This makes for trunks with great base flare and very small scars which in many cases are healed in the ground. Flaking reveals inner bark which is orange-brown. Trident maple is a medium-sized tree that can be used as a street tree or specimen. I have just got back from a weekend at a friends place, Shibui Bonsai. Sometime trees do what you want.

The apex fused last year and has begun to get very strong. Plant it in a sheltered position to retain the leaves into late autumn and ensure newly planted trees are well watered.Trident Maple tolerates most well-drained soils including chalk, and there is no need to prune as it holds a pleasing shape all year round.A thick layer of mulch around the base will boost the tree’s colour and ensure a healthy growing season, but that’s as much as you need to do for this tough and pretty maple tree. I don’t have a ground growing area so I also had to be able to grow in pots. You can see the two vertical scars from last attempt. Probably next year it could go into a more suitable pot but for now the Koyou pot it is residing in isn’t too bad. I try to head up each year to help Neil (the owner) dig a few rows of tree out of the ground. The reason for this is the species I am using (Trident Maple). As you can see from the above picture, the stock was going very well indeed. November 7, 2011 in Bonsai Techniques | Tags: Acer buergerianum, Approach grafting, Australia Bonsai, Australian Bonsai, Chinese Quince, Pseudocydonia sinensis, Trident Maple. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Many hard to find Japanese maple tree cultivars.

Spring came about 3 weeks early and winter came about 3 weeks late.

Create a free website or blog at This graft will be left to grow for the season so it can thicken, fuse and graft itself onto the trunk. Unfortunately the back branch’s graft didn’t take but as luck would have it this spring a bud has popped right at the base of the branch right where I wanted it. I actually grafted it twice into the trunk, once on each side. Two weeks later the trees arrived. One of the things I wanted to do this year was to set a first branch in an area where there was no branching. We have had a very long growing season. A couple of weekends ago I visited a friend on the outskirts of Melbourne to see how his ground grown stock had progressed this year. Growing material is not difficult, it just takes a little time. The Arbortech and the faulty nebari in the back ground. It is an easy technique to do and most of the time returns great results. ( Log Out /  This spring I cut off all the large branches as the grafts were now strong enough to take over the sap flow. Three months later and the tree is looking pretty healthy. This should leave me with half the scar I would have otherwise . I still needed 20 more seedlings to complete the assembly so I planted the partially completed tree trunk in a large pot of sand hoping to keep the roots from drying out. The second frame and the one I would use for this project was identical in shape but 3 times larger. ( Log Out /  In some of the other rows Neil had Chinese Quince, Shimpaku and a range of other desirable bonsai species that will probably come out after another season. Botanical name: Acer buergerianum. Not a lot of time considering how much time will be invested in the future with watering, pruning and re-potting etc. I like the base so much that I have just realised that I don’t have a picture of the whole tree, just photos of the base! I did have a small failure with the first branch’s graft as i knocked it when moving the tree and broke it. Myself, after returning from a trip from Japan, have looked over my collection and felt as if I was so far behind that I might as well sell up and take up stamp collecting when comparing my trees to Japan’s masterpieces and fantastic stock.

The reason I had been debating whether or not to make this change lay in the nebari. Where to from now? After 2 weeks with no acknowledgment from the nurseries web site of my order I fired off an e-mail. The tree below is one such tree.

Explore this online platform for Chicago-area residents to share their favorite stories about trees. Bark is gray, becoming scaly and flaky with age. Let’s start with the good. We use cookies to improve your experience. The best chances we have at material even vaguely similar is digging from gardens.

The images are just a summer’s growth apart and seeing pictures like this reminds me of how good it is to capture your trees in images to track their developement. If you are interested in visiting Neil’s Nursery I believe you can via prior arrangement. ( Log Out /  Taiwan produces ground grown or farmed junipers that for all intents and purposes look the same as their yamadori counterparts. The bad. The trident maple below is this years project. There were a couple of gaps which I decided could be filled in with some approach grafts.

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