Picking Energy Siphon on lower level missions is also an valid idea and will make sure that you always have enough energy to cast your first Spores ability. Note that we’ll default to the Prime version of any given Warframe if one is available, but in most cases the un-Primed version will work fine--you just might need to spend a few more Forma in order to recreate the build you see here.

Nekros’s plan is simple: kill a few dudes, Despoil their corpses, and then raise them from the dead to be your shield army of the night. She deals a great amount of damage, can kill entire rooms full of high level enemies and is able to sustain herself while doing so – as long as you choose the right build.
Saryn build is the best Area of effect harm handling warframe due to the ability to keep her harm diffusing amidst foes while enfeebling them at the same time.

Build for maximum power strength and duration so you can keep both Elemental Ward and Vex Armor up for as long as possible, and then equip your hardest-hitting weapon to deal bonkers damage to whatever boss you need dead yesterday. Saryn Prime is Warframe‘s best nuke. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization. Nova is interesting because she can not only slow down an entire room full of enemies, but she can also SPEED THEM UP. So go ahead, give her a try and use one of our builds. Overextended, Stretch and Cunning Drift for high range, making spores spread all over the place.

This Saryn build strives at high-level missions with a haphazard group and melds a great amount of strength and range with a lot of sustainability.

© Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved  |  NorthernArena, Saryn Prime: Press 4 to Destroy Everything | Warframe Build. She is great for manipulating not only enemies but projectiles to use against her enemies and also provide decent crowd control and help her team deal damage. Featuring altered mod polarities for greater customization.

Farming Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (ESO) is one of the main reasons why Saryn is one of the most used DPS Warframes in the current meta. Hope you get your Khora parts soon, if that’s where you’ll be using your Saryn. This infection disseminating warframe is a must-have one if you enthuse dispatching multiple foes with maneuvers and tricks.
Can anybody suggest what mods to put on her, what weapons to use, etc. I haven’t invested so much Forma (or cosmetic styling) in any other Warframes as I have in her. Item Count; NIKANA PRIME BLADE. Health, Speed and Control - a Rounded Wisp Support build [Updated 08/03/2020]] The bait left behind has its own wellness and is impregnable for a few seconds after the build casts the skill. This guide will help you in your quest and gives you a few build ideas. Saryn is up there with Mesa as perhaps the best Warframe in the game. after the change still viable those builds?

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