The Parrot’s size and reputation grew over the years and after the 2010 death of legendary carp Two Tone, which weighed 67lbs 14oz, The Parrot became the country's top carp. John Harvey, 42, landed the enormous Siamese carp after a …

And while we’re talking records, the current world record weighed in at a whopping 101lb 4oz, caught from Aqua Lake in Hungary by Roman Hanke. It is also now dead. The biggest British carp ever was found dead at the venue being tipped to produce the next bona fide home-bred  record. That mega mirror was landed last … Since this capture the fish is They are among the dozens of fishing state records this summer reported to . when the scales tipped 51.2 kg (112 lb 14 oz).

The captor and fishery both knew it couldn’t be claimed as a British record at the time as it had put on 30 lb with spawn and water to reach that 83 lb mark. This 86-pounder, caught by Capt. There was a problem. The Main Lake fish have already almost caught up, and the lake record was recently raised to 57 lb 10 oz.   You cannot paste images directly. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? World record common carp caught by English angler. British record carp Parrot was found dead just two weeks after the unofficial heaviest fish, Big Rig, also died. Many records were broken last year, and many famous carp have died just recently unfortunately. THE world of fishing has paid tributes to one of the true legends of the sport - Rod Hutchinson - who sadly died recently. Pity. Many records were broken last year, and many famous carp have died just recently unfortunately. World Record Carp Menu; English Record Common Carp; English Record Mirror Carp; Tuesday 4th August 2009 - British Record Common Carp (Dead) This webpage works in both Mobile Phone Modes. “This was to let the carp grow in peace, and they’ve done so at an even faster rate than in the Carp Lake. Email photos and details exclusively to: anglersmail @timeinc. It beat the old record by 10lbs … The sad thing is that last month, in June, former world record common carp Mary from Germany was found dead as well. If you continue browsing on the Fish Around website without changing your cookie settings, © Read our, By clicking on using "Google or Facebook" accounts you confirm that you accept the, Illegal Tamworth fisherman fined after 'threatening officers', Carp delivery helps put Revesby reservoir on national fishing stage, Elderly widower Ray Johnstone found a fishing buddy to replace a deceased friend, Russian Deep-Sea Fisherman's Discoveries Will Fuel Your Nightmares.

several anglers. when the scales tipped 51.2 kg (112 lb 14 oz). The committee rejected Nigel Ludbrookas claim for Captain Jack from Cambridgeshireas Holme Fen at 68 lb 8 oz as official scales exams indicated they were overstating the weight by at the least 8 oz. The biggest British carp ever was found dead at the venue being tipped to produce the next bona fide home-bredA record. The Big Plated mirror was caught fairly on rod and line last November at a bloated 83 lb 4 oz at Kent’s Wingham Fisheries. In the listings of biggest British carp, Dean Fletcher holds the official carp record with a 68 lb 1 oz giant. Just subscribe to one of the top Sale bargains online at our official website for publication subs:

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