Arthur C. Tauck Jr. ’53 ’79P is an innovator who changed the travel industry. From The Simpsons to Ford v Ferrari, Lehigh and its alumni make a cultural splash. In his 34 years with the company, he has held a variety of financial, business development, commercial, and general management roles.

To celebrate the occasion of Weeks being the 10th presenter, Georgette Chapman Phillips (left), the Kevin L. '84 '13P and Lisa A. Clayton '13P Dean of the College of Business and Economics, thanked the Gruhns with a plaque commemorating the decade-long tradition. In 2008, he established an endowment for the Gruhn Distinguished Speaker Series in Finance, formalizing his long tradition of bringing speakers to campus to address students on business topics.

Wendell Weeks ’81 started his career at Corning for the same reason he went to Lehigh—to become a better person. Photo: John Kish IV. In the same breath, he reminded students not to focus too much on external recognition. Create an alert They discussed ASMS, the vision of the College of Education moving forward, and the college’s early development education initiative. How has a 166-year-old glass company stayed so unbreakable? Weeks himself has continued to collaborate with colleagues in all levels of the organization on new product development, especially in his roles as CEO and chairman of the board. He also spoke about his personal and professional perspectives on the impacts of globalization and technological innovation, as well as the unique challenges students will face in the future. Get current address, cell phone number, email address, relatives, friends and a lot more. At the lecture, Georgette Chapman Phillips, the Kevin L. ’84 ’13P and Lisa A. Be part of the most ambitious fundraising and engagement effort in Lehigh's history. For inquiries, visit the media page or contact: Lori Friedman “I am a first-generation college student, so when I chose Lehigh, I knew I wanted to surround myself with people whose values were superior to the ones I had, so in turn, I would do better,” Weeks told a packed audience in Baker Hall at the Donald M. Gruhn ’49 Distinguished Finance Speaker Series on Oct. 11, 2017. A company’s value is ultimately measured by whether or not it does good in society.”. You have to work really hard; you have to do something you are passionate about; and you’ve got to do it with people you really like working with, but I have to say, luck has so much to do with it.”. “The reason I’m sharing it with you is because the process of creative destruction is accelerating, and it will mean a great deal not only to companies and institutions, but also for all of you as individuals.”. Find Wendell Weeks for free! Frock met with Gary Sasso, dean of the College of Education, and Brook Sawyer, assistant professor of teaching, learning, and technology. At Corning, Wendell Weeks has 36 colleagues including Stephanie Burns (Director), Mark Wrighton (Director)…

Weeks and his colleagues have developed and launched significant new products, such as damage-resistant pharmaceutical glass packaging that helps make injectable drugs safer and Corning® Gorilla® Glass, which is featured on billions of devices worldwide, including the Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone. Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board -. Wendell’s education is listed on their profile. to follow the career of Wendell Weeks. Wendell Weeks is currently Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Corning, Director at and Director at Merck. Weeks met with students in the College of Business and Economics with whom he shared invaluable stories about his life as a Lehigh student, his career path, and his experiences. Although the products have changed over the years—from the glass bulbs for Thomas Edison’s electric light to the cover glass in Receive alerts when executive movements happen. “Sustaining Institutions for Long Term Performance—have you ever seen a more boring title?” Weeks jokingly asked the Baker Hall audience as he opened his talk. Weeks was introduced by Nandu Nayar, the Hans J. Baer Chair in International Finance and the chair of the Perella Department of Finance, who called the value of insights by accomplished alumni “immeasurable.” Nayar noted the 200 percent return on Corning’s stock price over the last eight years under Weeks’ leadership and touted the company’s expansion from simple glass to display technologies, optical communications, environmental technologies, specialty materials, and life sciences. P.C. View Wendell Weeks’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Weeks became Corning’s chief executive officer in 2005, and in 2007, he became chairman of the board. In some ways, it is, but if you are going to create life-changing organizations, products, and services, you’re going to have to collaborate with others,” he said. 3,311 executive movements have been recorded in the last 12 months. Weeks sees collaboration not only as an integral part of Corning’s success, but also at the core of capitalism. The biggest occurred after the internet bubble burst, which sent the company’s net income plummeting in 2002, before the leadership restored profitability in 2003 and drove the company’s next growth surge. “Don and Judy Gruhn—you are truly friends of Lehigh, and we thank you,” she said. Wendell P. Weeks (born 1959/60) is an American businessman, the chairman, CEO, and president of Corning Inc. Weeks says Corning has survived and sustained itself by following a few rules. For each of our 909,300 listed executives., 301 Broadway, 4th floor - Suite 400 Weeks has stayed loyal to his values and true to his passions which is likely due to why the 166-year-old company he runs has remained so robust. Visit the campaign website now >, 27 Memorial Drive West, Bethlehem, PA 18015 USA, Long-Standing Lehigh Supporters: Judy and Donald Gruhn ’49, Wendell Weeks: Making Corning Even More Durable. Weeks began his career with Corning in 1983 in the finance group. After three unsuccessful trials, for your security, Wendell P. Weeks | Our Leadership | Corning. As the 10th presenter of the Donald M. Gruhn ’49 Distinguished Finance Speaker Series, Corning CEO and Chairman Wendell Weeks ’81 spoke about sustaining institutions for long-term performance in Zoellner Arts Center’s Baker Hall on Oct. 11. “People view capitalism too much as competition. (610) 758-3224 (o) File your clients in folders. “I urge you to keep your heart and mind open and to not get caught up in hierarchy,” he told students. During his presentation marking the 10th anniversary of the Gruhn series, Weeks shared some of his most treasured insights with Lehigh students, professors, and community members, highlighting the importance of innovation, collaboration, passion, strong values, and trust. Wendell P. Weeks (born 1959/60) is an American businessman, the chairman, CEO, and president of Corning Inc. Under his leadership, the company has launched several new products and businesses, changing with the times while continuing to be world class. [3][1], Weeks has been a member of the board of directors of since February 2016. “I’m constantly stunned by the ways different people think about and approach problems—I’m always learning from my peers,” he said. Corning, however, has managed the creative destructive trend; it’s one of only 64 companies that has remained on the S&P 500 since the index was first published 60 years ago.

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