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#YouTubeGaming #Twitch #AssassinsCreed #NewUpload #CheckItOut #Ubisoft #Playstation #Xbox #Promo #AD. Twitch's recent push for ad profitability and handling of copyright tools clearly shows their disconnect with the platform's community, and their lack of commitment/support to creators.

@SimasaurusX @TwitchSupport are you guys having any issues? Soon my Internet will be "upgraded", which means I don't know when I will be back. speed test is fine Had to switch to NY to fix the 3min+ stream delay but we are good now! It's installed but disabled on twitch and I don't have any of these problems you guys are having, Hey guys no stream tonight my PlayStation is not working for some reason so be back tomorrow night at 6pm uk time #warzone #twitch #smallstreamersupport #callofduty #SmallStreamerCommunity @SmallStreamersR @PromotingStream @SmallStreamersC @rtsmallstreams, Will not be streaming today as the potato is having issues #twitch #streamlabs.

The overwolf Curseforge client will work, dunno about Twitch as twitch won't own any of the data anymore... Overwolf does. Anyone else else get that weird feeling when you read something so fundamentally true it makes you kinda get an eye twitch? All other steam apps are synced fine on my phone. My anxiety seems to be at a norm for the moment so I should be live again Wednesday for a few hours. At the time of writing, Ninja tweeted that Twitch has reverted back his channel “to how an offline page should look.”, Disgusted and so sorry.

Its a social media problem.

RT @TheArcanistsOwl: Im so sorry guys, but it looks like twitch is having issues all over the place! pic.twitter.com/gnUY5Kp52E.

@Sim_n4…, @LoriKarikari

@TheHinduDindu US Army streaming e-sports on Twitch = Borderline war crime and proof the US is a fascist dictatorship

twitch hates my phone and im at risk of losing my job because of my arm.

Thanks for hosting and inviting! We’ll still have a wonderful time on Twitch though, of course. anyone having issues with twitch servers? Tomorrow though, we’re playing THE LAST OF US on PlayStation 4.

Having a big problem trying to reset my password for Twitch... havent been able to stream this past week and a bit cause 2fa problems on my twitch, @Twitch having problems resetting my password. @stevenspohn @NnTnDGmFrk100 I have a friend who is colorblind.

AFTER 10 YEARS OMG. @lambsalotgaming @iKrazyCupcake I love roblox because I have a friend that has to work on the phone and I’m trying not a computer for me a lot but I’m still on twitch and I’m not working so I’m just trying not a computer for the phone but I’m still on internet connection and I don’t need to get my phone number, @Phnerd_

@TwitchSupport I cant login into my twitch account because it keeps asking for a 2fa code and my mobile number is not currently working so i dont receive any sms neither do i have an authy set up, please assist. @Rolox24 @keennethh @Twitch Thought this was going to be more exciting. Lewis was sent to Camp Green Lake after getting caught breaking into a museum and robbing it’s jewels.


@Twitch ive had a glitch where my adblock stopped working.

I will be streaming as soon as I fix my @ASTROGaming a50s that shit the bed and won't update with new firmware and now won't work ... #Twitch. Users came to Ask Jeeves for more sophisticated searches. @RhysMoon_

The weather is absolutely vile where I am right now, I’ve tried restarting the stream, router, and two other internet connections yet I still can’t go LIVE For support, send a DM to us with your account number or the telephone number associated with your account. I was curious if a particular quiz category causes issues. I am not able to stream on twitch cause how much problems I have with my internet I need to move out of my parents house . @TheOnlyFender twitch not working , is there anything new ?

@Tunkawa @JayBrotatoe @Asmongold @TwitchSupport I get it. @Gottamgineer #FIFA21, @ZuvoraGG


Monday streaming had it's niggles, tech issues, twitch being error prone on xbox this morning, & then mic not wanting to show up on psn, but we got there, so thanks for sticking around, I got to have some fun on Days Gone, and have a lovely chat with the wonderful @Scullyassassin.

why is this?

Can't even stream for you all! I haven't been able to log in in like 3 days, I've never gotten an email even when trying to reset my password (that's not the problem, I can't get the code cause I'm "logging into a new device" which is actually what I've been using) idk wtd. OMG NOT ME GETTING INTO TWITCH RIGHT BEFORE THIS OMG, @YoItsWeeb

Creators & viewers complain

@TwitchSupport @TwitchSupport I'm having an issue resetting my password for my twitch account.

@IconFisherGamer Hey there gamer, apologies for the delay in getting back to you. However Twitch streamers are still playing. @MissReevaSims Anyone know how to solve an odd internet issue?

Twitch has a problem Twitch will be fine but Trovo keeps ending stream and starting back.

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