If you enjoy watching hordes of mobs simultaneously explode into clouds of poison, then this is the build for you! This is a pure Outlander dual pistol build. However, the main reason this skill is so awesome is because it increases ALL your ranged attack damage with pistols, including Rapid Fire. That means that you get a chance to distribute 100 skill points, but 495 stat points. However, when used in combo with Rune Vault the kiting becomes fun and exciting to watch. This is my first full play through on Torchlight 2 believe it or not, I was always a Diablo/POE/Grim Dawn guy. This build is tons of fun, and it has several good defensive and offensive skills. Torchlight 2 Outlander Pistoleer Guide by TheMasterBlaster. You might want to consider shifting the points in Dodge Mastery to somewhere else – your high Dexterity already gives nearly a 50% dodge chance, so those points in Dodge Mastery can actually be put to better use. STONE PACT This is a mid game skill. The only difference is that elite difficulty requires a lot more kiting than veteran or normal.

It’s only 2 pistols and an amulet.

Contact Author. Note that the Stats of the builds are not hard-and-fast, and are meant only to give you an idea of the point distribution. My first outlander build was a left-clicker (auto-attacker) dual pistol outlander, but I've discovered soon enough that it wasn't viable in elite. You will probably complete your first run through all 3 acts before putting very many points into these skills. The extra Vitality helps to boost armor value and elemental resistances.

Torchlight 2 Berserker Dual Claws Build Guide, Torchlight 2 Outlander Shotgonne Build Guide, League of Legends Free RP through Bing Rewards Guide, Magic: The Gathering Arena Promo Codes List, Valorant Map Defense Default Positions Guide. Additionally, there is a decent amount of poison damage associated with this build as well, which is once again further enhanced by the Master of Elementals passive and the Poison Burst passive.

There is a small amount of crowd control that comes with the build as well, such as the slow from Shattering Glaive. There are so many awesome Pistols to choose from that work well with this build.

3 - SKILLS ANALYSIS. Too much dexterity plus Charge, Dodge Mastery and Share the Wealth won’t add more to dodge chance. This entire build is based on the Synergies Mod. Dodge Mastery Shadow Mantle Master of the Elements. In fact, it’s better to say that it ALSO does poison damage, and primarily revolves around the powerful skills in the Sigil tree. Also, the Bramble Wall is a viable defensive ability that comes in extremely handy against tougher enemies. This is a pure Outlander dual pistol build. This build doesn’t take full advantage of a minion build, but using your pet to summon all these minions lets you concentrate on the action.

However the best bonus is when you have 6 pieces for the 8% movement speed bonus. With the proper gear you will still get even more crits. The main reason why nothing has been left in the Stats slot is because this build is extremely flexible, and you’ll see why. Most players have argued that the 2-handed ranged weapons in the game are under-powered, and hence it is best to use alternatives. DODGE MASTERY This is an end game skill.

Vitality is not too important in the early game, but you will need all of it before completing your first run through all the acts. It does not rely on glaives or Venomous Hail to do its dirty work. It also gives 30% damage for the other elements, meaning you want pistols that deal mostly elemental damage rather than physical damage to maximize the awesomeness of this skill. Is a Resource Speaker, AI Thinker, Linux System Administrator, Computer Programmer, and Appreneur. The Wildwood set is super funky looking, but it has some really nice elemental damage bonuses. 9 - BEST SOCKETS.

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