Takes a screenshot from the target player's perspective and saves it on the caller's computer as Spy.jpg. So please don't give me too much hate! Removes the specified player from the list of users not allowed to join the server. Port + 1 and port + 2 are also used, so remember to open them on the router as well. This command shows a list of all the players who are currently on whitelist - i.e.

Some time in the future, I may add more languages, but that all depends. and so on. It's smart to carry around some extra gas cans while flying so you can make a quick landing, refuel, and be on your way! This command takes a picture of the game of the specified player, and saves it on the computer of the user who executed the command as Spy.jpg. /armor [Barricade Multiplier] [Structure Multiplier]. This command shows a list of all the players who are currently connected to the Unturned server. This command can be used to remove a player from the server whitelist in Unturned. This command forces the server to spawn an air drop at your current location. /rain [Minimum Frequency] [Maximum Frequency] [Minimum Time] [Maximum Time], /reputation [Steam ID] [Reputation Amount]. Each parameter can only be Y or N. (eg. Flying in your plane can be a fun and exciting experience! Factorio Commands This isn't easy though. Stellaris Commands Thanks, jon! Coming in for a landing too steep will result in crashing!

255 = All Skillsets. You can grab some makeshift addons to place on your plane to make it look even cooler!!!

The IDs to spawn them in are 92 for a plane, 93 and 94 for some helicopters with seats for your buddies, and 95 for a one seater skycrane! /experience [Steam ID | Player] [Experience Amount]. I never knew how to fly planes! This command sets the duration of the day and night cycle on an Unturned server. If your plane bounces and spins about don't fight it! If this guide helped be sure to favorite and thumbs up it!

to take off! This command permanently bans a player (and kills them). This is shown in chat, not on server lists.

This command kills a player on an Unturned server (sets their health to 0). I'd like to start off with this is my first guide on something i have notice some people are having a bit of trouble with. Press the "Enter" key after you have entered the command. Please see the. Below is a list of commands updated to the most recent version of Unturned, as the updates release! It must be written in the commands.dat file - not in-game. Just hop into your plane and hold the W (Default) key to start moving forward.

Assigns the port of the server. This command makes a user administrator. This command allows you to give yourself, or another player items in an Unturned server. It is a simple and accessible survival simulator.

Open the chat box to enter an Unturned command. If already enabled, this will toggle the feature off when executed. To configure your Unturned server, you will need to edit the commands.dat file. Cheats command added in order to filter out admin abuse. Shows a list of the current player on the server. we just got some things to take care of before we take off! @Teleport [SteamID | Player]/ [SteamID | Player | Location] Category.

Kills the specified player in-game and bans them for 31,536,000 seconds (one year). there are currently 4 flying vehicles in unturned. Coming in too level and you'll just keep flying on and miss your landing pad! 1 plane and 3 helicopters. Pass/fail cooldown specifies the amount of time that players must wait after a successful/failed vote before initiating another vote. I'd like to thank you if you made it this far! Bans the specified player for a specified reason (optional) and duration (optional). You can move your mouse left and right to tilt and do alerion rolls! This command spawns an animal in an Unturned server. This makes only permitted players allowed to join the server. Vanilla: Admins @Admins: Shows a list of the current admins. This command gives/sets the server password. a 0.5 multiplier would be 50%. It really means a lot to me that you read this guide all the way through! If you have any information to add to this then leave it in the comments below! Flying planes in unturned for the first time can be a bit spooky but read this guide and it'll be a walk in the park! Check out these related lists of console commands: Ark Commands This command sets the maximum amount of players that can be connected to your server at any given time - also known as server slots. (optional) First grab some aviators and a proper jacket! Percentages should be given as decimals - i.e. Gives players each item when spawning. The syntax for this Unturned command is as follows: /experience [Steam ID | Player] [Experience Amount] Argument information and help: Steam ID | Player - The steam ID, or name, of the player which you wish to give a player XP levels to; Experience Amount - The amount of experience you wish to give to the player This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.

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