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Four-wheeled models are popular because they feel stable, but three-wheelers are narrower and enable you to get around tight corners more easily. The Tramper is an all electric vehicle which uses the best components and benefits from over 20 years of continuous development, with innovative constant improvements. Understanding the Tramper’s range. 0000038809 00000 n There are three types of scooter, as defined by the DVLA. Also showing open and closed Luggage Box: Waterproof lockable rear-mounted luggage box easily removable, but can be locked-on securely, also features a double zip, carry handle at the top, adjustable straps and its shower proof. Pride Apex Spirit mobility scooter Brochure, Quickie Jive F Powerchair prescription form, Quickie Jive M Powerchair prescription form, Quickie Salsa M Electric Wheelchair Brochure, Quickie Salsa M Electric Wheelchair Owners Guide, Quickie Salsa M Electric Wheelchair Prescription Form, Quickie Hula Powerchair prescription form, Roma Shoprider Marbella Power Chair Brochure, Roma Shoprider Marbella Power Chair Manual, STERLING Little Star Mobility Scooter Brochure, STERLING Little Star Mobility Scooter Manual, Roma shoprider MIKRA mobility scooter brochure, Roma shoprider MIKRA mobility scooter manual.

Trampers are used all across the country and by hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals,

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First month £5, then £9.99 per month, cancel anytime. We explain the various features you'll come across when buying a mobility scooter to help you decide on what's most important to you. By filling in your details you are opting in to giving us the permission to send you information on the Tramper Scooters. Mobility UK brings you the UK's biggest selection of electric mobility scooters and powerchairs at the lowest price in the UK. We’ve incorporated many driver-friendly features into the design which include a rugged chassis with all-round suspension to suppress and cushion bumps, larger rear wheels to deliver smooth manageable power, and you’ll find you’ll drive over rough ground, mud, snow and even streams as though they weren’t there. The Tramper features sophisticated electronics to conduct self-check on motors, controllers, and batteries, with real-time battery monitoring systems. A stick holder, to carry your canes and crutches with you when using your Tramper mobility scooter. You can narrow down your options based on the specs you're after from choosing a folding or dismantling scooter, to whether you can remove the battery to charge it off-board. To date we’ve created well over 2000 three and four-wheel hand-built Trampers, all designed to give you the personal choice and freedom to go where you want to go; whether it be the countryside, the coast, or simply around town for a spot of shopping. 0000002294 00000 n We understand that this will come as a disappointment to many existing and potential users.

Transparent covers/hoods that fit over the entire scooter, including your head, are also available but are not advisable because they reduce visibility and could lead to accidents. Also feel free to read our local agents ethics  standards. Welcome to Mobility UK The widest selection and best possible mobility scooter and powered wheelchair prices across the UK. 0000000736 00000 n The Swivel Seat Base can aid your getting on or off, but more often allows you to participate in your hobby with nothing in front of you. you shortly from  {mobile}. It will often, though not always, sound automatically when you're reversing. However the Tramper can take even more with a little modification. Of all the accessories available for mobility scooters, the UK weather dictates that the most essential is probably protection from rain, wind and cold. They should be driven no faster than 4mph. 0000003406 00000 n Designed and built in the UK. 0000018705 00000 n Five-wheeled scooters offer the best of both worlds: you get stability but the fifth wheel at the front allows you to turn in a tight space. Beamer Limited have been building Trampers, 4 and 3 wheelers, for over 20 years and the amazing thing is the original 5 are still out there, taking their owners over hill and dale, or just to the shops. Beamer Tramper Mobility Scooter Waterproof outdoor . ��u� � QP5;��t9t1�qia V��20V3%2p0�2�g�ef. This is probably the safest way to protect yourself from bad weather as it allows you to maintain full visibility. Other useful accessories include plastic covers for the scooter controls, scooter bags that attach to the back of the seat, walking stick holders and waterproof seat covers. 0000021354 00000 n

Some allow you to limit the speed to 4mph. {name} your local agent has been notified and will be contacting In some models the range is illustrated by a tortoise for the slowest speed setting and a hare for the fastest. We’re the home of the Tramper all-terrain mobility scooter. The latter are more comfortable but need to be checked/inflated regularly. How far will a Tramper Mobility Scooter go on a charge? Scooters have three to five wheels. These mobility scooters do not need registering with the DVLA. Compulsory when driving on a restricted dual carriageway, Ideal for protecting the wings of your Tramper and it is quickly detachable, Auxiliary twist grip with change-over switch allows the driver to use either left or right hand. TRAMPER MK 2 All Terrain Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter With Trailer Tramper MK 2 All Terrain Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter With Trailer: pin. Fax: 01392 829867. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. 0000002257 00000 n This can be useful if you want to take your scooter with you for a day out. ��EgL ����h`6��h```RJ��� mobility scooter is constructed for use both indoors and outdoors . You can only drive them on pavements, not roads. You can pack them into a car boot by folding or dismantling them. Press. has also been sent to you. Take a test drive and find out for yourself. Hiring all terrain mobility tamper scooter vehicles through outdoor businesses. Clearly we must require you to test drive the Tramper to ensure you’re both comfortable and able to drive it - we’ll even bring it to you so that you can trial it where you’ll be using it most! {name} your local agent has been notified and will be contacting The Tramper's controls can be tailored to suit your individual needs, easy to use with active feedback, making for a pleasant drive. On top of that multiple braking systems are used so that no matter what happens, you're safe. The Tramper can be used in the immediate vicinity of The Weir, along their multi functional pathways and on on the Bude Canal Tow Path to the harbour. 155 0 obj <> endobj xref 155 22 0000000016 00000 n Although for those who need it the lock can be removed apart from the straight ahead to allow you to swing round. Tramper Mobility Scooters provide all-terrain mobility for the less-abled since 1998 with over two thousand scooters across the UK and worldwide. The engineering excellence designed into Trampers helped us to win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation; the only UK mobility scooter manufacturer to do so. Can act as a warning alarm.

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