_udn = "none"; As I have mentioned earlier the type of taweez depends on the purpose for which it is being written. Before one starts writing a taweez a proper has to be selected for this purpose. I am giving an example of calculating and filling up the Atishe taweez Maslas so that all of you can understand the method. Here are few points which will expose the reality behind these taweez (either numeral or quranic verses) : People do argue that they took their family to a certain peer/ healer and he got healed or they took their infertile wife and after receiving the taweez they were blessed with a child. They used to come to Grandshaykh, people complaining a little bit about the origin of what we call ruqya in Arabic.

Is this okay in quran or hadees . These are the lunar Arabic alphabets and their values are mentioned below. If its numbers are counted from one side then they will sum up to 65. And it has to be with zafraan, as the normal ink is mixed with urea. If you are writing a taweez for the value of 788 then after deducting 12 you will get 776 and once you divide 776 with 3 you will get 258, with a remainder 2. Some of these taweez are written on the palms and shown to the person on whom some effect is desired. In order to make an effective taweez you should have the knowledge of amalyaat, planetary positions and you should be an amil kamil to perform this task efficiently. Its element is Khaki. This happens only when the amil makes it properly and offers the zakaat and performs the abstinence or parhez in a requisite way. But also there are lot of jinn, protectors. For writing a taweez first of all you will have to calculate the numerical value of the Quranic verse. What they fail to realize is that cures are not possible without the will of ALLAH.

When divided by 3 this will give you 258 and the remainder will be one. You might have noticed that Amils use a certain ink to write taweez. Or do you claim to be clean from all filth and sins 24 hours a day. For complete details about stars, you can refer to my blogs Amalyat Nujum and Ilm-e-Zaicha. The Quran would be a healer and cure if it is read with understanding, benefiting from its contents and decorating the actions sincerely with the noble characteristics as shown in it. d.write('

You might have noticed that Amils do not write a taweez with a ball pen or an ink pen but they use a special pen for the purpose. For instance, is you read a manual about electrical connections and then set the wiring in your house in the right way so there will be light in your house. However, after being divided if there is some remainder, such as 1 or any other value then there is a particular row in which that number can be adjusted.

You may notice that the number 1 is common amongst them. Abdullah bin Masood reports that I have heard the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم ) saying that blowing (dum), taweez (talismans), threads and potions are all shirk.

And in many ahadith, the Prophet (s) under ruqya you can find many ahadith where the Prophet said that it is acceptable. document.onselectstart=new Function ("return false"), If you have any question contact me directly on my email. Kaballah Amulet                          Muslim Taweez. i.e. Nothing!! Although the impression cannot be seen as it does not have any ink yet the marks are left on the other pages, making the paper inaccurate for writing a taweez. These talismans, threads, potions and their likes have not been sanctioned by the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم ). That is protection from effects of jinn and any harm that we face. For making this kind of taweez first of all find out the value of the Quranic verse. 12 has to be deducted from 786 and the result. 's://ssl':'://www')+'.google-analytics.com'+'/siteopt.js?v=1&utmxkey='+k+'&utmx='+(x?x:'')+'&utmxx='+(xx?xx:'')+'&utmxtime='+new Date().valueOf()+(h? The main purpose of this taking this precaution is to maintain cleanliness. Therefore this should be kept in mind that a taweez should have power so that it is effective. The atishe method marba will be as follows: I have filled up the colums and rosw one by one with the value of Bismillah’s numerical value. In certain taweez it is compulsory to do jamali and jalali abstinence. this is my email address, writing a quranic taweez and converting into numericals it is permissible in islam, http://mufti.faizaneattar.net/Answer.php?Q=8532, The right color of cloth for wrapping a taweez, Selecting the right room for writing a taweez, The right choice of clothes for writing a taweez, The importance of direction in writing a taweez, The method of finding the numerical value, The method of filling up the Maslas taweez, How to write the taweez with 2 remainder value. A lot of people write taweez especially the Amils yet when their taweez does not work they become anxious. While blowing over the pen of amal khair think that whatever good deed has to be done with the taweez written by this pen, it will get accomplished soon. Divide the remaining value with 4 and then fill up the boxes step by step. The amil has to bear all this in order to make a powerful taweez that can help those who wear it. Commonly, the lunar hurf-e-taji is used for calculating the numerical values and this is put in to practice. This is because Zohal is a Naahis-Akbar star. No other email address is valid to communicate with me except for amel_soname@yahoo.com. For this one no. The remaining value should be divided and the resulting value should be kept step-by step in the first column. He replied, "May ALLAH save me from the talisman. Esa Bin Hamza (Rahimahullah) says, I visited Abdullah Bin Akeem (Rahimahullah) during his sickness; he was suffering from a sickness called "Hamra". Before sharpening their tips recite Durud-Shareef 11 times and 4 Quls three times each. I have discussed in my previous post how the adad of Bismillah…are filled up in the rows and columns of a taweez. So the best one is written by hand, but now with permission the printed one is the same. And they came down and recited on the sick man Surat al-Fatiha. This value of 2 will have to be added to the value of the box number 4 to complete the taweez. They should also have the sum total of 786. Moreover, the paper should not be kept open due to fear of lizards that may leave droppings on the paper. It is usually buried under the bed or threshold of the person on whom some effect is desired. A Taweez is a locket that is generally associated with Islam although one can also find ones that are associated with Hinduism too. which are all based on the practices of magicians and Cabbalists.. As I have mentioned earlier the type of taweez depends on the purpose for which it is being written. By kasar I mean the remainder after dividing the value.In the taweez of Bismillah.. there was no remainder as such However, in this post I shall explain with an example how to deal with such a value that has a remainder after being divided. Hence, the numerical value of Bismillah ar-rahman ar-raheem is 786, as a rule. Verily, the best words are those of ALLAH; the best guidance is that of Muhammad ; the worst matters {of creed or worship} are those innovated {by people}; for, every such innovated matter is a bidah; and every bidah is a misguidance that shall reside in the fire. While writing this taweez one should face the southern direction. The answer to this is that the cure is not in hanging it around the neck but by using it as shown to us by ALLAH and His Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم). Taweez Marba: This taweez is related to the planet Ataarad or mercury and it has 16 rows in total. If the whole Quran can’t be taken into the bathroom then a single verse, or a single word, or a single letter of Quran can’t be taken. So deduct 30 from it and then divide the rest with 4. 4. You should ensure that the money used for buying the pen should be earned through halal or legitimate work. This creates an impression of their words on the other pages also.

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