Ascension Academy RP- EP27 S2 - Unicorn Of Stone, Ascension Academy RP- EP28 S2 - Binding To A Storm, Ascension Academy RP- EP29 S2 - Luck With Sins, Ascension Academy RP- EP30 S2 - Listening To The Future, Ascension Academy RP- EP31 S2 - Blind Rage, Ascension Academy RP- EP32 S2 - Concept Of Freedom, Ascension Academy RP- EP33 S2 - Companions And Creators, Ascension Academy RP- EP34 S2 - Cracking Success, Ascension Academy RP- EP35 S2 - Blacksmiths With Pride, Ascension Academy RP- EP36 S2 - Darkness With Determination, Ascension Academy RP- EP37 S2 - The Concept Of Darkness, Ascension Academy RP- EP39 S2 - Remember My Friends - Aldoria Mission P2, Ascension Academy RP- EP40 S2 - Giants And Companions - Aldoria Mission Final, Ascension Academy RP- EP41 S2 - Checkmate, Ascension Academy RP- EP42 S2 - Smokey Ash Air, Ascension Academy RP- EP43 S2 - Juggling Emotions, Ascension Academy RP- EP44 S2 - Growing Tensions, Ascension Academy RP- EP45 S2 - Flooded Nightmare, Ascension Academy RP- EP46 S2 - Still Our Friends, Ascension Academy RP- EP47 S2 - Blooming Problem, Ascension Academy RP- EP48 S2 - Sticky Slumber, Ascension Academy RP- EP49 S2 - Mother Nature, Zackary calls misty a "Dog" the first day. "Take it Like A Champ, Not Like A Weakling" -" Misty Growling" -Misty angry nose Misty Flame is a student at ascension academy with dark grey hair, two black red tint horns and a bone tail with a black-red Fluffy end tip. The sun hits the smooth water of the island as many of the students get ready to head into a mother imbraces but some stay behind to relax and take in the peaceful atmosphere of one another as they sit and bond to form better Squad connections and to understand that being a team is better being along. The Outcome from yesterday takes it toll on misty daybreak as she wakes up to her tired eyes to see her squad still hurt but finally awake but little does she know the day will start up with a magical lesson that she sits and waits for, some might say the day is a bit magical.. As Well as "Demonkin are those who identify as a demon or demon-like being.". Poznámka: Nahlašujte POUZE spam, reklamy a problematické (obtěžující, útočné nebo hrubé) příspěvky. The past floods back to Camp Cari as others fear what's in the forest as the people living there full under a dark nature attack as others try to get supplies to service before the Darkness once more rises the dead to attack and grow but little do they know the darkness has already come back.... and is just the beginning of something darker than before. However, she may regret it someday... New faces feed the blazing hellfires of the Academy as a new teacher is sent to teach others how to use magical spells that are formed from a powerful magical object that is found on the forest floors that could be turned into a flame of knowledge and wisdom. The Test began so soft that you may think its a dream until it changes into a fall blown nightmare, as the atmosphere turns into a war zone for the squads around but nobody truly knows what test they will bring everyone and how much pain will form once the test is over, just for simple colours... Will, she even get into a squad or will she be left behind..

The day begins slow as the sun fulls over the broken body of the squads from battle, others awake to go on adventures to see the world around them before the war of fear and pain starts back up again for everyone and not heading off with there own squad to get some time together before they either full in battle or win the war that comes over the hill each day they fight.. little does misty know she may need to help more then just chat but to fight something that might chill her to this day but also could break the ice with a fellow squad mate.. squads around leave the boat to relax and to heal with the battle marks from Camp Cari as everyone is still hurt and worried about the trust of others around and what dark tails that may follow after but others still try there best to form the bond that is needed to keep each other together but some may realise that others cant be trusted with information or the connection with the bond that may one day could kill the world... or friendships alike.

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