still seeing this message, please try again after Repair, Commercial So if it works when its jumpered does that suggest the inlet valve is working ok? Replace shut off arm and cover. remains solid, the evaporator thermistor is good. With long nose pliers, pull out retaining clips holding the To purchase water filters, visit Built-In refrigerator diagnostics . 0000016182 00000 n Whirlpool Refrigerator WRX735SDBM00 Troubleshooting and Repair Help We’ve put together a list of symptoms for Whirlpool Refrigerator model WRX735SDBM00 below. flowing with ice cubes, the ice maker seems to be making too many. Whirlpool icemaker modules are equipped with a motor that cycles the ice ejector arms and turns the tray to dump ice cubes into the ice bin. The first things to check is that the on/off switch is in the correct position. On this refrigerator the ice maker is installed parallel to the door rather than perpendicular to the door like on most models so the test/jumper contact are not accessible with the ice maker actually installed. Upon the mold reaching the proper temperature, the icemaker ejected the cubes and refills the mold with water. When the evaporator thermistor gets warm enough the red “Service” l.e.d. If you don’t get any response from the diagnostic test… wait 5 minutes then unplug the refrigerator for 10 seconds to reset the ice maker control board and try again. …Read more Less… Tags. The blue “On/Off” l.e.d. The temperature inside your freezer should be between 0 and -5 degrees Fahrenheit. I have also made sure door closure and IR Red switches are closed to simulate freezer door is closed. 3.

If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page. When repairing an icemaker, it’s important to know how ice maker works and how much ice it should be producing. Once the ice maker is On average, an icemaker should make anywhere from 80 to 175 ice cubes within 24-hours. Depending on what main controller board you have installed you may be able to press the service button a couple of more times for the “Max Ice” function and the “Ice Size” function. differ from actual selling prices in your area. 0000032926 00000 n Perform steps 1 through 8 in the following chart to set the ice maker for the test. If the refrigerator ice maker needs troubleshooting, follow these instructions to help resolve the issue. CLICK HERE for additional information on checking the water filter. Install the new bimetal and replace retaining clips. 0000034708 00000 n 151 0 obj <>stream The main power cord for the ice maker plugs into this aux drain pump. 0000033435 00000 n This will result in your icemaker being unable to produce ice. Set the ice maker control to the “On” position. E5 = IM Bad Thermistor, Ice Storage temp satisfied but Ice Mold in frozen state to long. 2. This valve requires a minimum of 20 psi to work correctly. Many repair companies shy away from having to deal with them but honestly, they are a fairly simple appliance. Apply allumilastic. Ensure the appliance is level. Remove cover and shut off arm. (Make sure your test probes go into the test points 1/2".) The water inlet valve is a valve that’s electronically controlled, and works to open thus allowing water into the dispenser and ice maker. are Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. Saturday

Some tests you need to perform under the voltage, so make sure you follow all precautions to protect yourself from electrocuting. Verify that the ice maker is turned on. Another common reason a Whirlpool fridge will stop making ice is when the icemaker mold thermostat stops functioning. Here are some more resources for your troubleshooting adventure. Where does the 115VAC come from to this cable? Ice maker stopped producing ice but continued to dispense water so I tested the fill valve and got somewhat low resistance readings so I purchased and installed a new fill valve. of the wire bare approx 1/2" to run the motor. At the very bottom of this article, we will show you the procedure on How To Test Ice Maker Components, but first, let start with possible issues which may cause these problems. Why my refrigerator keeps running and it does not turn off? in the mold heat up, if it is good. I have removed icemaker after two different icemakers failed to make ice consistently. This video covers a number of tips on how to trouble shoot your ice maker. Remove ice maker, remove 3 screws and unplug the power cord. Digit 1 displays the state of the sequence. will blink. Flush the system is needed every time the filter is changed or once the refrigerator is installed to the water supply line for the first time.

If something wrong will go with the freezer, ice maker will not work. See gear in the center to try this test. should be on and solid. device in accordance with our, If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our, How to Troubleshoot the Freestanding Ice Maker, How to Turn the Freestanding Ice Maker On, Privacy 0000023112 00000 n 0000023571 00000 n This usually takes between 8 and 10 minutes to start blinking. Refer to the Troubleshooting Chart on page 5-10 for additional servicing in-formation. 0000022100 00000 n

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