I have been a samsung owner my entire adult life with a S7 active and tab a 8 along with my Tab S6 and other items.

Galaxy Tab S6 Case issue, updated yesterday and now keyboard doesnt work, Phone status notifications get stuck on screen. So a quick update. Post with 6 votes and 646 views. I purchased some screen wipes from Amazon and used them on the back of the tablet and the keyboard case , 2 weeks later its still stuck on so fingers crossed . I had the same issue.I made the mistake of wiping the "sticky" part of the cover with a damp cloth and drying it off with a towel, which made the problem immeasurably worse.Then I discovered the solution, at least in my case!I used a hair dryer to heat the inside of the cover (the part with the sticky pads).

I literally couldn't get the thing to come off tonight, thought for sure I was gonna break it. On Amazon I read 33 negative 1 star reviews about this cover/keyboad and at least 32 of them complained that the back comes unstuck and the tablet falls. I've tried wiping the tablet, wetting and wiping the sticky part of the case. Decided to make my own keyboard case for my tab s6. Or perhaps if you wanted to keep the cover on permanently, you could use some kind of very strong tape to keep it in place. A large reason I considered switching from my iPad Pro to the Tab S6 is due to DEX mode, which needs a physical keyboard/mouse pointer IMHO to get the best out of. Quite sad about this as item works well (when it stays on!) Double sided tape has helped me before as well . This isnt even about the case anymore either, it is about the treatment I recieved based upon the choice I made kn where to buy a sealed brand new case that was already faulty before the package was even opened. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 keyboard cover not sticking / falling off. And attach the keyboard still. Have asked the Amazon seller who I bought it from ("MoreFrom") for a refund. Warning for anything Samsung purchased from ebay.

This is not a ebay problem. - Cleanse the pad gently with a damp towel and then dry the pad completely before attaching the cover. This defeats a bit the purpose of why I bought this keyoard cover though... You could as well use the regular cover (the plastic one). I found the solution. 04:04 PM

I have a Dell XPS 13 but use it about twice per month, the Tab S6 can take care of the majority of my tech needs. I then put the cover on and let it sit for a while to let the alcohol dry up.

Tried it on the front of our fridge and it stuck very strong. I've found that when my back is not attached it has a slight curve in it, even when its flat. After pressing it did, and now it's like it's glued on. I've had it both ways actually. Everything worked well but today it's start an issue. By Clicking ACCEPT or continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. and is a compact elegant solution that also protects the tablet with little added bulk and don't have to remember to take along a separate keyboard everywhere (no key back lighting though). Looks like I will be taking it back to the place of purchase and getting a refund. It is black and the same thickness of the original tape..  best part is, it was on sale at my local Lowes for $3.99. Visit our Blog to catch up on the latest Community news, tips for your Samsung products and much more! Which is a pity, because the keyboard is actually quite good. if I still have the tablet during the warranty I will just swap out the keyboard for a new one. Then it would stay on. This solution doesn't work long term. you will have to do it again several days later. I have been a samsung owner my entire adult life with a S7 active and tab a 8 along with my Tab S6 and other items. It's an interesting design. I've tried wiping the tablet, wetting and wiping the sticky part of the case. Thank you for responding, So, I have the S6 and bought a brand new keyboard case from kne of the most reputable stores kn ebay.

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Shop online for the latest Samsung smartphones, tablets, wearables and accessories. You will most definitely want the keyboard case. So, have you removed the part that adheres to the back of the tablet and put it back on? {"Expand":"Click to Expand" Especially with the price tag.

02:16 PM

I reapplied the case immediately to the back of the tablet, and then left it to cool back down to room temperature. You could do all of them but I just picked strategic keys. Then it would stay on. Solved problem by peeling the sticker completely away and replaceing with two sided tape. This is no different then what's going on in the world, no responsibility and unwilling to even try to provide help. To ensure a stronger bond, the sticky part needs to be attached for 1hr before use. The design of the S7 cover seems to be the same as the S6 cover. The only thing i find frustrating is that you cant connect the Keyboard part of the Samsung Keyboard case to the Tablet while its in the OB case. I have been a samsung owner my entire adult life with a S7 active and tab a 8 along with my Tab S6 and other items. I did try the double sided tape but mine was too thick and it didn't fit flush to the tablet , need to find thinner , thanks for the reply. I've tried wiping the tablet, wetting and wiping the sticky part of the case.

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