It can be used for new installs or with existing cable in place.

The refurbished model J2 cable lasher is used to lash a single aerial cable or numerous cables to a supporting strand or to an existing lashed cable with stainless steel lashing wire. Built with Volusion. Reel, 316 SS, 0.061", 750 Ft/coilThe difference between DCD Lashing Wire and other lashing wires isn’t visible to the eye. This simple tool makes the lashing process smoother by maintaining the proper lead between the lasher and cable block. Belden has bought out Cable Pro. 1.8 lbs. $2,500.00. Refurbished (90 day warranty) Refurbished units typically do not come with a Case or Lanyard | The Apollo Lasher The Apollo Lasher can be used for telecom cable placement, which includes coaxial and FTTx cable.

USED. This lightweight unit is designed with the quick-connect clipping system which allows workers to attach the canister, tools-free, to the input side for powerful extraction or output side for ventilation. | The refurbished model J2 cable lasher is used to lash a single aerial cable or numerous cables to a supporting strand or to an existing lashed cable with stainless steel lashing wire. This Lashing wire must be used with the 71517 ZB Lasher only. Cable lasher sales and repair new and refurbished. Special design features include blower and canister built-in carry handles, built-in On/Off switch and "Safety" orange coloration. Through this site you can buy high quality used cables with our one year warranty. Condition is "Used". Lasher looks excellent, well maintained spins The new design improvements make the C2 equally suited for new construction or over-lashing up to its full 1-7/8 in. Consists of a rotating drum supported on a carriage that provides the mounting for a driving mechanism, cable lifters, cable and strand rollers. $93.90 shipping. (76mm) diameter) across on any suspension strand from 1/4in. Shipping will … Transfer time around poles is cut by as much as one-third, with the wire quick release trigger mounts below the handle for easy, one-hand engagement and release for continuous lashing.Refurbished (90 day warranty) Why chance buying from a seller with no return policy and little or no feedback when you can buy from a Credentialed TZSupplies Seller with a proven track record of happy lasher customers? Will lash any single or multiple aerial cables up to 3in. All Rights Reserved. Will lash any single or multiple aerial cables up to 3in. The block has four nylon rollers that support up to 1" cable. We also have HDD swivels, cable lashers, Lemco 965 Jigs, setup chutes, grips, HDD Reamers, jack hammers, diesel rammers, tampers, and other HDD and aerial construction equipment. Today's fiber optic cable installations benefit from the pressurized blowing system because it provides greater installation speeds with less stress then traditional cable pulling. Buy with confidence knowing your are purchasing from a seller with 100% positive feedback. The lanyard or Lasher pulling rope snap hook connects to the ring on the towing bridle for pulling a Lasher from ground level. Go to a retail outlet and you'll pay $3400+ for this unit used (not rebuilt) and $4400+ new....and it won't make you any more money. Built-in cable retention system allows placement and removal from ground.USED, NOT IN STOCKCondux 18103640 4-Roller Plastic Cable Block 2 Rollers. � Buyer agrees that if we honor all the terms in this contract they will not leave neutral or negative feedback.

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