University of Chicago Press. Malietoa Falefatu - son of Malietoa La'auli with his third wife Nuuilematuli of Maagiagi. Malietoa Taia'opo - Daughter of Malietoa Taulapapa from one of his 4 wives ('. Nafanua, Samoa's warrior goddess hails from the village of Falealupo at the western end of Savai'i island, which is also the site of the entry into Pulotu, the spirit world. How to say warrior in Samoan. Malietoa Savea - the first Malietoa following the Tongan occupation of 'Upolu, Savai'i. The following is a compiled list of the Malietoa holders. doi:10.1080/00223349808572860. Tuga'ula Publications. Mālietoa (Samoan pronunciation: [maːɾiɛˈto.a] Mālietoa) is a state dynasty and one of the four paramount chiefly titles of Samoa. Tilafaiga is the mother of Nafanua. If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me. University of Hawai'i Press. I have previously covered various deities of the Hawaiian islands and in the future I will address the gods of the other Polynesian island groups. History of Samoa. Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America. "Titular Disputes and National Leadership in Samoa". Journal of the Polynesian Society. 1929. Meleisea, Malama (1987).

Named after 'Ae, the fierce war chief of Tutuila. Legend tells that one brother was struck dead by the other and chaos was averted by their eldest brother, Savea, who resuscitated and placated both contenders. Lagaga: A Short History of Western Samoa. They have more than 700 appearances for the Vodafone Warriors behind them and upwards of 1600 all up including their careers with other clubs in Australia or England. doi:10.1080/00223349408572759. Tala o le Vavau: The Myths, Legends and Customs of Old Samoa. Indeed, they fill nine spots in the club’s 23-strong 100-game list, the most of any ethnic group.

Cambridge University Press. Sacred Hens and Other Legends of Samoa. Ancient Polynesian Society. [1] There were two types of deities, atua, who had non-human origins, and aitu, who were of human origin. Of the 17 named, there’s cover for all positions, Tuivasa-Sheck and Nigel Vagana able to go to the wing, Ropati and Tony to fullback, Faumuina, Meli and Wiki (in his earlier days) to the centres, Tony and Leuluai to hooker, Ropati, Faumuina and Nigel Vagana to the halves and Wiki, Galuvao and Matulino to the edge.

Nafanua's father, Saveasi'uleo, was the god of Pulotu. Dept.

As a result of his decrees, he is why we now have the famous group of Matais called 'FALEUPOLU O TOFIGA'. Tamasese, Tuiatua Tupua (1994). A figure of another legend is Tui Fiti, who resides at Fagamalo village in the village district of Matautu. [3] Another well-known legend tells of two sisters, Tilafaiga, the mother of Nafanua, and Taema, bringing the art of tattooing to Samoa from Fiti. Reed. The Sa Moli maintains a family council house in Sapapali'i called Poutoa, which, since it was established by Malietoa Vaiinupo, is also held as the ancestral maota of the Sa Natuitasina and Sa Talavou. Hart, Wright & Patterson (1971). Tohu'ia Limapo, the Samoan ancestress of the. Samoan Translation. Nafanua, Samoa's warrior goddess hails from the village of Falealupo at the western end of Savai'i island, which is also the site of the entry into Pulotu, the spirit world. Malietoa La'auli - also known as Malietoa La'ailepouliuli. Journal of Pacific History. Journal of Pacific History. Tu'i Tonga Talakaifaiki established a long-term residence at Safotu, Savai'i, Samoa[3] and installed his brother, Lautivunia, as governor of Western Samoa islands.

The title is currently held by Malietoa Fa’amausili Molī, who was bestowed the honor in Malie on 16 August 2018, ascending to the title after the death of his father Malietoa Tanumafili II on 11 May 2007.[1][2]. It is said that the brothers Tuna and Fata both took a fancy to the honor spoken by the deposed Tu'i Tonga and a quarrel between the two ensued. There was fierce fighting all the way to the sea whereon the Tu'i Tonga reached his superior navy vessels and called out to those on the land. At the other end of the time frame are two members of the current NRL squad in fullback Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and winger Ken Maumalo. Tongan Society. ISBN 978-0-8248-1634-6. See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder. Mālietoa (Samoan pronunciation: [maːɾiɛˈto.a] Mālietoa) is a state dynasty and one of the four paramount chiefly titles of Samoa. Commercial Printers Ltd. Fitisemanu and Wright (1970). Malietoa To'oa Tuila'epa - may be the same person as Tuila'epa. The seeds of rebellion were planted, according to legend, to the "sons" of Atiogie, namely Savea, Tuna, Fata and Ulumasui (who was actually a grandson of Atiogie). After starting with the Tongan Warriors last week, the spotlight shifts to the Samoan Warriors today in the latest incarnation of the ‘best of’ Vodafone Warriors selections being revealed on the NRL’s traditional ‘Team List Tuesday’ in association with the Alternative Commentary Collective. Malietoa Molī - holder of the title since 16 August 2018. List of resources about traditional arts and culture of Oceania, tapa ["masi" (Fiji), "ngatu" (Tonga), "siapo" (Sāmoa), " ʻuha" (Rotuma)], Asian American and Pacific Islander Policy Research Consortium, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 13:16. Gilson, Richard (1970). Oxford University Press. Go to the pack and Vagana and Ruben Wiki are the starting props, the combative Monty Betham is at hooker and the back row comprises Ali Lauitiiti, Logan Swann and Faumuina, who were all teammates across the era when the Vodafone Warriors made the finals three years running in 2001, 2002 and 2003. toa Find more words! (Taofia a le Malietoa.) A collection of useful phrases in Samoan, a Polynesian language spoken mainly in Western Samoa and American Samoa Jump to phrases.

Literally translated as "great warrior", the title's origin comes from the final words of the Tongan warriors as they were fleeing on the beach to their boats, "Malie To`a, Malo e tau..." ("Great warrior, thank you for the war). "War of Tonga and Samoa and Origin of the Name Malietoa". doi:10.1080/00223348708572563. King Savea was bestowed the title Malietoa which his brothers had fought over and was hence honored in Samoan oratory as King Malietoa Savea-ali'i (Lord Savea), Na-fa'alogo-iai-Samoa (He Who Samoa Listened To), Savea Tu-vae-lua (Savea Who Stands on Both Feet), and Savea-matua (Savea the Elder). (1897). Kirch, Patrick (1989). A handful of other versions are also recorded; however, the overall consistency of chronology and nomenclature is impressive given the oral nature of Samoan genealogy transmission. The Samoan Journals of John Williams 1830-1832. Stair, John B.

Tuga'ula Publications. Kiwi internationals Thomas Leuluai and Motu Tony make a strong halves pairing, Leuluai now with more than 400 appearances in the NRL and Super League combined. Prominent members of the Sa Talavou include Talavou's son, Malietoa Fa'alataitaua, who held the Ta'imua office and was named successor to Mata'afa Iosefo's office as Ali'i Sili while under German colonial rule. Journal of Pacific History.

Kramer, Augustin (1995). The Samoa Islands, Volumes I & II. You have skipped the navigation, tab for page content. Another contender at standoff was the versatile Sione Faumuina. 32 (2): 139–179. Mau: Samoa's Struggle Against New Zealand Oppression. Malietoa Taulapapa - A descendant of Malietoa La'auli. Literally translated as "great warrior", the title's origin comes from the final words of the Tongan warriors as they were fleeing on the beach to their boats, "Malie To`a, Malo e tau..." ("Great warrior, thank you for the war). This page was last edited on 16 September 2020, at 19:45.

The Sā Malietoa of today is expansive and transcends geographical boundaries, religious persuasions, socio-economic class and even ethnicity (considering various chiefly families in Fiji and other Pacific societies are genealogically linked to the Malietoa family). "Sacred Women Chiefs and Female 'Headmen' in Polynesian History". Gunson, Neil (1997). Malietoa Uilematutu - also known as King Malietoa Faiga or Malietoa Faisautele. Field, Michael (1984). The families of the Sa Moli trace their genealogies to Malietoa Moli. Perhaps the most well-known of the three modern branches, the Sā Moli has been highlighted as one of Samoa's four royal families for over a century. University of the South Pacific. He is better known by his other chiefly title, Taimalelagi. A.H & A.W. Malietoa Muagututi'a - also known as Malietoa Ti'a. Some of these descendants have come to light through media coverage of the ongoing titular dispute prompted by the death of Malietoa Tanumafili II, including families who claim descent from other Malietoas (besides Natuitasina, Moli and Talavou) and/or their descendants.

The Sa Natuitasina considers the Maota Pouvi (Taimalelagi's former residential grounds) to be their familial "headquarters" and their council house is also located in Sapapali'i, Savai'i. The village of Falelima is associated with a dreaded spirit deity called, Nifoloa.

22 (3): 139–72. Old Samoa or Flotsam and Jetsam from the Pacific Ocean. Moyle, R. (ed) (1984).

Mafui'e was the god of earthquakes. She also is regarded as a peace bringer, having brought peace to Savai'i through winning the wars between the two regions of the island. Fa'alataitaua's son, Fitisemanu, was also installed as Malietoa, styled as Malietoa Fitisemanu II, but later conceded the title following a legal battle in 1939.

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