El plan cambia cuando consume Porco Galliard y toma la forma de Jaw Titan por primera vez en el capítulo número 129.

Jaw Titan Krista wondered at how Ymir could have possibly reached the shelter before her. Nkne of the jaws titans before Falco had 2 mouths.

[73] Falco then stays back while the Warriors and Survey Corps infiltrate the Yeagerists holed up at the Paradis docks. Falco then wonders why they are on the front lines as candidates and Gabi explains that it is so they can be evaluated by Commander Magath for their capabilities as successors to the Armored Titan power.

[22], The crystal is forced into the Jaw Titan's mouth.

"Ben" (ベン Ben? [72] The two stop to rest overnight and Falco overhears Connie talking to himself about Sasha. Powerful jaw strength, hardened claws, great speed Some thought that if Falco WAS to turn to a titan, that it will be Reiner’s Armour Titan … If that's it, Falco has the jaw +beast Titan. Ymir [5][6] Its claws are strong enough to cause severe damage to armored opponents such as turrets and even the crystal shell created by the War Hammer Titan.


He asks how Kaya managed to survive, and is stunned to hear that a girl brought over an axe to fight the Titan, giving her enough time to get away.


When dinner is served, Falco is stunned by how high the quality of food is and how he has tasted nothing like it before in his life. Falco goes to see himself out but he is instructed to stay by both Kruger and Reiner. Gabi berates Falco for revealing that to her, but he ignores it. Magath then carries Falco's unconscious body to the boat, leaving him with Onyankopon.

With the manga in its endgame, the Nine Titans have become hugely important as fans brace themselves for a final war. After getting impaled by a set of spikes, the Jaw Titan frees itself and avoids another set of spikes. After the situation is cleared up, Niccolo tells Hange Zoë to wash out Falco's mouth before revealing the wine bottle was one of many containing Zeke's spinal fluid. emos visto la piel endurecida de los titanes. Pieck tries to talk him down but Falco, feeling guilty about Galliard's death, states that if Porco would have been in his position, he would have leaped into the battle. [25] Still out of combat, he witnesses the arrival of the Beast Titan to the battlefield. Obviously, this reveal is a huge one as the manga has never referenced a Flying Titan before. [76], As an Eldian Warrior and candidate for the inheritance of one of the Titan powers, Falco has endured hard military training.

[53], Once imprisoned, Gabi begins having a seizure in their cell; Falco tries to help her and the guard enters the cell to check. Liberio Falco looks weird with 2 mouths.

However, they are repelled by Magath and Marleyan soldiers, with Magath commanding Gabi to help Falco.

Connie claims to have found him unconscious in Shiganshina and saved him.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [28], Falco appears, stretching and exerting himself whilst training at HQ and states to his fellow candidates that he will be the one to eventually inherit the Armored Titan.

Wish it was just the beak, maybe with more jagged edges to have tbe razor like effect Marcel and Porco and the first Jaws titan had.

[17], After the battle, Falco is resting in the docks with his friends.

Anatómicamente, tiene sentido, dadas sus cualidades animales. Ymir had so outer covering but she still had the basic design. )[2] He uses a nail he found from the harbor to transform into the Jaw Titan.
[62] The Marleyan forces arrive at Shiganshina and launch their surprise attack to steal the Founding Titan. Those who hold the power of the Jaw Titan demonstrate significant amounts of speed and agility in their Titan form. This isn't the first time we've seen an animal-themed Titan: Zeke's Beast Titan form is very on-the-nose in its simian design. Ancient

Falco is then taken to a separate room to bathe but is interrupted when the Yeagerists arrive.

[47], Despite Falco's pleas, Jean shoots a Thunder Spear at the Cart Titan; however, a burst of steam released from the Titan's wound hits him, partially hitting Falco as well, and the spear explodes on the ground instead.

Falco is seen to be a quick thinker and good at improvising; this is shown when he was trying to return from Paradis Island back to Marley with Gabi and comes across the family of Sasha Blouse. After the reunion, Falco and the rest of the group work with Jean, Mikasa, and Pieck to escape the Yeagerists in Shiganshina.

While leaving, they stop to pick up Reiner.

And thanks to a recent update, netizens have discovered one long-forgotten Titan is about to make a comeback out of nowhere.

Thanks to the "curse" of Ymir, the first Titan, Attack on Titan's Nine Titan shifters are powers passed down generational lines at least once every 13 years. Falco tries to quiet Gabi down as she proclaims they are still fighting and that the Paradis Island leaders will pay for attacking them. [7] However, Falco is by no means a coward. Lo único que pudo predecir es la aparición de un nuevo tipo de Titán. Name Ymir's Titan form was relatively small compared to the other Nine, with long, straggly hair, a haunched body and sharp nails and teeth. Despite this, Falco remains relatively calm and humble in the face of praise, deeming the extolment heaped upon him by his fellow Warrior candidates as embarrassing and "not a big deal", as well as attributing his success to Eren motivating him.

Subsequently, Falco and Gabi express their intent to leave but are reprimanded by an unwilling Annie who expresses her concern about the possibility of the ship sinking during Falco's transformation. [49], The children soon witness the Attack Titan defeating and trying to bite through the nape of the Jaw Titan, which prompts them to yell desperately for Reiner to save him.

While upset due to Eren revealing himself as an enemy after manipulating him, Falco understood that he and the Survey Corps attacked Liberio because Marley invaded Paradis Island first, and remembered his words of how the people inside and beyond the Walls are the same. Porco GalliardYmirMarcel Galliard [23] Finally, Reiner tells him how he must surpass Gabi in order to protect her from this cruel world.

Falco then reveals to her that he likely received a memory of a previous Beast Titan who was capable of flight and theorizes that he could do the same due to the unique appearance of his Titan which is presumably because he ingested Zeke's spinal fluid.


When the dust settles, Ymir's fatigued Titan is unable to continue fighting against the Titans, but her life is saved by the arrival of the Survey Corps soldiers from the Stohess District raid.

Height The Other Side of the Ocean, Falco Grice (ファルコ・グライス Faruko Guraisu?) In Chapter #129, the Jaw Titan once again gains a brand new form when its current holder, Falco Grice, transforms for the first time.

Seeing no hope for escape, Ymir chooses to make use of her Titan form to confront the Titans. Sin embargo, nunca pudo ver venir esto. He listens as the two continue their conversation and is shocked when Reiner ultimately breaks down in guilt, accepting responsibility and regrets for his actions against Eren and those living across the ocean.
After the Armored Titan joins the battle, the Jaw Titan teams up and the two engage the Attack Titan and fight to a standstill.

Following this move, the young Falco became a grotesque Titan himself and swallowed Porco whole, becoming the new Jaw Titan.

Falco looks weird with 2 mouths.

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