4 Forma | 169 Platinum | 105000 Endo - [ youtube id="eWg7XAcq1Iw" ] 24% crit chance means with bloodrush and gladiator set, it can reach 314% crit, for all red crits. Those who take the time to master it speak of its impressive striking distance and ability to hit multiple targets. As you can see the 3.0 chances have improved Orthos Prime drastically. | Expensive. 36% status chance means it only needs 3 60/60 mods to reach 100% status. Orthos Prime by sureausername, last updated on Nov 14, 2019. (Warframe) Orthos Prime Build 2020 AJ-_ Loading... Unsubscribe from AJ-_? 5 Forma | 265 Platinum | 166510 Endo - Orthos Prime is an ancient Orokin martial weapon, forged from the purest rubidium making it extremely light-weight. ORTHOS Blueprint. Cancel Unsubscribe. ... ORTHOS PRIME. 1 Forma | 116 Platinum | 23710 Endo - Use primed mods if available The Tenno forged Orthos is a rare double bladed polearm. Orthos Prime build. Orthos. The Tenno forged Orthos is a rare double bladed polearm. | Corrosive/Slash build. Working ... [U21.3] Warframe - Orthos Prime - One of the Most Efficient Weapons! by moeloen, last updated on May 23, 2019. Warframe Tier List - Orthos Prime by sakai4eva, last updated on Apr 13, 2020.

This allows them to pierce hardened materials like armor with ease. It hits several breakpoints. New Build. New Build A set of ceremonial daggers from the Orokin era, the Fang Prime's blades resonate violently as they strike.

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