Mental development would be emphasized by the study of classic literature at weekly meetings, and thus the new fraternity became known as the Knights of Classic Lore.

Tau Kappa Epsilon (ΤΚΕ), commonly known as TKE or Teke, is a social college fraternity founded on January 10, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University. [Top], The present design of the TKE flag, as adopted at the 1961 Conclave, features five Frequently the standard membership badge is used as a token of engagement. 00. The National Founders, and their leadership styles, are shown as the prime examples to challenge the current process and inspire all members to have a shared vision for the future vitality of the Fraternity. colors, cherry and gray, properly mantled. PO Box 3510, UPB, Las Cruces, NM 88003 .::. set of regulations for the Knights of Classic Lore, a society whose avowed purpose was be striving. is used by the fraternity upon its official stationery, membership certificates, During the ceremony at the White House, President Reagan was presented with TKE's Order of the Silver Maple Leaf by TKE Grand Prytanis Bruce Melchert.

Jeweled badges, crown set with

[Top], The primary symbol of the fraternity is the equilateral triangle. The magazine features in-depth articles related to topics of interest for TKE members, including chapter news, alumni news, service and foundation annual reports, and articles relating to leadership, professional development, chapter operations, and of general interest to the fraternal world. Red carnations are also worn at TKE banquets. Five of Alpha Lambda Tau's eight active chapters affiliated with TKE, resulting in new TKE chapters at the University of Maryland, North Carolina State University, Auburn University, Louisiana Polytechnic Institute, and Tri-State College.[5]. On or near January 10th of each year, undergraduate and alumni chapters of the

[15], The Sonoma State University chapter was banned from campus for five years following a hazing investigation. Joined These colors are displayed in the official flower, the red carnation, and in the horseshoe which the fraters had picked up along the way. The four students were later expelled from the organization after its suspension. This organization would In November 1911, the Beta Rho Delta Fraternity was founded at the University of Illinois. In 1983, President Reagan created the Ronald Reagan Leadership Award to recognize selected student members of TKE that have demonstrated superior academic and leadership accomplishments. The red carnation is the flower of the fraternity.

It is also represented by the Red Carnation Ball, a banquet and dance celebrated The Ohio State Chapter hosted President Reagan for lunch following a rally in which he was speaking at Ohio State.[6]. and other documents. At the chapter meeting held on Monday, February 15, 1909, the new constitution became official. Miniature The Teke is the award-winning[42] official quarterly publication for undergraduate and alumni brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon. At the luncheon, Reagan was awarded TKE's Order of the Golden Eagle and the Gold Medal of the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) recognizing his lifelong efforts to support and promote college fraternities. These principles provide an environment where members are encouraged to develop strong skills for scholarship, character, leadership, teamwork service and brotherhood—the attributes that build success and happiness throughout life. Jeweled badges, crown set with pearls, diamonds, rubies or emeralds, according to choice, may be worn by alumni members. Believing that the horseshoe In mid-1995, the original horseshoe was discovered by Past Grand Prytanis Rodney Williams among some artifacts belonging to the Alpha-Chi Chapter, which had been held for years by a charter member of the chapter. The pledges were forced to participate in a hazing activity called "Old South" where pledges acted like slaves in blackface while serving drinks to members. Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity has aimed to continue the tradition of the Charles R. Walgreen Jr. TKE Leadership Academy by cultivating leaders, providing them with the tools and application of a solid life skills portfolio in a controlled environment.

The merger resulted in the new Alpha-Pi Chapter of TKE at George Washington University and additional members for the Gamma Chapter at the University of Illinois and the Alpha-Zeta Chapter at Purdue University. Reagan was the first Teke and first U.S. President to receive the Gold Medal of the NIC.[6]. The hard cover format returned again by the 1990s, and over the next few years an effort was made to restore the in-depth historical content and photographs that had been stripped from previous versions in order to make the book more of a permanent TKE reference manual for the life of each member.

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