned the actions of the United States.

“Oh-ho, you got to come by.

Soon as I got it, my father hung a red horn from the rearview mirror of the car, right? She’s like a dog, she likes to play. It was Black Weekend in Miami. Nobody’s working.

One of the, uh, one of the helicopters fell out of the sky. Finally found someone who could deal with me. She likes to come out and play. And he had to work out his shoulder before we went out.

We watched whatever he was watching. “Your bag is two pounds over. You know, married guys with kids, they’re looking for a prison break, right? All right? You’re at the pool. I come to my door, with a medical mask, I take it down: “Listen, doing some painting in the garage, gets into my lungs, that’s why I got the mask.” This guy, nothing on the mask. I-I love this city. Sign Up. Get this shit out of the neighborhood.” Right? He had one these eyeballs, one of these fucked-up eyeballs, looking into the kitchen area. Log In. And I’m watching the people order… I mean, there’s a sneeze glass there, right? We don’t run home and tattletale on the restaurant. “I can’t do it! Ultimately, bin Laden was found and killed within nine minutes, and SEAL Team Six was credited with carrying out a nearly flawless mission. It’s a workout. They had no outlet.

Where do I need to be?” “What eyeball do you think is “gonna start looking at the Samsung? She’s, like, “My mother’s gonna have Passover.” “Okay, we’ll go to the dinner.” 7:30, we sit down at her mother’s house. Loves people, she’s from the South. Where at?

Is he gonna come out with no head? Beautiful. She’s eating the cherries, and we’re, she’s talking to me and my wife. Everybody… everybody here has a secret. You didn’t score a touchdown. © 2020 Scraps from the Loft. I live in the negative.

What, this Malaysia thing’s freaked me out. “Got my man-cave. How does your toenail get to this point? Not Now. This is a one-time purchase. I brought a book. I set up in my own little corner. I want to hear the acoustics in the bathroom.” So I would lock the door, I would put the water on in the bathroom. I gotta take a break.” Break? You give it your all. I know a lot of people like to go in the midst of people. You’re like, “I don’t know why this is funny. It took me 23 minutes to get a burrito out of this place, huh? Aerial view of Osama bin Laden's compound in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad, made by the CIA. We need something, okay?” The priest says, “We don’t pay for Mass. Okay? I want to…” “Turn it up. That doesn’t matter? “So go upstairs, “lay down, refresh, “and come back down when you’re good and ready to operate your day.” Not my family, okay? You just skip it, and you move on to the baby’s room. I need an eyeball.” But that’s why I got my wife. I don’t chitchat, all right? Nobody’s got hair. I’ve never wrote on a cardboard box my feelings… stapled it to a stick, drove the stick somewhere… and marched around in a circle for 12 h… “Justice for…!” Some of you are laughing at this. “Oh, I’m sorry. Your email address will not be published. or. “He keeps swinging into my area. Listen, if you got a fucked-up eyeball, and you’re in sales, you gotta tell me that right off the bat, okay? Right? I’m like a magnet for these types, right? I’m not a Vegas guy. Here, I went to Chipotle couple weeks ago. But this is the country, people. Tomato… string bean… All right? He had to hook them up to the door. Let’s get the fuck out of here. or. Love the military. Listen, if you’re laughing, you’re on board; if you’re not, you’re the fucking problem, I’m sorry. Hungry.” And the food they start bringing out? Toyota Celica GT, shit brown. Now, if you don’t know anything about a compound bow? “Oh, my… Binny, Binny’s here! Do you feel safe with this type of security? Log In. After a bagel, cream cheese, lox… where they going? And they’re dressed as the character in the movie. Forgot account? When I first met my wife, I had some secrets. They call it a selfie.

“Go… go see. I wish I was on the Bin Laden raid. He gets out his bow and arrow. Do I gotta put it up for sale? Ants!

This guy didn’t have a table at a nightclub in Pakistan.

Who’s doing this? I didn’t mean to speak. They’d get into the car. The burglar has to process… “I got an arrow hanging out of my chest right now.” Did I break into an Apache’s home? But at night, we found out something was going on in our garden. You picked it off the tree! All my friends got married when they were real, real young. As a burglar, you can’t even prepare for something like that.

“Go down there, watch the game on Sunday. That’s another thing you handle as a husband. Right? You go right up to the… “I got a two Maniscalco tonight, you got that?” You don’t send your wife. Now, it’s all over my face. My father, constantly looking for a deal, went to the dentist. I grew up, uh, 25 miles away from here in Arlington Heights. People say “same corporation, different division,” all right? Is this a casino? So, I got this upbringing, I got this weird way of looking at the world, right? I had to ask her, real cool… this is in the beginning, where you have to be cool with everything… You’re, like, “Listen, you got a bathroom or something like that?” “I don’t know why… you got a bathroom “or something like that, or something? Where do you meet him? The people that are working, they don’t want to be there. Is there any shame? I don’t know, me and my wife, we go out to dinner. “I’ll just sit here like an idiot. Love Chipotle… they make a really nice burrito over there. Okay? The burglar’s in the living room. Behave.”. So I’m like, “You know what, let me go relax at the pool.”. Why are you high-fiving? Spanish Jew from the South. Come on! It will find you. A complete angel. I later told her, right? Ever walk in there? Went to Best Buy looking for a TV. I don’t know, is anybody embarrassed anymore? By late 2010, analysts were able to link the courier to a large, highly-secured compound in Abbottabad, a town about 35 miles north of Islamabad.

“It’s your cable.

They got nothin’. We got people in this country hanging outside movie theaters for four days for a movie to come out. Accessibility Help. He suspects nothing. I said, “Yeah, I got a dairy problem.” She’s, like, “Dairy? Nobody could find it. No real medication at the house. Congratulations.” He said, “Where are these people gonna park?”, It’s good to be home. The actual mission, dubbed Operation Neptune Spear, officially started in the early-morning hours of May 2, Pakistan time (afternoon of May 1, Eastern Daylight Time).

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