I am happy!

Thank you to the kind people who have left comments on how to do all this. So now it’s under “My Sounds”, which I cannot make it as a ringtone. I know there is a video on you tube but she did such a good version of it. The group consists of Bob Thiele (guitar, aka "Joey Scrantone") and his friends Dillon O'Brian (piano), Brian Macleod (drums) and Hal Cragin (bass). It’s incredible. I’m getting really desperate…I really want this ringtone…what do I do? And if I read the article before commenting I’d know it was. It is no longer available. Thanks. Copyright © 2020 OfficeTally. i have a USB cable to my phone but i just can’t get the mp3 to put it on. 00:25:459 (1) - Here you ignore the snare and seems doesn't really good since you didn't ignore it on 00:19:812 (1,2) - both have a same effect in the song (except the pitch of that long sound). Sorry to bother anyone, but I’m confused. This is me LOUDLY requesting they make the rest available. Could you add Michael’s Goodbye Song to the ringtones. 00:16:636 - to 00:16:900 - I'm not really sure if it was good to left this part without hitsounds since the snares in the song sounds really clear.

haha. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. flag. I was in the front row of fans, right in front of Craig and it was an amazing experience. It’s not a big deal but for some reason I like the longer version better.

00:12:047 (3,4) - looks like if you tried to make a blanket and you failed xd, pointing out cause I got the same feeling with 00:08:871 (2,1) -, it's like, why curve if you won't put notes around it? You may need to change the extension on the MP3 from .mp3 to .mid before sending it to your phone.

I’ve been looking everywhere and your ringtone links worked! if anyone can help, please do! http://rumkin.com/tools/sprint/index.php 4. thanks so much. Any help would be greatly appreciated. IS THIS LOUD ENOUGH? I got it onto my Verizon Phone, but It is just in MY Sounds and I can’t get it as a ringtone. Please help!! Good Job! Is it me or is the “Idiot” ringtone not here anymore? Could we somehow get the ringtone Andy made (Rockin’ Robin)? Dunder Mifflin (iPhone ringtone m4r) Dwight idiot ringtone (wav and iPhone ringtone m4r) Thanks a million!!!! I’m using Ericsson W810i. Production music starting at $15. [from tanster: I 100% agree! I can create ringtones for iphone, from youtube videos, which I think is great. It makes them into the format suitable for my mobile. 00:14:165 (1,2,3,4,5,1) - keep using 1.20x for this section to mark the difference with kiai. I wish there was something to download for my ipod. osu! See instructions, Welcome to OfficeTally, the top fansite for NBC's hit comedy, 'The Office.'. Thanks in advance…. They even recorded an awesome long version of the theme song. And 00:25:459 (1,3,4) - this overlap looks a bit bothering imo.

I sent the text message like it says, but didn’t get the ringtone. but how do i send it to my phone?

Sucks. WOW – I’m loving the long version of the theme! i’m sooo happy i was able to get this on my iphone! Listen to music from The Scrantones like The Office Theme, The Office Theme Song & … Thank you. :3, 00:06:930 (4) - should be a little bit up for a better visual distance between 00:05:695 (1,3,4) -. I had the song set as my regular ring less than a minute after reading the post.

(AIMod). I can now enjoy listening to the ringtone when ppl call instead of the annoying tones i had before. Hey does anyone know if I can get the Rockin Robin ringtone for just a plain Samsung phone? Someone please advise. I keep hoping this will occur to someone else, and it will appear somewhere. nice…. That would be amazing. How do I get this on my iPhone 4 can someone help me? For all people wondering how to set this as their ringtone on their Verizon cell phone here is how you do it. I’ve been dreaming of this song!!!! Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Grid. p.s. I’ll keep looking, And finally, jsalny, here is a site where you can get an MP3 of the full Hunter song: “That One Night.”. I receive a text telling me to reply with the word “BUY” and when I do it tells me that it doesn’t understand it (or something like that). :), I have a verizon 650 treo, and was just wondering how to download the office’s theme song as a ringtone? to create your own account!

The address would be [email protected].

It’s completely free!

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