I used an RPi 3. Weller WE 1010. We're using this cutting-edge technology to help give our customers a better experience learning about and understanding our products before purchasing anything.

Anything about power monitoring below this paragraph is historical. They also work through the Amazon Echo. Bricked my teckin plug it connected and did the backup then nothing,,had to open it and solder wires and flash it by serial. When you purchase WE1010NA, you'll receive the following: WE1010NA is a versatile product that's suitable for a range of users, from soldering professionals to beginners and everyone in between. LAOTIE N7S 3-Mode Foldable Electric Scooter, Carku 64B versus D28A Portable Car Jump Starters, Mikato S2 Smart PIR Toothbrush Sterilizer. They must be making plenty of profit to be able to just write off returns unles they have arrangements with suppliers. turns out they are not esp82xx chips !!!!! Required fields are marked *. With top-of-the-line performance, ease of use, safety features and affordability, it's the perfect soldering solution for a wide range of jobs. Back on terminal one, press ENTER and wait for the prompt. You don’t want your Scoop.it page to be public: make it private. thanks both.. At the other side of the house near the bedrooms, another SP27 does the opposite, operating only for a few hours during the day – all of this of course is part of the joys of living near a stream. Good for cheap rate timing, useless for dusk-dawn lighting. For use with Weller® SP23/25D Soldering Irons Weller® Soldering Tip, Chisel,1/4", for SP23/25D, 2/PK MT series tips are plated with Electroless Nickel for ease of wetting during soldering

View online or download Weller WMRT Operating Instructions Manual

Features On GSA Contract (2) Categories ... Manual Assembled Calibrated Syringes (13) NT Tips Series (13) Soldering Gun Tips Series (12) DX Series (12) FT Fume Extraction (12) Weller Pyropen Tips Series (9) Aside from occasional filter cleaning, this setup should never need maintenance. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, WMRP soldering pencil and the WMRT micro I can confirm the 4 sp23 and the 2 13A sp27 have the “HANGZHOU AIXIANGJI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD” mac address and the 10A sp27 have “Espressif Inc.”. Of course when ordering new stuff at random we often take pot luck as to whether they use ESP8266 or not. Compact sturdy little unit. thumbscrew.

More details at https://fccid.io/2ASQV-TW-02/User-Manual/User-manual-4211029. The ability to use different tips with the WE1010NA and to operate the iron at various temperatures helps you get quality results for many types of work. Monitor what is happening on terminal TWO.

The next 3 all converted fine with Tuya Convert (version 1). COUPON: Rent Maternal-Newborn Nursing The Critical Components of Nursing Care 2nd edition (9780803637047) and save up to 80% on textbook rentals, Maternal-Newborn Nursing: The Critical Components of Nursing Care 2nd Edition . Pages with related products. It would seem they have binned power monitoring on the SP23 product and adjusted the capacity claim for the UK to 13A. View online or download Weller WXP 120 Operating Instructions Manual, Translation Of The Original Instructions, Original Instructions Manual You should put an empty text file in the boot “drive” called merely “ssh” without the quotes. Your email address will not be published.

Just great.. spent the last 3 hours trying to get these flashed. There is a special ‘wide’ dual outlet that’s available, but it needs a corresponding wide wall box to mount it.

https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07CVJYV3G/. Wonder if you can buy the older ones still? This is the result of an all day session with Mr Shark AKA Antonio, with me in my office in the freezing wastes of the Northeast of England and Antonio at work in Italy.

I was wondering: is it possible to use Tuya-Convert with a old raspberry without wifi + a spare Wifi AP ? I found an interesting fact, only the 10A sp27 can link to my BT Home Hub 5a (running Openwrt 19.07.2) when my 2.4GHz SSID is hidden :/. Press YES. WHY go backwards…. Pharmacology for Nurses: A Pathophysiologic Approach Kindle Edition Explore limited-time discounted eBooks.

The plug is just never recognised.

As I have no idea of your level of technical skill or the requirements of your country laws in terms of electricity supply etc, I accept no responsibility for any damage attributed to following advice in these pages.

ST Series Tips For WP25P and WP35P Irons. Average tip temperature can be "offset" to +/- 5°C at idle with no load, Average tip temperature can be "offset" to +/- 9°F at idle with no load, Heating time (approx.) Thanks again.

You can enter several keywords and you can refine them whenever you want. So basically you are looking at just another cloud-operated smart socket. No luck.

Power unit, 1 channel with soldering iron WEP 70 and safety rest PH 70, 70W solder iron with ergonomic handle and providing toolless tip change, ESD safe station, iron and heat-resistant silicon cable for safe handling. I will see when I get mine. This is the second one that does this to me. the bin file you’re saying, i think is the one DigiblurDIY named in recent videos, which just tries repeatedly to connect to the vtrust ssid created by tuya-convert, so you don’t need to use your phone for that…, nothing to do with finding the 3 gpios used by Pete’s device, though…. I should have said I used tuya-convert first… On three Pi with two raspbian builds. Blakadder added an UNSUPPORTED section on his template collection site… you are invited to add the Teckin devices there… and everybody wishing to buy a device to actually hack it, is adviced to go there and check BEFORE the buy, for tasmota support: https://templates.blakadder.com/unsupported.html, Happy New Year to Peter and all the blog supporters.

Dit aantal is verdeeld over o.a. Weller ist ein Hersteller von Lötspitzen, Lötstationen, Entlötstation, Filter und Absaug Anlagen. [ISBN-13: 978-0803637047] Gahart, B. L.,Access Maternal-Newborn Nursing 2nd Edition solutions now. The SP23 devices I received convert to Tasmota no problem but newer models do not.

It seems also that the chipset has been changed. The smoking gun in the log is this: In 2019 I wrote here (now updated) about the Teckin SP23 (for British plugs and sockets) Smart plugs and commented that whether this ends well or not will depend on the company. On the first terminal do this…. Replies to my comments

They do still work with most sockets, you just end up with the switch being halfway to the off position and/or the plug not being fully inserted. Not only will it drive traffic and leads through your content, but it will help show your expertise with your followers. Now you can update to the latest firmware in the normal way, for example, this URL for the 2.3.0-based minimal firmware.. http://thehackbox.org/tasmota/release/sonoff-minimal.bin, For the full release – this – http://thehackbox.org/tasmota/sonoff.bin, You could look for a Tasmota template for the device… https://blakadder.github.io/. Rosin Core I will keep looking – but after that experience with Teckin I won’t go there again. Dodgy products now and poor advertising. If you DO see the above “Active Userspace” etc., skip to step 3 on terminal ONE. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. Thanks. It’d be worth marking at the top of the page to warn anyone else off. The SP23 devices I received convert to Tasmota no problem but newer models do not.

Of you are using them unmodified then no doubt they are fine. Just to let you know I’ve been able to successfully tuya-convert 4x “Gosund SP111” from https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B07ZS97KL1/ Purchase Clinical Companion for Maternity & Newborn Nursing - 2nd Edition. WELLER SP-23 Repair. I bought a few of these a year or so ago. So in case of the Realtek version, may be try to be the new Dr Frankstein and do so “reassembly” . Their loss as far as I’m concerned, I just hope very few bought the new units thinking they were getting the ESP8266 versions – they should have completely renamed them. Looks a good product : the plug is compliant with both FR & EU modes and the socket is EU but most french cables are also compliant wiht EU. Can confirm they’re as the photo above, marked “bad” with the extra “chin” on the back.

Another easy way to learn more about the WE 1010 is to. Well, they wrote back to me on Nov 4, 2019. At this point the hack is complete and you should see a “SONOFF-XXX” WiFi access point on your phone, connect to it, navigate to and use the web interface to connect the device to your WiFi network.

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