So in short, Volcanic Rave will deal more damage than Spiral Flare but it doesn't scale with ATS and takes up 2 more quartz slots. It's a pity you cannot synthesize Impede 3 though. When opening chests with monsters or in boss fights, you can never get a preemptive attack, therefore Action 1 is a better choice and Kloe still has Hell Gate, Diamond Dust, and Blue Impact to work with. I may sound like hateful towards fire arts, but remember that it's only theoretical for endgame. Of course, I shouldn't have to mention it, but you will want healing spells. Finished all the Moon doors but didn't get the achievment? My quartz strategy is easy.

All rights reserved. I also want to recommend "Chaos Brand".

It may sound confusing when it's written like that, but just check out the Notebook, there's a section there that details how it works with nice pictures to help.

This means that elemental weaknesses should be considered foremost when deciding what arts to cast. Each art's base damage is added to ATS, not multiplied. Diamond Dust, Aerial, Aero Storm, and White Gehenna has this mechanic. Swap the EP Cut 1 and 2 quartz on Joshua and Tita anys time and Tita will learn Shadow Spear, useful for Shining Pom farming. Using the correct quartz combinations, you can get through any part of the game without knowing much else, making exploration fun and exciting, not tedious.

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Earth Lance and Blue Impact are both better flat damage and better damage per EP than Flare Arrow, so I consider those two to be the best single target arts in the damage. Compare this to Stone Impact.

Zane and Agate are out because you can't make meaningful quartz combinations with them. If you're a caster, add Cast and EP Cut quartz, and make sure you have White Gehenna. I pick Kloe mainly because of Kaempfer, which is just too good to pass. For example, you may meet a boss that is vulnerable to Earth, so have an extra Defense 1 (Earth) just in case. This is very important for teaching another character Aerial. While the basic information for quartz combinations are listed in-game, it is still a major mechanic that will often determine the game's difficulty. Likely candidates for upgrades are getting two Action 3 quartz and a Mind 3 quartz for Kloe. In this guide for The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, I will be presenting you with information about quartz and orbal arts. Put it on a hybrid character who doesn't mainly cast, so they can Earth Wall the party then move out for physical attacks.

Attacks/Crafts can blind enemies (10% chance), Attacks/Crafts can blind enemies (20% chance), Attacks/Crafts can confuse enemies (10% chance), Attacks/Crafts can confuse enemies (20% chance), Undiscovered treasure chests are shown on the minimap, Attacks inflict a random status ailment without fail, Combines the effects of Haze and Information. At this point, you should have plenty of Poison, plus Petrify and Defense 2 quartz, so you can pass this up. Therefore, unless there is only one or two enemies left, try to cast AoEs instead. That should tell you how much I value those two arts. Saving repeatedly while in Mistwald until you reach the cutscene is recommended for shorter resets. Don't try to get high level arts that takes too many quartz.

You don't get it as a reward for a quest, but rather at Sanstheim Gate, when finding the book needed for the quest. It costs 50 EP, has low base damage, and no status effects. You should have some extra quartz of Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind on you at all times.

After defeating Amalthea, you will be able to synthesize quartz without backtracking.

main reason why i used sasid guide on the last two games is cause the whole quartz system is a lil confusing for if you place a quartz in one slot you get one set of abilities but if you place it on another you do not get them...anyways...unless i am misunderstanding something..and i bet i would be great if someone gave me some advice. It is easier to aim point-targeted AoE arts, meaning you can catch more enemies inside the AoE. Nevertheless, they are much needed in the final dungeon when encountering those M-Series Doom. I decided to go with Estelle, Joshua, Olivier, and Kloe, and you're probably asking why. You will need a total of 200 Time sepith and 800 Earth sepith for another Defense 3. I will give you quartz combinations that do not rely on too much sepith farming.

As you can see, as your ATS increases, the percentage of damage difference of higher tier arts and lower tier arts lessens. Notice that in Tactics, you are able to choose your starting position. Fortunately, using Joshua's group, you can farm the enemy Black Sheep for Time sepith so you can synthesize the Cast 2 quartz later.

However in the first game and the 3rd game , it is broken.

Our arts setup is perfect, but you may want to upgrade some quartz for stats, such as Action 2 -> Action 3. Aerial is good, so stock up on them, depending on how many characters you want learning it.

It's important to notice in the damage formula that elemental weakness is multiplicative with respect to ATS. Finally, replace Eagle Vision for EP 1 or EP 2 during a boss fight to get Clock Up EX. Again, the magic number is 180 ATS.

What this does is increases how often you act on the timeline, and more actions means more damage for later on. And that's what you should do. Aerial is an amazing AoE.

In a party of four, I usually have one dedicated main healer and another backup healer.

Having one HP 2 in combination with Mind 1 will unlock La Tear, an AoE healing art. For Volcanic Rave, you need Attack 3 + Seal/Strike, plus Defense 3 which is an expensive quartz, plus something else with space like EP 2. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. There will be plenty of Poison drops later on. However, I assume that you got Shield 3 and Defense 3 from Erbe Scenic Route chests. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Each quartz has a specific sepith value. If Spiral Flare does 130 damage, then Volcanic Rave will deal 262 damage (+132 flat). If we're in chapter 1, then they do similar damage; but in chapter 2 or 3, Aqua Bleed does more damage. So we're left with Earth Lance, Blue Impact, or Flare Arrow. So who should the fourth be?

What it does is cast Mute in an AoE, which is very nice when you meet those pesky spell casters. Use this opportunity to get better quartz.

This is a very important quartz worth 3 wind.

Estelle's group will be facing a very tough, optional fight for BP, and they will need certain quartz. For most of the game, you don't need to worry about this.

Usually, an offensive art has a cast time of 30. Let's consider all of the single target damage, assuming our enemy has neutral elemental affinity. In all 3 trails in the sky games it is a fantastic ability. Tita has no HP. Not only can you get it early in chapter 1, but it is a medium AoE with no extra cast time. Don't miss this chest! Eventually, you should get EP Cut 2 on both.

Trails in the Sky is very much a game where you should use arts to the best of your ability. In summary, it's not as hard as I made it out to be. If Spiral Flare does 700 damage, then Volcanic Rave will deal 832 damage (+132 flat). Add one to your collection if you must. That's amazing, reload until you get it! But what puts her over the edge for me is Kaempfer, her craft that reduces STR and DEF, which can hit anyone in the entire field. For casters, Flare Arrow is better than Napalm Breath as explained above. You should receive the Attack 2 quartz from the side quest Find the Prototype. Max HP-20%, Receive less physical damage, but more magic damage, Attacks/Craft can put enemies to sleep (10% chance), Attacks/Craft can put enemies to sleep (20% chance), Prevent enemy arts and crafts with 10% success rate, Prevent enemy arts and crafts with 15% success rate, Prevent enemy arts and crafts with 20% success rate, Prevent enemy arts and crafts with 25% success rate, Prevent enemy arts and crafts with 30% success rate, Make enemies more likely to notice you (Field Only), Recover 2% of user's max HP when defeating an enemy. So for the 1st game and 2ed game i have been using a quartz guide that was highly useful to getting around 3rd game theres no quartz guide and i am feeling quite blind on good builds etc..anyone wana help me out with some advice? Therefore, wind and time AoE arts usually hit more targets than earth and fire AoE arts. This list includes drops and rewards only, and not quartz that you can synthesize from sepith at a factory. So we're left with Schera and Kloe.

The magic number for me in normal difficulty is 180 ATS.

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