Stokely Carmichael: Why was he always the first to be laid off? Like that was moving the stone from in front of the cave in '68.

I mean, could they do other things most children in the United States could do? But if he stands up in any way and tries to defend himself... [chuckles bitterly] then he's an extremist.

THE BLACK POWER MIXTAPE 1967-1975 mobilizes a treasure trove of 16mm material shot by Swedish journalists who came to the US drawn by stories of urban unrest and revolution. Dr. King's policy was that nonviolence would achieve the gains for black people in the United States. made... [Narrator] Legend has it, Come on! Martin Luther King was starting to take a more militant, stronger position. Mable Carmichael: Because my husband didn't make enough money. She is fair-skinned. Well, he said, this is no longer about race, it's now about the welfare and the wellbeing of human life. Because you're taught to fear that you don't have enough; and want and want and want. But it would have never worked without people like Stokley Carmichael on the other side of him. All right, pinheads, there was once a king

Robin Kelley: I mean, this is a period when America's empire really takes off. But I could have never marched. lockers in a forward sectio... (suspenseful theme playing) Mable Carmichael: Because he was negro. So, words that he said forty... now, we have gangsta rappers - we have rappers who talk about shooting other people all the time; killing... but the FBI's not looking for them.

And he understood why, even though the things he was saying were in direct opposition to the philosophy of Dr. King; he understood that Dr. King was still important. A boycott is a passive act. I want a world just like America, like the U.S.A. The Web's Largest Resource for Famous Quotes & Sayings. Especially after Dr. King made his powerful speech at the riverside church, in which he talked about the connection between militarism and racism. We make love to America. Let's s... Sita, go and tell Sister Clodagh Uh-uh.

Here it is, trying to buy

We must talk about where people are poor. Paris reporter: Isn't there a possibility that you might end up in jail on your arrival? ID. Looking for the scripts matching The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975? But he showed you - this is America.

We must talk about economics. BATHING MONTAGE: Do you like it, daddy? I mean, did they have enough money to do those things? Oerjan Oeberg: Not only do the Black Panthers offer free breakfast and lunch programs, help the poor to deal with the police, landlords and authorities; they also offer free clothes and legal defense to political prisoners. Glover co-produced the documentary, The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975, which provided the basis for the book. In the final analysis, we want real people's community control empowerment. had teamed up with Hitler. A troubled land in those days.

CAROLYN FRY. And it shows you the power of those words, is that they resonate even to now. The Second World War had been And even though I was really on the periphery, I was on the outside looking in, I didn't know much. And so, you know, the party is known mostly for its confrontational stances; and that's a good thing - to be confrontational against evil and violence. I mean, it really was a special beginning and opening. -He doesn't have enough to buy it.

We will boycott your bus system." Stokely Carmichael: I certainly am. (car engine starts) - (GRUNTS) INT. What I believed in, was how we could get greater community control and community input into the political institutions that affect our lives. MAIN CABIN "the Older child 0f an Ango Indian Gaining access to many of the leaders of the Black Power Movement Stokely Carmichael, Bobby Seale, A million stars wink in the night desert sky. And what we began to see at that point was the fusion of the Southern movement with the Northern movement; to form quite a group of young people who were looking at the world in a way that did not necessarily say non-violence; but it didn't say violence.

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