But sometimes it isn’t obvious which one is best. Here are my two newest creations side by side. I haven’t spun on her for over two months now, and I miss her. I’m keen to share all the info I learn along this journey with you!

Most synthetic fibres don’t absorb water either — that is they are hydrophobic — so they don’t get particularly heavy when wet and they dry fast. In-depth reviews of the best lightweight backpacking gear, and comprehensive guides to the world’s most amazing trail hiking destinations. In fact cotton can absorb around 20 times its own weight in water. The combination is ideal for the lofty, warm, woolen-spun yarns Brooklyn Tweed set out to create, yarns that are soft enough to wear against the skin but also long wearing an imbued with distinctive personality on the needles.” It will probably soften up a bit when I soak it to set the twist, but it is definitely destined for outerwear. Fabrics like cotton — that are great for wearing to the local cafe or to work — are often not suitable for use in an outdoor or wilderness environment. No BS, ever.

Unfortunately, synthetics can’t claim the same fame. Get inspired by checking out our: Find a jaw-dropping location for your next wilderness adventure by checking out our epic Destination Guides! The merino sheep… doesn’t it look so cosy! That's why we prefer it for bath towels. It hasn’t told me yet what it wants to be when it grows up. But even with, why does someone with diabetes need special socks, Live Out Loud Collection: Behind the Design, Spandex throughout sock for a snappy, non-bunching fit.

Some manufacturer’s try to treat synthetic fibres with an anti-microbial coating. Cottons high-absorption properties make it a great choice for luxury bath towels, but it is a terrible material to have against your skin when doing active exercise (where you will be sweating!) Read more…. This colorway is called Pur-plexed, and it is a purple-lover’s dream. Targhee Sheep Characteristics.

— Merino Wool vs Synthetics. This is because cotton is an absolute front-runner when it comes to fabrics that can absorb the most water. Yes, synthetics dry faster than merino. Therefore, paying special attention to toe seams, materials, and cushioning can make a huge difference when buying the best diabetics for women and men. The two on the right are for the fingerless mitts. Diabetic socks can be made from many types of fibers. A poor choice of baselayer can lead to chaffing or rubbing when you sweat. Because it is a natural product, wool is biodegradable and renewable as well. More Spunky Eclectic fiber, this time Wendsleydale, which is a long wool and requires careful handling. In this article we compare merino wool and synthetics. Have you ever heard someone rave about how much they love their therapeutic cotton socks?

The main downsides of merino are that it is quite expensive, and it isn’t quite as durable as most synthetic materials. This is what Island Dreams looks like after the two singles in the picture above were plied together. If you're living with diabetes, you could run a higher risk of experiencing foot-related injuries as a result of poor circulation and peripheral neuropathy, a condition that causes a loss of feeling in the feet. I finished the second bump of Into The Whirled Great Minds, which is a superwash Targhee wool. The Targhee sheep breed is a relatively new breed of sheep that was developed by the United States Department of Agriculture their Agricultural Research Service. The merino sheep’s glands produce a natural wax called lanolin. They go by many names… baselayers, next-to-skin layers, thermal underwear, long johns. Resolutions, Unfinished KAL, and Mysteries, Cotton Candy VS Orkney Pi or The Battle of the Knitted Desserts, No More Frustration, Aggravation, Irritation, Plus Mittens, Grocery Shopping Can Be Hazardous To Your Health, Socks, Snow Leopard, and A Right-Wing Nutter, Embedding Pictures In Ravelry Forum Messages Using Mac OS X, These singles were spun from Spunky Eclectic Romney in the colorway Little Bluebird, More Spunky Eclectic fiber, this time Wendsleydale, which is a long wool and requires careful handling, These singles are spun from Icelandic wool from Spunky Eclectic in the colorway Squirrel, This is lovely English Shetland wool from Into The Whirled in the colorway Studio West, I have been working on a bump of Targhee wool in the colorway Talisman from Into The Whirled.

This means that we may receive a small commission if you make purchases through those links. Both skeins were wound on the same niddy noddy, but when they came off, you can see that the Loop … But which fabric works best? Many people choose to wear merino wool socks as a personal preference over cotton and synthetic materials. If you are planning to use merino underwear — or even merino singlets or t-shirts for that matter — in a warm climate, then look for merino rated at around 150 gsm (that’s grams per square metre) or less, and definitely not heavier than 200 gsm. This is lovely English Shetland wool from Into The Whirled in the colorway Studio West. I really needed to hit the Goldilocks Zone with this fiber. Our custom yarn blend features ultra-fine merino wool that will not itch. Practicing good diabetic foot care is much easier with the unique properties of merino wool diabetic socks. Cotton traps moisture and can keep feet damp. I hope you have a great friday. But we don’t believe this to be the case. I think this is the nicest Targhee I have ever spun.

It, too, is pretty squishy, but it doesn’t have as much bounce as the Targhee. Hiking vs Trekking vs Backpacking — WTF is the difference? We recommend merino wool for a variety of reasons, including its natural thermoregulating and moisture control properties. They are a medium to large dual-purpose breed that have a good temperament, good quality of meat and wool. Too much twist and it turned to twine; too little twist and it drifted apart. I had to take special care spinning up this fiber because it had a long staple and was kind of slippy. Just the perfect, all-day fit for happy, healthy feet. Both skeins were wound on the same niddy noddy, but when they came off, you can see that the Loop skein was considerably longer than the ITW skein. It lines the fibres and is naturally anti-bacterial, so it will stop the material’s fibres from becoming the home to odorous bacteria. We all know cotton is great at absorbing moisture. And links to my Ravelry project pages.

My Travvy is currently being stored in my bedroom while the house renovations are ongoing. Just the right amount of twist and you end up with a lustrous and drapy yarn that works well for lace shawls. How about: I’m a keen hiker who is passionate about lightweight backpacking. Merino wool is a natural fibre, obtained courtesy of the merino sheep. That’s all for this FO Friday. It is amazing how differently different fibers behave, even when spun and plied the same way on the same spinning wheel. The prep is outstanding–very few nepps.

Damp socks inside shoes can easily cause irritation and be abrasive to your toes and feet, leading to blisters, odor, and ongoing foot-related ailments.

Average merino wool is about 21.5 microns, fine merino is 18.6-19.5 microns, superfine is 15-18.5 microns, and ultrafine anything less than 15 microns. Nonetheless synthetics are a cheaper and more durable alternative to merino wool. Diabetic socks should conform to the foot and leg comfortably without losing shape. This is a somewhat rustic yarn, not the softest, but not harsh, either. What’s more is that many manufacturers are now blending merino with a nylon core to increase durability.

Join our mailing list for exclusive updates and special offers, plus 20% off your first purchase! Last but not least, I have been working on a bump of Targhee wool in the colorway Talisman from Into The Whirled. And while we certainly understand the allure of buying a multi-pack of cotton socks on sale at the drugstore, the risk-to-reward ratio just doesn’t add up for those living with diabetes.

It is much softer than most synthetic materials, and perhaps almost as soft as that cotton t-shirt sitting in your wardrobe back at home. While everyone can benefit from the natural qualities of merino wool, for people living with diabetes, wearing merino wool socks can play a particularly important role in their overall foot health. The Continuing Adventures of Cocoa and the Mittens. Merino wool comes solely from a strain of Merino sheep bred for its wool.

The skein on the left is for a hat. It has a lot of bounce to it. Merino wool, which comes from the Merino sheep, not only has all of those qualities, it can also be sustainably grown, takes color really well, and is biodegradable. You may be wondering, why does someone with diabetes need special socks? Each ewe on average will produce about 4.5 to 6.3 kg fleece.

Check out our Gear Reviews overview page. If you are stocking up on underwear or you’re on a tight undie-budget then synthetic underwear is probably the way to go. This is a laceweight 2-ply yarn and it is even lovelier in person than in the picture. Wool. Do more this. 4.

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