Place a bird in front of the lures you run toward the back of the spread off the outriggers. Most of the components are readily available in reputable offshore tackle shops or from marine-component suppliers. In choppy seas, excessive slack in the outrigger halyards causes the baits or lures to surge erratically. This could also prevent the release clip from immediately opening after a strike. After adding the barrel swivel, pass the line through the eye of a snap swivel, but do not tie it off. Many of my commercial buddies use an entire spread of natural bait very successfully. Creating a productive trolling spread that covers a wide swath of ocean is an ongoing challenge among serious offshore anglers, which is why outriggers and center riggers are de rigueur equipment on almost every blue-water boat. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Share your tips, tricks, recipes and knowledge with anglers from around the world. But with any experience, you'll quickly realize that the old "just go over 'em" mentality couldn't be further from reality. These will usually be Daisy Chains. Next, clip the snap swivel to the release clip. Once the cord exits the top outrigger guide, pass it through a cork float or small lure head, then tie it to a snap swivel. During these difficult feeds, reducing lure size, downsizing your fluorocarbon leaders and reducing your trolling speed to reduce the white wash can save the day.

This article shows five different rigging systems commonly used for offshore trolling from ski-boats and sport-fishing vessels. Ken Lahr Reel Draggin' Tackle Its no secret, trolling a single spreader bar with a few lures placed around it will produce more strikes. Here are some critical adjustments to keep in mind: Keep the barrel swivel fairly close to the pulley/shock cord and within two or three feet of the release clip.

when you get a strike they release the line. Fish one center flat line between 60 and 70 feet back. Jack Sprengel. Mike uses just about every time he goes tuna fishing.

Eight tips to create the perfect trolling pattern for offshore fishing.. they look like two parallel fins attached at an angle, um hard to describe, but effective and cheap as until you arrange a buyer for one of your kidneys to support TAS. Spread your baits apart, which can be done (adequately) simply by having rod holders mounted to angle away from the boat.

Northeast captains prefer five main color combinations, including greens, rainbows, pinks, blues and green/white/red or green/yellow/orange. Study your vessel's prop wash and adjust accordingly. Fish one line WFB (around 200 feet back) and I would use: Steel Head, Smoker, Smoker Jr, Dart, Mini    Tuna Dart, or a Cone Head. While fish do hit right in the wash occasionally, they will strike baits offered just outside more frequently. This will usually be a Daisy Chain but may also be a Steel Head, Smoker Jr. Tuna Bandit, or a Marlin Lure. Fish these baits out long on the outriggers or center rigger. We fish a variety of small colorful clones and jet-type lures here for the more aggressive species like albacore and dolphin. Waves #2 and #1 (Stern or cockpit rod holders): These lines are fished either directly from the rod tip or attached to flat-line clips to keep them out of the white water and free from any tangles. A good test spread includes lines run directly off the rod tips in the transom rod holders. On the flip side, when fish are dialed-in on larger food sources like bonito or herring, they often snub anything small and go directly for the high-calorie big baits regardless of leader selection or color. When time and budget allows, properly rigged natural baits fished naked or with a skirted head can make the ultimate difference when targeting some of more cunning adversaries like bigeye tuna and marlin. You may wish to fish this off of your T-top if you have one, BUT, I usually fish it from my leaning post which is elevated only around 20 inches higher than my gunnels. The reduced drag creates less resistance and requires less upward force to maintain a favorable presentation.

Providing the barrel swivel remains within a couple feet of the release clip during the adjustment process, the clip should come close enough to reach from the cockpit when retrieved. They create a large target for schooling fish to see and a lot of surface commotion that fish sense from a distance. I have the best luck with a MTD or Steel Head! This will usually be a Daisy Chain but may also be a Steel Head, Smoker Jr, Tuna Bandit, or a Marlin Lure.

Wave #3 (Stern corners): This is where we like to run our subsurface baits like the X-Rap 30 fished off the rod tips. However, in a tight cross-chop this type of bar can dig in and get caught beneath the surface, making it virtually impossible to keep it in the out rigger. That’s double the number of baits trolled by many small and mid-sized boats. I often put out one color on each side of the spread and give it a full tide cycle of six or more hours before I even consider changing it out. Strip off enough line from the top to work with, bringing the release clip down near the base of the outrigger pole. Trolling setup is a topic that gets heavily discussed every spring as angler prepare to head out for some open water trolling. Also, the barrel swivel can pass through a large pulley should the clip need to be retrieved even closer. Trolling Spreads. If you are fishing without riggers, no worries as this is not a large problem especially if you are trolling lures and if you have multiple places to put a rod. Spread your baits apart, which can be done (adequately) simply by having rod holders mounted to angle away from the boat. I know a neighbor's wife choked when she heard the price of riggers after she asked me about getting them for her husband last Christmas. Fish them the same distance back so that they will not tangle on tight turns. Each halyard should be rigged to an independent shock cord. At this distance the baits are well below the wash and with less line out from the stern than the rigger baits they are less likely to cross during turns and other maneuvers. Make sure the barrel swivel is about two to three feet from the release clip, since this is where the extra slack will come from when needed, then tie the halyard to its open eye. When the fish are shy or more reluctant to commit to surface baits, a diving lure gets taken by a fish in front of the school and creates enough commotion to raise the cavalry. The best halyard material for this application is 3/16-inch braided nylon cord, as it provides the “grip” that enables the barrel swivel to hold its position. I recently rigged the outriggers on my new boat the exact same way, with two release clips, each rigged on an independent halyard, per pole. Spreader bars are placed on the fourth wave off the transom. The float or lure head will act as a stop, preventing the snap swivel and release clip from jamming in the top guide. You can also fish them in tight just outside the wash. This is also the position I might fish Ballyhoo from if I am using bait. Now you are fishing 6 lines without chance of tangling from a small boat without the use of outriggers and if you are fishing all lures your chance of missing a strike will minimize greatly as there is no chance a fish will grab one at the tail biting it off and leaving. Some of these baits are interchangeable depending on lure availability and sea conditions, but if fish are around, one of them will get hit and allow us to dial it in from there: Wave #6 (Center rigger): This bait sits just behind the wave for those shy fish. Chances are he will stay and eat until the hook finds its way into the fish's mouth. Home of the legendary fishing gear and tackle company Tormenter Ocean. Boat without Outriggers. I almost always troll without riggers when fishing for Yellowfin Tuna as outlined on our Yellowfin Tuna post. Trolling setup-which lures go where by Lance Valentine. Occasionally, when fish are more skittish, these bars will be swapped out for large straight-running jet/ballyhoo combinations on lighter fluoro leaders, and they are pulled upwards a little more out of the water. With your outriggers in either the running or fishing position, pass the cord through the lower outrigger guide first, then through the remaining eyes.

— George Poveromo>. Big Game Canyon Trolling Spreads By Capt. You may wish to Fish this off of your T-top if you have one, BUT, I usually fish it from my leaning post which is elevated only around 20 inches higher than my gunnels. And it's not only on the flanks of the wash, but behind it and perhaps my favorite, underneath as well. Any larger and slippage could be a problem. In fact, these days it’s common to see even 21-foot center consoles adorned with a full array of T-top-mounted ’riggers. My 28-foot center console features an array of outriggers and a center rigger, which allows me to troll an eight-bait spread. Another major plus is that each outrigger’s pulley/shock-cord fastener can be secured to a convenient spot on the rim of the T-top, or on one of its stanchions. On days where the fish are more keyed-in to larger patterns, deploy a spread of bars in every position to provide ultimate coverage.

... Boat with Outriggers. Once adjusted, the halyards rarely loosen up. Ultimately, the crew that has a full arsenal in each of these colors is likely to have the upper hand. RETURN TO HOW TO'S MAIN PAGE - CLICK HERE.

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