I will now write a few suitable sentences of written English and then translate them phonetically into Brummie, so as to give you an idea of what it sounds like. Great contributions to the world. 'Bostin’'A joyous and life-affirming declaration that roughly translated means: super, smashing, or even great.Verdict: Black Country. Berminggum is wun ov the larges citays in the u-nyted kingdem.

One bomb – to knock someone out with one punch. "I've gotta go up the cut to get to work" Bawl . The phrase 'I'm just popping to the outdoor' has often mystified people from other places. To avoid further civil unrest, we've decided to step in and divvy up our regional dialect with this handy Brum/Black Country dictionary…. Though some are seldom used of late, they still ring true with the locals.Tara-a-bit. Of all the accents and dialects spoken around the British Isles, none attract as much scorn as the Brummie accent, the accent spoken by people (including myself) native to the city of Birmingham. Bill is William Shakespeare, which means the rain clouds are coming from Stratford-upon-Avon. Now here’s the same passage but written phonetically in the Brummie accent. I moved away from Brum many years ago but always caught the 'buzz' into town never the bus. If you asked for a Tip Top anywhere else you'd get a blank look.Verdict: Brummie.

0121 – used to tell someone to get lost: “0121 do one”. Alan R Lancaster from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire) on August 13, 2018: Whereabouts near Scarborough is that, James? Well, the modern city of Birmingham was originally founded as Brummagem in around 600 AD and despite the name altering slightly over the centuries, the original name has remained etched in our collective minds.

This is a term unique to these parts. As Danny Smith, co-author of the rather excellent book 101 Things Birmingham Gave the World, recently said: ‘Shrapnel for change is delightfully insensitive for a region hit by the blitz’. In many ways, the West Midlands Drivers of WMPTE were a real-life, public transport-themed forerunner to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. They bear an uncanny similarity to the Cockney dialect.

You may be wondering why people like me, who are natives of Birmingham are called Brummies? You know, that thing you used to be able to do when you were younger and more flexible.Verdict: Brummie. Below is a list of common Brummie slang words and expressions accompanied by their meaning. It can be used in both urban and rural areas.

In the classic darts-based quiz show Bullseye (filmed at the old Central TV studios on Birmingham’s Broad Street, no less), host Jim Bowen would often say 'super, smashing, great’.

'Gambol'A Brum-specific term for a gymnastic forward roll.

'Bluenose'Originally a cruel taunt used by Aston Villa fans towards their Birmingham City rivals. For example ‘what’ becomes ‘wha’. Culture Trip stands with Black Lives Matter.
'King's English' (nothing to do with the current monarch but the name of a specific form of English that comes down to us from the Anglo-Danish) owes its origins to this source, whereas the English of, say Worcester or Stafford remains essentially Anglian down to Oxfordshire (the kingdom of Mercia under Penda and his grandson Offa stretched from the Welsh Marches to the North Sea, South and parts of West Yorkshire either side of the Cheshire-Derbyshire-Nottinghamshire boundaries) to a line from Herefordshire-Oxforshire-Hertfordshire as far as Cambridgeshire which was and still is East Anglia (Raedwald's kingdom). I can tell you now that there is no such thing as a British accent, instead there are many different regional accents, many of which are specific to individual cities. Of course the only real way to get a flavor of any language, dialect or accent is to listen to a native speaker, as only they understand the rhythm of their native tongue perfectly.

This lack of aural variation may be the primary reason why the Brummie accent has such a negative reputation in the UK. 'Tararabit'A terrapin is a type of small turtle. In broader versions of Brummie, ‘you’ becomes ‘yow’ and the ‘y’ at the end of the word becomes ‘ay’.

'Outdoor'Outdoor is a local term for off-licence. We already have this email.

Wench – an affectionate term for a young woman. Whilst the North (anywhere north of the Midlands) pronounces these words the way they are spelt.

I lived at various addresses in the town centre, although got out and around near Scalby, Newby and round the north side.

I often hear the term ’British accent’ banded around the media, particularly outside of the UK.

Wag – skip school or miss a lesson on purpose. I didnt know that some of these words were brummie i thought they wuite common in the rest of england especially island, I am writing about my great grandmother who lived, in Edgbaston. If we do say ‘hello’ then we end to drop the ‘h’ thus saying ‘ello’ instead. I feel like this is yet another example of people over exaggerating certain aspects of the dialect.

Birmingham is often known as England's second city after London. Beyond that was Wessex, the collective Saxon enclave that swallowed up Jutish Kent, Isle of Wight and the Itchen valley. Like launching an online barber shop, for example.Verdict: Black Country. Thanks for your help, I watched the water boatman recently. As mentioned above, Brummies frequently drop the ‘H’ from many words and we also omit the ‘T’ from the ends of words occasionally.

It’s raining in – rain is getting inside the house, close the window. Entry – the alley between terraced houses.

It'll always find its way back, like a homing pigeon. Unlike many of the other words on the list, people from the Black Country have never claimed ownership of this one. The general rule of thumb is that the closer to the city center you live, the stronger your accent is. I actually spent the morning walking around Scarborough town before moving on to Filey and then rounding off the day at Flamborough Head. Even today, Brummagem is still used to refer to Birmingham as slang, and this is often shortened to just Brum. The Bull – a bronze statue outside the Bullring, and a general meeting place in town. Robert Plant was born in West Bromwich. According to Brummie legend, though, this area was once a notorious red-light district: a wretched hive of scum and villainy that made Mos Eisley look like Moseley.Verdict: Brummie.

Mom – mother. It's very catchy. Us lot round these ends often refer to the canal network as 'The Cut' which means that we are walking somewhere that will require walking alongside the canal. Fizzy pop is just pop. Each accent carries a certain reputation with it. Naturally, as a native Brummie, I feel that this stereotype is most unfair. 'Buzz'Buzz is short for omnibuzz, a large road vehicle that carries passengers. However, this is only done for certain words such as ‘alright’. He also has a very strong Brummie accent. 'Shrapnel'In the West Midlands, this commonly refers to loose change.Verdict: Brummie. Other places call it a bus.Verdict: Black Country.

Brummies’ tend to use the word ‘alright’ as a greeting rather than the usual ‘hello’.

We are all indeed English but we all have our regional identities. Intonation . The National Exhibition Centre is a great source of pride to the local inhabitants and steps have been taken in recent years to improve the appearance of the city.

The ‘i’ in ‘pit’ becomes ‘ee’ in Brummie, making the word sound more like, but not quite the same as ‘peat’. There are signs that things may be changing however, as the success of gangster TV series Peaky Blinders has allowed the Brummie accent to reach a much wider audience. Received Pronunciation (RP) or the Queen’s English is the accent of the elite, and thus speakers are perceived to be people of great authority and education, even if they’re not. The sound of the ‘oy’ is actually fairly similar to the ‘oy’ that you hear in most Irish dialects.
(4) Adjective describing someone that has well-defined muscles (5) A song. You will never find a brummie saying "pit" as "peat", for example.

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