Thank you!

-Tell friends/family about Varsity Tutors to make easy money. -Go all out when you apply…it's your only chance, -Prioritize student ratings (when the month is almost over, maybe not risk getting "bad" students and save your rating), -Look for optimal tutoring times (avoid burning yourself out competing with hundreds of tutors), -good for highly qualified tutors (bachelor's, graduate, teaching certifications...etc). (For what it's worth, I'm also a Forest Hills Central and Grand Valley grad.).

Read some reviews and decide which one you like best.

Varsity tutors has just announced a new referral program. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Likewise, if your child will be attending school in person and just feels a little uneasy about a certain subject, I can help shore up their area(s) of concern as well.

may hire year 10s for marking duties or supervising the youngest ones during something like homework help. I would say it would be fairly difficult to get a job through an agency as they would most likely require you to be at least 18+ and probably at uni (from my experience anyway of friends who tutor occasionally).

Other? Plus I found that with retail it was better for my studies because it didn't require any critical thinking just time, so I could still study after and have a way to support myself through high school and uni. Parental word of mouth, recommendations, and connections will do wonders, especially if people already know you as a pleasant, hard working, intelligent, etc. Teaching another child is not like teaching your sibling. Pre-service English teacher here.

If you're like me, you don't want to get stuck with an overachieving student who needs a near perfect score on the next SAT exam to go to Harvard… just accept students you're comfortable with even if that means rejecting some gold mines. The interview process is really convoluted and the company is terrible with communication. In response to this issue, my classmates and I are offering free, high-quality online tutoring to all middle school and high school students.

Might be specific to me.

Then you keep your billing rate the same, or even raise it. So keep that in mind when you're taking on students - if their parents just want you to go over HW mistakes (easier money) vs prepare them for selective, get them ahead of the syallbus, etc. ), -get "lesson credits" for referring tutors (Chegg is very vague on this), -must share your link with at least 5 friends to qualify for credits, -You can also sign-up to be an affiliate (3% commission on returning customer referrals, 10% commission on new customer referrals, 2% commission on eTextbook referrals...etc.

Always read the student profile carefully BEFORE jumping at the opportunity. Or their parents if their children need any help? It took me about a year to get to that point, but I'm pretty happy with it. Feel free to share your thoughts about other tutoring companies! All three companies have these in common: -Opportunities are usually scarce during school holidays, -bad ratings from students can get you fired without warning, -overstaffed (you need to be level 2 or 3 to have a decent chance to tutor). cramming or want answers fast, whining about a previous tutor, complains about a problem taking too get the idea).

Also look into tutoring for the ISEE. For an average 19 year-old like me, I'm happy that I was able to make $270 my first month just by tutoring a couple times a week. University, sure. share. Group tutoring companies (ABC, pre-uni, etc.) save. **Reposting this from a month or two ago, now that school is in full swing** Hey, everyone--my name is Kevin, and I'm a certified English and history teacher (grades 6-12) living in the Cascade/Ada area. Signed, an unemployed teacher. Regardless, if you or anyone you know would like to inquire further about my services, availability, or rates, either leave a comment on this post or feel free to message me directly. Even when I was paid $60/hr, I had to spend at least 5 more unpaid hours to prepare the work and homework for the kids I tutored.

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