I can only assume that slowing the bolt down will make this worse, or even result in empty brass never fully leaving the chamber. I was briefly on their site but, must have missed what you are trying to direct me towards. It is also reliable, accurate, and comfortable to hold. As I said my ZIP works Mine went bact to USFA, Much of the conversation was Mr. Donnelly telling me why the ZiP was revolutionary / original / superior / advanced / fun / etc. This is another answer in search of a question type of invention. um .

It’s interesting and/or ironic that they chose to call it a “zip gun”, seeing as how zip guns are shoddily-built, dangerous, unreliable homemade contraptions that some would call a firearm. Functions [mostly] with BX-1’s. The Zip 22 skilled 1 trouble right after the other. Sights:   Black plastic, no dots. How did that not get laughed down before it left the drawing board?

It would be endlessly customizable with the potential to add a wide variety of enhancements. If you’ll buy that, I’ll throw the golden gate in free!!!

Yes, when my rifle runs dry I can instantly switch to a .22LR pistol… Come on….

I genuinely hope they get it working like butter, or at least fail so spectacularly that their gun becomes a rare collectible that earns them millions. And yes, I have and do serve my country. Their first new product is the ZiP .22LR pistol. No. For whatever reason, my brain didn’t process the final “n” when I read “USFA says ZiP is the code for The Future of Fun.” At first I thought you’d made a fun joke at USFA’s expense, but seeing as you didn’t, now *I* get to! I didn’t get around to this, but may still try it out. Seems like its purpose is built around fun. The contours molded into the sides of the frame give right-handed shooters places to rest their thumbs, indexed index fingers, etc. Have talked to Doug thru email and on the phone. The mangled brass I was getting was nothing short of extraordinary.

On top of the scary placement of the bolt… rod… thingies? Holsters Holsters.

I like the fact that it uses Ruger 10/22 mags since I own 3 10/22’s. My other .22’s have a solid 1/2″ or so of bolt travel behind where the breech face touches the rim of a round in the magazine.

What are all of those things on the front? My main concern with this approach is that the gun has no extractor, so the bolt speed may be necessary for the empty brass to hit up against the ejector and get kicked out. I’m also trying to figure out the purpose of this firearm. Given that I’m an early adopter, I can’t get too upset and have to think they’ll get it worked out. The ZiP is actually comfortable enough to hold. Hey Chris, you can buy mine along with my Cobray Pocket Pal and get two awesome conversation pieces in one shot , How much I am a collector too. If I had disposable income for this and a tax stamp, I’d do it in a heart beat. There are two real ways to effectively give the magazine more time to lift the next round into place: 1) Add bolt overtravel. He commented a rather extended post that reeks of advertising speak. For that reason alone, with the price as cheap as it is, I want one of these in my collection just for the conversation value. I’M HILARIOUS! If you look at pretty much every single other review done in the first 9+ months of production of this gun, whether written or video review on YouTube, etc, you’ll see the exact same results. How hard would it really be to mold in a slot in the left side, and move the operating rod to a left side configuration. Why? I’d really like to see this thing work, and I’m interested to see what other fun firearms ZiPFactory produces in the future. And if that isn’t enough play value, there’s the BattleZiP Survival SBR Stock (a nifty full rifle stock), a threaded barrel (for a suppressor or other 1/2×28 muzzle accessory) and some future plans that cannot yet be mentioned (see “Customize This” rating for a hint). . On average, it would jam at least once per magazine, and this was a major improvement from pre-upgrade. The spring for lower vol ammo is in the ZIP. I like the weird, the odd, and the exciting, particularly if its low cost. The platform promised to be modular, and the owner of USFA place his complete weight behind the ZIP 22. I didn’t see anything about holstering.

It needs a complete interior redesign, a new layout for the cocking handles, a real extractor, and a heavier bolt. Most guns have overtravel built into them. The design leaves no room for bolt overtravel (which normally adds some delay to a semi-auto action). I’ll stick with my MkIII. What about holster options for this… thing??? It had a style all its own and was the worst food that I’ve ever eaten. I actually kind of like the design apart from the charging rods. The trigger is heavy enough that it causes some discomfort, removing 10-round mags is difficult, and clearing jams is a bear. Unique? Modularity and customization are areas where this gun shines. The gun was an abject failure, and clearly, it deserved to be. The most severe thing relating to giving up may be the 1st 1 to 2 weeks. If the combined weight is heavier, the bolt speed would slow down. It’s like $20 and screws in on the left side of the gun. They can cut you up into more bite-sized pieces.

I love the answers to questions that were never asked.

I assembled VERY carefully, per instructions that Doug (the inventor) gave me. Some of the ZiP’s ejection problems are almost certainly due to the case bouncing off the recoil body and not contacting the magazine notch in the exact correct attitude to kick out properly. Hey, I knew Dafuq, he ran the felafel stand on 4th street for years. Doesn’t look like I’m going to get back. Will test Sunday and tell you all. that is precisely why im putting mine back in the box and hiding it away somewhere to be revisited again in 30 years or so. It was the only video on an account owned by a John Smith. The Holy Grail that all gunmakers aspire towards, a gun that occasionally manages to work reliably!

If you were a LEO, and you saw a kid with this ZiP, would you think it was a real gun? To all those calling it a joke, shoot one and it will put a smile on your face. A Beta tester should be finding things that weren’t immediately obvious during testing, thinking of small things that would improve the experience, finding that one odd failure mode that happens once out of every hundred times.

A cursory glance at Youtube showed tons of problematic Zip guns. Barrel Length: 5.25″ Frame: 5.9″ Avg. The bolt (ZiP calls it the “recoil body”) is entirely inside of the frame. Fujifilm X-T3 vs. Sony A6600: Flagship APS-C mirrorless cameras compared, How To Make The Most Of The Good Outdoors, Minecraft 1.eight Update: New Mobs, Farming & Survival! I’ve been teetering on to get it or not and upon reading reviews I stumbled here. For Zip+SBR fees+stock I could get a .22LR rifle AND pistol, and they’d actually be reliable! If they had tested it at ALL, they’d have found that the design just didn’t work as it was drawn, and they’d either drop the whole thing, or make serious modifications. 50 rounds on a single point sling around your neck/shoulder = FUN!

As for a holster made for it . Includes Special ZiP-Action Rod for total clearance near rear of suppressor. Just aint out there at reasonable price I like innovation, but it’s sad to hear there’s so many problems. No. Accessory options: picatinny rail, Glock sight adapter, SBR adapter, etc etc. It is simply put switching between your long rifle and your hand gun. Too much left to chance in this design. Also, that it was extremely, extremely difficult to actually ignite a rimfire round without it being fully chambered due to needing support on the far side of the rim in order for the firing pin to squish it — otherwise, the rim just bends when hit and it doesn’t ignite. It’s the grown-up equivalent of the joke shop rubber snake or plastic dog turd you had as a kid. I wasn’t the only 1. Since everytime it jams it cuts the bullet head off, my friends have dubbed it ” The Bullet Cutter”. The CCI Stingers are supposed to be the best among premium ammo. This can’t be changed due to the design. Target shooting. The controls that force one to put hands in the area of the barrel is definitely a non-starter, too many potential trips to the ER just waiting to happen. Let us all know after the break-in period, please. Maybe you are supposed to charge it by punching someone in the face with it? 1944 to 1946 most Bronx gangsmade their own home made guns. I went to a restaurant for lunch yesterday. (I)n While it is unique (which is a polite way of saying ugly yet intriguing) looking, it was the rumors about its customization and the price that really got my attention. IMHO.

No regrets and i am glad i have it.

Only problem I have now is finding the ammo to feed the Zip. If you want malfunctions…you got ’em.

When the ZIP 22 premiered initially, I believed it was the best mixture of funny, strange, and exciting. The bolt is often moving forwards before the magazine can lift the next round up into place. And it’s inexpensive! Almost makes one wonder if the whole thing wasn’t just a big hustle to squeeze money out of people foolish enough to buy one because it ‘looked pretty cool”, and the company named it what it did as a way of laughing at the poor suckers while they were on the way to the bank.

This is what happens when Wall-E gets constipated. Specially when you look at the crap sights. Yes. (C)omputer. My ZIP works. is probably the worst buzz phrase that I have ever heard come out of any marketing department. Call it the “Biden Shotgun sorta thing, with no shoulder thingy that goes up”, I don’t know what niche this was supposed to fill, but after I saw this: http://www.wallsofthecity.net/2013/03/usfa-zip-not-a-review.html. USFA ZiP .22LR Specs: SKU: USZIPNMB76 … Read More, Jeff Quinn looks at new products from the 2013 NASGW (National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers) show in Grapevine, TX. As you mentioned in the review, it seems as though the gun out runs itself when cycling. Customize This * * * * * I guess you do get what you spend for. thats why the rods are there, duh! USFA attempted really hard to push the gun and wanted to make it the modular platform they promised. Distinct fixes have been released, but the magic was gone, and I ultimately traded the Zip away devoid of a lot believed.

Or you can do a “tactical cock” on the edge of a hard object.

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