The government is able to keep control through constant surveillance, or what Foucault would call, the Panopticon. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The oppressive circumstances mean that any given individual's choices are limited. Beneath this mask there is an idea... And ideas are bulletproof" V For Vendetta Summary Today’s modern penal systems are a way of forcing people into submission and controlling them, rather than actually punishing them for their crimes. Although these lessons might be of value, they are still wielded by the male gender upon the female gender. If Foucault’s analysis was right, surely everyone pre-1700 would have moderated their behaviour to seldom/never break divine or human laws?

V holds total... That really depends on the reader. There is a sense of patriarchy over V's imprisonment of Evie. The book discusses the birth of prisons, and in V for Vendetta, Evey is taken under V’s wing where he sets up an interrogation camp and puts her through what seemingly is like prison, but as a matter of fact, it is all just fictitiously created by V, to ultimately make Evey a better person who has no worries in real life, as she has now been through what is said to be the worst. V's mask is based on the historical figure of Guy Fawkes, a Catholic who was thwarted in his effort to blow up the House of Lords in 1605. So the important thing to remember from “The Body of the Condemned” is that “the issue is not whether the jails are too harsh or too aspectic or too primitive or too efficient, rather it is the fact that they are instruments and vectors of power and control that feed into the grand order of things.” (Foucault p. 103). Explain the significance of freedom in relation to V for Vendetta. V uses terror tactics because it is a form of violence that involves enough spectacle to catch the public's attention. V for vendetta. This then makes the certainty of punishment and not the horrifying spectacle of public punishment that what discourages crime; punishment has now become an economy of suspended rights. It is amazing the think that the first issue of V for Vendetta came out in 1982. Question – the idea of the Panopticon is that the ruler sees all (potentially) yet cannot be seen, and Foucault extrapolates the psychological consequences of this. Philosophical Issue: Surveillance and the Disciplinary Society V starts a revolution where he recommends that his fellow citizens rise against oppression and tyranny as he has mastered the art of deception and the art of combat, which he uses to fulfil his plan to bring freedom and justice back to society. GradeSaver, Models of Rebellion in 1984 and V for Vendetta, Identity: Fighting Dystopia's Cookie-Cutter Molds, Comparison of Values: Animal Farm and V for Vendetta, A Marxist Interpretation of V for Vendetta: Understanding Dystopia as a Reflection of Thatcher-Era Britain, View Wikipedia Entries for V For Vendetta…. N.p., 14 Sept. 2013. Ultimately, in the context of a dystopian reality, freedom must be accessed within individual minds. I felt a little wound up and ready to rebel against authority...for a few minuts until I ate ice cream. Yet they certainly did not. It represents government control. Web. What draws people to their work? The finger man idea, which is citizens policing citizens is a direct idea from Foucault’s Panopticism. "Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Frack The Media RSS. But Foucault’s study or prisons does not start and end with the architecture of prisons. Foucault argues that this is an attempt to make punishment a hidden part of the penal process and the punishment leaves the domain of more or less everyday perception and enters into that of abstract consciousness. Moreover, superstition was such that people’s misfortune was often seen as God’s punishment for sin (e.g.

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