How did his wife and children, who were present at the banquet, miraculously survive when so many others were killed? People believe that the Royal massacre is a fishy detail, also because of the declaration he gave for the people of the country.

Actually it's those darn Hindus; note the casual mention of caste in the above. Most people don’t buy that theory.

Leaders of Nepal's Congress Party, which was once banned but returned to political leadership a decade ago at the vanguard of the democracy movement, have acknowledged that they had considerable Indian support. The matter, however, cooled down after the economic blockade that India declared over Nepal. Then Dipendra turned the Glock on himself and shot himself in the head. It is a bloody coup d'etat, and this is the second Chinese response to India's support for US positions. And who has the audacity to murder a god and his family? There is something not quite right in the agency reports regarding the mysterious deaths of the royal family of Nepal. Although he drank and partied hard he was well-liked by the people who considered him as a friend and a good soul. … After 8 years, a man named TulBahadur Sherchan suddenly came forward to claim that he was responsible for all the aspects of the royal massacre. He states that the fired the shots that led to the massacre. Chakra Bastola, a former minister who was the foreign minister at that time, also has a different account of the activities that took place during the Royal Massacre. And then came prince Dipendra himself. And so the war goes on, for the total annihilation of the only civilization that has withstood the thrust of the Semites for all these centuries. It was the night of June 1, 2001, when Narayanhiti Palace, the residence of Nepal King and his family, transformed into the site of a royal bloodbath. The family member’s on Birendra’sside was all shot down, but those of Gyandendra’s side were unharmed in all respects. It brings people to a conclusion that the entire massacre was a planned plot. ARCHIVES Birendra Shah was the tenth King of Nepal when he was murdered. And the official cause of the disturbance was a girl whom Prince Dipendra fell in love with. Birendra Shah was a very popular king and unlike other kings earlier he wanted to usher in changes and pave the way for a new prosperous Nepal in line with the modern times. Wait, there's more: it is not China, it's India behind this outrage. While in a coma, Prince Dipendra, the King’s son, became the de jure King of Nepal. This is also one of the top 10 facts about Nepalese royal massacre. Anyone among them might have done the massacre with ease.

So then who shot him? Birendra gave up absolute kingly power in 1990 and agreed to share his leadership with an elected parliament. If King Dipendra killed everyone using his gun, what was the ADC’s doing during the massacre. Anyone remember Crossette's gem a few months ago where she explained that you see, true democracy is practised not in India, but in Pakistan and China? Very strange, that an explosion should have precisely targeted all these people. How dare she have an opinion on her son's wife-to-be? However, India’s absence of control of the security related activities might be the reason behind India’s role in the massacre. He just declared that the truth would come up in front of the entire nation really soon. Check also: 10 Best Sector To Invest in Nepal. The overthrow and murder of a royal dynasty is standard practice for Marxists: witness what happened in Russia. There was no postmortem of the body and was taken straight away from cremation. During the party, a drunk prince Dipendra walked in the hall complete with an M16A2 rifle, MP5K submachine gun, SPAS-12 shotgun, and Glock 19 pistol. A High Commission report concluded that the royal family was slaughtered by Crown Prince Dipendra. Later in the absence of any royal clan alive, Dipendra was crowned as the king while in the hospital where he died three days later. This is one of the top 10 facts about Nepalese royal massacre. SEARCH REDIFF. This can be coincident but people still question the event. But his mother Queen Aishwarya and even King Birendra were dead against her as her family besides being old rivals had strong ties with India which had a stormy relationship with Nepal at that time. Why was there no post mortem for such a grave event? King Gyanendra the new king, was not liked by most people due to his brash behavior. I remember reading somewhere recently that there are also massive conversion activities going on in Nepal by both Pakistan and the Christians.

The Maoist leader Pushpa Kamla Dahal has also clearly declared India’s role in the massacre. Ah, a mere accusation regarding Pakistani agents. As the thick curd dribbled on the king’s ten toes, the enraged Baba Gorakhnath cursed him that his dynasty would be obliterated because of his pride after ten generations. CAPITAL BUZZ Then the shootings started. A huge amount of youth had completely disagreed to the entire event. And the killer was none other than his own son Crown Prince Dipendra, who was drunk, according to Dr. Rajiv Shahi, a family member who survived the shooting. There are Judases everywhere who will betray their own to the enemy.

download Listen to the story. The report said Dipendra killed his father (Birendra), mother (Aishwarya), sister (Shruti), brother (Nirajan), uncle (Dhirendra) and then himself with a machine gun. Could an ancient curse really come true? [ citation needed ] Among the dead were the Crown Prince's father, King Birendra and his brother, Prince Nirajan . He also killed King Birendra's three siblings Prince Dhirendra, Princess Shanti, and Princess Sharada, alongside Sharada’s husband Kumar Khadga and King Birendra’s cousin Princess Jayanti. The book deducts the declaration that Dipendra killed his parents, siblings, and relatives. Why did the Indian government declare that there was no scheme involved in the Nepalese massacre? He is considered as the reincarnation of the Hindu God, Krishna, and is revered throughout the land. Also, Dipendra was in a coma for three days and his regular doctor was obstructed from seeing him time and again. Was it just a coincidence that Gyanendra just happened to be out of town on the night of the killings? King Birendra was hosting a party for family members on the grounds of Narayanhiti Royal Palace. I do have theories, but that's for another day.

There was no probing into the details of the incident. He started during the 13th day of the death of former Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, that Girija was also invited to the event of the Royal Massacre. The author states that there were two men, masked as Crown Prince Dipendra. People believe that the Royal massacre is a fishy detail, … According to the official reports, Dipendra fell in love with Devyani Rana, the daughter of Pashupati Rana, a member of Nepal’s parliament and former foreign minister, who is descended from the Rana clan, a bitter rival to Shahs for centuries. That said, the truth of what really happened that night would never be known. NEWSLINKS There are the questions that have not yet been answered till date. He might have succeeded, except he contrived to shoot himself in the back of the head. ELECTIONS Like that Robin Raphel? Girija Prasad’s declaration after the event.

There was no mentioned about the interest to look into the details of the massacre. It was also declared that some manual bombs got off automatically during the firing event. It was 10 years ago June 1st that, by the official account, Nepal's Crown Prince strode into a royal family gathering, opened fire, and killed nine people — … The arguments between the king and his son steadily grew every day and created a lot of friction and animosity within the family with the king even threatening to disinherit the prince from the royal throne.

It clearly states that the general public is still not satisfied with whatever information has been put towards them and would surely like to know the truth about the entire event. According to the legend, Prithvi once came across a holy man in the forest. Lessons from History is a platform for writers who share ideas and inspirational stories from world history. There were a lot of problems that came up during the solemnization of the new King Gyanendra.

Why did not they come out of their rooms once they heard the gunshot sounds? Queen Aishwarya had long been associated in the minds of Nepal's democrats with a rigid, outdated penchant for absolute monarchy and social conservatism.

In Nepal, the king isn’t just a king. King Birendra rejected the Indian proposal for security and water resource management. I have noticed that Marxists kill Hindus with no compunctions: for instance this has been going on in Kerala's Kannur district for some time. Best Paying Jobs in Nepal [Top 15 Jobs in Nepal], Unicode to Preeti Converter | Nepali Unicode, Royal Enfield Bike Prices in Nepal | Bikes in Nepal, Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal – How to get it, Apply online Application form for Driving License in Nepal, Nepali Dance: Classical and folk dances of Nepal. This remains controversial. Every person killed by the Marxists there is a Hindu, and that is of course not news. It has been said that Queen Aishwarya fell victim to such an incident of a manually operated weapon getting off on its own during the shooting. To many, Birendra was a fatherly figure, a symbol of stability in the country, and was deeply loved and respected by the local populace. He is supposed to be the representation of Lord Krishna on earth. How were they locked into a room? "India, which blockaded landlocked Nepal a decade ago to punish it for buying weapons from the Chinese, has again recently accused Nepal of growing too close to China and also of allowing Pakistani agents to operate from its territory.". (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); TulBahadur Sherchan is the bold personality who came forward and claimed responsibility for the whole incident under question. The Nepalese royal massacre was surely something out of a horror movie that Nepalese people can never forget in the duration of their lives.

The dark day in history was marked by a huge controversy but there are some facts about the massacre that is never to be forgotten. Says Crossette: "Underlying all the other tensions, the Nepalese continue to nurse a long-held fear that neighboring India may be behind the country's political problems.

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