There is a local reef store here that keeps black mollies in a regular saltwater tank with similar sized species. Wish all info was as clear and conceited as yours.

Diet / Foods : Give them a varied diet consisting primarily of flake foods but supplement with live and freeze dried foods occasionaly. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below. I assume, that your fish are old enough and they reached sexual maturity.

Because they have a big and very rounded body shape, it is almost impossible to tell, if a female is pregnant or not. Before treating your aquarium with this or other medication, please read the label first. How many babies can a balloon molly have? You'll soon notice that the male's insatiable appetite would end up exhausting a lone female. Balloon mollies often have a reduced lifespan due to three factors: the inefficiency of the misshapen morphology causing wear and tear while swimming, the compact position of its internal organs in comparison to a non-balloon variety, and often seen difficulties giving birth. 225 225. While adult shrimp might be safe from mollies, baby shrimp will be eaten for sure. Because male balloon mollies will constantly chase females, it is best to keep a good ratio between males and females. Amano shrimp might get along with balloon mollies, because they are much bigger than cherry shrimp. This heater has a thermostat and it is very consistent in heating the water. Sometimes the fish has trouble eating from a wound around the mouth area.Grain-like white spots: Ich.Constipation: Poo constantly stringing out of fish, or fish's belly really distended.Stringy excrement: internal parasites. Really informative article, just wondering, you mention they’re man made, and probably result of selective breeding. The balloon belly, also known as pot belly mollies are my favorite type of molly fish. External skin parasites also likely.Lethargy: commonest cause is just pregnancy.Gasping for air on the surface: temperature could be too high. Molly Fish Food & Diet. Thanks a lot! This way, the females will have enough time to rest from the male, and will not be stressed out by the constant harassment. Use live plants instead, because it is easier and can bring you the same results. Amano shrimp can grow to 3-4 inches in size and do not breed in freshwater aquariums. Why they are called Balloon Belly or Pot Belly Molly?

You can help the water filtration with a thick substrate too. I have Jager heaters, which I use for more than 8 years and still work like new. There is one point i wanna discuss here about balloon molly babies.they need special care about feeding. There is no balloon molly specific disease. If you want to keep balloon mollies, you should choose at least a 20 gallons aquarium, but it would be better to start with a 30 gallons tank. Even though you have good filtration, and your filter can do a full cycle, doing 30% weekly water is important. In fact, it is really hard to keep their population under control. Interbreeding between speciesAll three molly species can interbreed. Here anus will be swollen. Privacy Policy | SiteMap | Aquarium Dictionary | Affiliate Disclosure | Contact Us. A teaspoon of aquarium salt per 5 gallons of water will go a long way in helping them. Gender : Males are more slender, females more round. Mixed-gender tanks should keep at least 1 male per two, or even better, three, females. Balloon mollies can’t live in brackish water. To keep water temperature stable, you should use an aquarium heater. The Eheim Jager, is one of the best aquarium heater out there. Not only colored in black, but also mottled as well as a gold variety. I bought a (yellow?) Balloon molly babies are tiny, they are about 3-4 mm in size, but are ready to swim and eat right after birth. I had the same problem with my balloon mollies. Fish of the Month, Pet of the Month and more! Feeding them a variety of high quality food is also important to keep them healthy. Here is a video of a balloon belly molly fish giving birth: Well, in case of balloon mollies, it is really difficult to tell, if a female is ready to give birth. How many fry will she have?A young female's first ever batch can be as little as a dozen fry. I personally never isolate my pregnant females, as it stresses them out. You must log in or register to reply here. DIY aquarium setup, enjoy the process... not the cost. is one of the internet's oldest and premier Tropical Fish and Aquarium forums! Though, they don’t like fluctuation in water temperature and need clean water to thrive and avoid infections and diseases. Once the adult balloon mollies get used to fry, there will be even lower chance to eat their newborn fry later on. I’ve been doing selective breeding with guppies for a while. Salt: really need brackish water to thrive. Live plants can be very beneficial for your fish tank. JavaScript is disabled. The fish in the upper picture had just arrived in our facilities. Although they can withstand a wide range of water temperature, the fluctuation is not good for them. Click on each picture to see a bigger picture. Balloon mollies are omnivorous. Molly fish, including balloon mollies are hardy fish and they can adapt to a wide range of water parameters. Some people report prolific mothers regularly give birth to 80 or so fry per batch.

Just like other molly types, balloon mollies are also live bearers and have a really short breeding span.

When balloon molly female is about to give birth, she will usually hide in a corner of the tank or between plants. If you have an over-crowded tank, you might want to do 50% weekly water changes, just to be on the safe side. Hey Raul. Feed in slow batches, giving a small portion and waiting until they've eaten it before giving more. I couldn’t figure out why I don’t see fry in my tank. If the white patch glows back, it's oodinium).

In this time they will eat algae and decaying plants.

Molly Fish Care.

If you do use salt, please use aquarium salt and not kitchen salt (has natrium in it) or marine salt (has minerals in it). I found your guide really helpful, but I still have a question. There are 3 different species of mollies, which have been re-classified, ungrouped and re-grouped several times. In order to keep water temperature stable, you will want to acquire a heater for your fish tank. Please keep in mind, that cooper medication will kill shrimp and snails too. Has anyone heard of this coloration before? I went to the LFS today and bought a Dalmatian Molly and two Panda Cory's to add to my collection. Usually balloon mollies have less fry, due to their compressed body. guppy-molly, and swordtail-platys. Purchase your mollies. If you keep female and male guppies together, in short period of time, most likely you will see baby mollies swimming around. 1. I think that at around 4 weeks old, or when they are about half an inch in size you should consider moving them to a bigger tank. Hey, I'm Fabian, chief editor at Aquarium Nexus. I’ve also noticed with fry, that when they get a big bigger, they will come out and will not hide anymore from their parents. Frequently asked questions and answers on breeding them: Size: Larger than P. latipina (about 8cm/6in for big specimens). Then, another yellow balloon Molly died a few hours later by not being able to swim properly and just floating around. She'll also likely isolate herself form the others, and lay in a quiet spot on the substrate. You can put more than 2 molly fish per 10 gallons of water, but there are few things to consider: filtration and water changes. Another tell-tale sign that she's about to give birth is that she may lack appetite a day or two before dropping her fry. I keep a lot of Javamoss in the breeding tank and keep them together with their parents. Updated May 14, 2020Author: Mike - FishLore AdminSocial Media: The Molly is a tropical fish that prefers some salt in their water. There could be two options why you don’t have balloon molly fry yet. How Long Can Molly Fish Live Without Food? Here is a video of a balloon belly molly with swim bladder disorder: There are infections such as VHS, which can only be treated with antibiotics such as Maracyn 2. Fish Disease : Freshwater Fish Disease - Diagnose, Symptoms and Treatment. I recommend you to put java moss, guppy grass, water sprite, pearl weed plants in your tank. On top of that, adult balloon mollies can get along without feeding for 1-2 weeks. Molly fish from the petstore, is she pregnant? In my experience, the best is to keep a ratio of one male to three females. So, if you want to breed balloon mollies, it is a good idea to have a lot live plants in your aquarium, where baby mollies can hide, or you can separate the pregnant balloon molly from the tank. The fish in the lower picture had been here for a few weeks eating premium food, which makes a big difference. Is this normal? Hey! A bigger tank will not only provide a more stable environment, but will also be good for supporting any potential molly fry in the future. The molly is a very attractive tropical fish that comes in many different colors such as orange, green and black. There are diseases, which unfortunately cannot be treated: dropsy, swim bladder disorder, bent spine or tuberculosis.

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