Category: Application Learning, 49) The major advantage of a virtual organization is its ________. There is little need for innovative and experienced decision makers below the level of senior executives.

simple structure is most widely practiced in small businesses in which _____. Q.29) Which two of the following statements are true regarding work and data classes? Among the given statements, Work spe, SECTION 1: Multiple Choice circle the best answer-1 point each (5 total 1. Less time is spent in changing tasks, putting away tools and equipment from a prior step, and getting ready for another.

B) In a virtual organization a strong culture can be established quickly and easily. Page Ref: 514 LO: 1 AACSB: Analytic Skills Difficulty: Hard Quest. Several key dimensions to The major advantage of the virtual making, increase flexibility, get closer to customers, and empower employees.

This preview shows page 1 - 3 out of 7 pages. The next day she personally went to the employee’s cubicle and told him how much she appreciated him staying late to get the project to the client on time. 8) Which of the following statements is true regarding an organization’s culture?

Mark is the owner of a local shoe business. In the late 1940s, most A) break down barriers between the company, its customers, and suppliers. of scale by placing people with common skills and orientations into common B) Large organizations rarely have subcultures. In an organization, top managers make all the decisions and lower-level managers merely carry out their directives. A) function B) process C) geography D) product E) interest, D Explanation: D) Firms can departmentalize jobs by the type of product or service the organization produces.

Category: Critical Thinking Learning, 67) Pam works for a corporation that recently fired three top managers who were caught using the company credit cards to lavishly furnish their offices and even purchase “office” furniture that was found in their personal homes. E) Stacy’s customer base is made up primarily of people who earn a minimum wage or who depend on the earnings of others who earn a minimum wage. This is an example of Use of this information for any commercial purpose, or by any commercial entity, is expressly prohibited. A) Legitimate power develops out of admiration of another and a desire to be like that person. Page Ref: 516 LO: 2 AACSB: Analytic Skills Difficulty: Hard Quest. C) A dominant culture expresses the core values shared by a majority of the organization’s members. 10) Chain of command is a key element of an organization's structure. Work specialization: Under work specialization, tasks or the activities which are necessary to achieve organizational objective, are divided into jobs.

E) scores low on the degree of formalization. All things being equal, the wider or larger the span, the more efficient the organization. The virtual is also called C) Typically, bureaucracies have wider spans of control. ___ is the key concept that underlies all bureaucracies. Which of the following is typically a characteristic of an organic model of organization? key questions is addressed by this element? Based on this information, we can say that Odysseus Corp. is attempting to create a ________ organization. He has recently promoted her to the lead position in quality assurance. characterized by extensive departmentalization, high formalization, a limited

has been toward _____. 32) Stacy’s, a chain of discount stores in Washington, employs thousands of people and pays most of them at the minimum wage rate. You have decided that one of the designs developed during the last decade or two is probably the most appropriate for your newly formed organization. 29) Rainbow Corp. hires a new secretary, Polonova, who differs from the vast majority of the company’s employees in terms of her ethnicity. Which of the following structural decisions will help her achieve the desired objectives? The fact that the companies’ main source of new employees tends to be people who are already employed by competing firms weakens the conclusion. A Explanation: A) The matrix structure breaks the unity-of-command concept and increases ambiguity about who reports to whom. B) Technology cannot eliminate economic roles in a society whose values are insusceptible to change. A) Many dissatisfied workers feel that their wages are too low and working conditions are unsatisfactory. C Explanation: C) Organizational culture is descriptive. Category: Application Learning, 58) You decide to eliminate horizontal, vertical, and external barriers within your organization. Category: Concept Learning, 59) Company chants are used to ________. matrix structure is its _____.

D) A self-service strategy cannot be employed without computerized inventory control.

The other options are irrelevant and out of scope. It encourages participative decision-making practices. A ________ is consistent with recent efforts by companies to reduce costs, cut overhead, speed up decision making, increase flexibility, get closer to customers, and empower employees. One major weakness is that it’s difficult to maintain in anything other than small organizations. The owner of the store acts as its manager and makes all the decisions. C) A virtual organization is characterized by a high degree of departmentalization. The strength of the matrix is its ability to facilitate coordination when the organization has a number of complex and interdependent activities. Page Ref: 524 LO: 4 Difficulty: Moderate Quest. Category: Concept Learning, 39) Which of the following types of organizational designs combines two forms of departmentalization, functional and product?

Based on this information, we can say that the job of these publishing representatives ________. D) A strong culture reduces employee satisfaction and increases employee turnover. Elena refuses to allocate any tasks to her team and decides to put in extra hours and weekends to complete the groundwork herself. The added levels of hierarchy slow down decision making and tend to isolate upper management. In this case, its entrenched culture may no longer be appropriate. Which of the following is NOT one of the major disadvantages of a matrix structure? A) Work specialization indicates to what degree will there be rules and formalized regulations to direct employees and managers. Which of the following statements, if true, would weaken the argument favoring increased span of control?

The fact that Qtopia Inc. was included in a popular magazine’s list of 100 best companies to work for in its 2008 edition is a mere fact that isn’t relevant to the current problem. A) conformity, criticality, and diffusivity B) complexity, volatility, and capacity C) complexity, diffusivity, and criticality D) conformity, criticality, and capacity E) criticality, volatility, diffusivity, B Explanation: B) Any organization’s environment has three dimensions: capacity, volatility, and complexity. Such unanimity of purpose builds cohesiveness, loyalty, and organizational commitment. In this example Odysseus Corp. is attempting to create a boundaryless organization. If you have a narrow span of control, you It is a “flat” organization; it usually has only two or three vertical levels, a loose body of employees, and one individual in whom the decision-making authority is centralized. A) decentralized structure B) ability to enhance role clarity C) flexibility D) highly departmentalized structure E) ability to minimize organizational politics, C Explanation: C) The major advantage of the virtual organization is its flexibility. E) Most companies consider their employees’ established relationships with clients and other people outside the company to be valuable company assets.

A) have a wide span of control B) score high on the degree of departmentalization C) score high on the degree of formalization D) lack a unity of command E) score low on the degree of work specialization, C Explanation: C) Formalization refers to the degree to which jobs within the organization are standardized.

This organization is most likely to be characterized by ________. Page Ref: 484 LO: 1 Difficulty: Moderate Quest. input or are actually given the discretion to make decisions, the more _____ 814, Arizona State University • PSYCHOLOGY 453, University of the West Indies at Cave Hill, Organizational Structure Handout Format.pdf, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Chapter Summary - Group 3 - Chapter 14 - Saturday, Organizational Structure Lecture Powerpoint Slides, University of the West Indies at Cave Hill • MGMT MGMT2008, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City • BA ba013. 5) A plant manager organizes a plant by separating engineering, accounting, manufacturing, personnel, and purchasing into departments. B Explanation: B) Culture facilitates the generation of commitment to something larger than individual self-interest. managers are skeptical about Mike's ability to handle more workers. If all secretaries were paid equal salaries, then it offers no grounds for Polonova to quit. They’re consistent with firm’s efforts to reduce costs, cut overhead, speed decision making, increase flexibility, get closer to customers, and empower employees. Although a positive organizational culture does not ignore problems, it does emphasize showing workers how they can capitalize on their strengths. One of the most popular D Explanation: D) Today’s trend toward decentralized organization makes establishing a strong culture more difficult. Page Ref: 529 LO: 7 Difficulty: Moderate Quest. E) Job satisfaction depends on the structure of the organization but organizational culture does not. Category: Concept Learning, 14) According to the principle of unity of command, ________. • Task Performance behavior • Citizenship (e.g., helping, sportsmanship) • Counter-productivity, measures implicit attitudes and beliefs that people are either unwilling or unable to report, It is illegal for an employer to discriminate with respect to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin (also protects against retaliation), Transformational leaders do not always act in the best interest of the organization Use their power to remake company in their own image Create a climate where people are afraid to challenge the CEO/leader Result at Enron?

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