This allows the runner to save on pauses compared with the Beginner technique listed above. As befits a ghost, Phantoon has the power to turn intangible to avoid attacks, which is done by closing its eye.

Phantoon is a major antagonist in Super Metroid and the final boss in Metroid: Other M. He is a boss in both games. Great Reaper | As you attack the head it'll fire a range of deadly projectiles, including a bomb, fireballs and a continuous beam from its arms. Master Hand | Primids | Medusa | Jump up to the platforms above and keep attacking his mouth. Strike Phantoon with a charge shot when he opens, then hit him with two more and he should disappear. Although fast patterns are certainly ideal for speedrunning, multiple fast patterns can cause the player to run into an issue where they are not equipped with enough Missiles from drops to defeat Phantoon accordingly with the doppler technique. Skull Man | He'll also fly about lashing his tail around, try to stay clear as he hovers around. Sylux | Sword Man | Phantoon now attempts to defeat Samus with its improved phantom eyes. Alarms start sounding off, and oxygen is violently drained from the room, but Samus remains unaffected, her Gravity Feature keeping her feet steady. You might want to use the Charge Beam to deal out damage, as you'll need all the Super Missiles you have for the next two boss battles. Properly timing a wave beam shield allows you to kill Phantoon in only two rounds.

Metal Man | Ryuji Yamazaki | Fire Man | You can fire as many Super Missiles into his belly as you can, but there's a much easier and quicker way to finish the crustacean. Yveltal | Immediately press and hold right and menu over to power bombs. Sagat |

The English and Japanese manuals for Super Metroid both gave a different background of Phantoon, describing it as either being the ghost of the Wrecked Ship itself that taps into Mother Brain's thought-waves or as being the physical manifestation of Mother Brain's malevolent consciousness,respectively. As soon as Phantoon appears his eye will be open, starting straight at you. It won't be much trouble to deal with, only spike projectiles and small fireballs are your biggest worry. Hammer away at the glass with Missiles to break it open, then fire away at Mother Brain itself with everything you've got. ". Death | Akuma | That something is Phantoon.

Marx | On the far left of the corridor the wall will be lined with spikes, so you'll need to make sure that Crocomire doesn't corner you into them. Iori Yagami | Iron Face | Samus fights him in a wrecked ship.

After you have touched the ceiling, you want to start charging up a shot right as you're about to touch the grey door to your left. Piglins |

Ashnard | MB | You won't have any trouble avoiding a collision, as Mother Brain will stay on the left side of the room. Super Missiles will deal 600 damage to Phantoon instead of their normal 300; however, using a Super Missile on Phantoon that does not finish him off will enrage Phantoon, causing him to spend roughly 18 seconds sending waves of flames down from above before starting another pattern. It will float around with intangibility, and drop phantom eyes that bounce along the ground. O'Chunks |

Solidus Snake | Acro | Dimentio | Daroach | Read on for the list of bosses and tactics to use against them (the "Go to walkthrough" links under each boss will take you straight to where they're encountered in the walkthrough). Zeta Metroid, Ing As you grab the Bomb power-up and try to leave the room, the only exit will rudely seal and you won't be able to open it. Phantoon's cephalopod-like body, supernatural and multidimensional traits are likely a reference to H.P. It can be assumed that the reason for this is because the eyestalk is different from the final game's depiction of Phantoon. The way you move after striking Phantoon when he opens his eye is much more crucial to be aware of than the speed and fluctuations of his patterns. Scarfies | Napalm Man | This one will be tougher than its Bomb power-up buddy, but it'll bear similar attacks. Aparoid Queen | A concern for this strategy is having enough ammo to defeat Phantoon in these few rounds. Unown | What Phantoon’s whole body looks like is completely unknown. As she was heading towards the Control Room, Phantoon appears in front of her and seeks revenge after being defeated for the first time. Kraid | Basically, whenever Phantoon takes damage that would make him disappear (excluding being struck with a Super Missile), he will attempt to close his eye; however, Phantoon needs some time (approximately ten frames) for that to happen, making it possible for him to continue to take damage if this time is interrupted, which it can be if Missiles are fired at the appropriate rate.

Mr. Frosty | Hammer Bros. | Nate, Added or updated the following pages: Speed Tricks: Gravity Suit Shinespark, Other: Noob Bridge Without Run Button. Nate, Added or updated the following pages: Techniques: Super Short Charge. Lord Nightmare |

Left Fast - Similar to first round's Left Fast, you want to jump in the air, and upon landing, run to the right wall, then jump towards the ceiling. There are a few strategies to get a semi-consistent Phantoon fight. Yiga Foot Soldiers. Kalypso | Sidesteppers | Then, as Phantoon flies offscreen, select power bombs and charge as quickly as possible. To the uninitiated, Phantoon can be a difficult fight, but following this strategy allows a very quick and easy way to defeat it. Interesting to note is Super Metroid's manual describing the Wrecked Ship as having crashed on Zebes. Due to the lack of Varia Suit, everything will deal at least 40 damage, making large energy drops much less effective than in Phantoon Second routes since it would require two of them to nullify a flame's damage. Samus will also take damage while the beam connects, but it pales in comparison to the beating Draygon will receive. Thanatos |

Quadraxis, X-Parasites Gleeok | Golems (Kirby) | If implemented in a run this would allow for killing Phantoon in a single round, though it would be very difficult. Within the depths of Zebes you'll face mighty Space Pirate bosses before finding the Metroid hatchling and confronting the resurrected Mother Brain. Queen Metroid | After enough hits Spore Spawn will move to the center of the screen and oddly turn to stone, you can then move on up the shaft above the room to freedom. Peckish Aristocrabs | Slash Man |

She is fought on the Frigate Orpheon stage, with Lockdown Battle Theme as the background music. After the top three window panes are shattered, Phantoon's eye becomes obscured by one of his swirling vortexes, only to suddenly peak through it for a moment by extending its eye out on a prehensile eyestalk. After Phantoon takes damage during this opening, he will fly around the room in a similar manner, attempting to ram Samus. Walk up to the door and another live Torizo (Chozo Statue) will promptly fall down from above. Nate, Added or updated the following pages: Techniques: Gravity Jump, Blue Suit. You can crouch in the bottom left corner when flames are raining down, and aim up to shoot the flame that would land and fall on top of you during this scenario. Below is a simple summary of the above regarding how to respond to patterns. Lord Fredrik | You can hide from corner to corner. Ninja Kong | Bio Rex | Phantoon will continue to drop flames while invisible, at this point get a Super Missile ready to fire. Master Core | Quick Man | Chandelure | If you have collected enough Super Missiles, shoot one at Phantoon when he reveals himself, then immediately deselect your Missiles and begin to charge your beam. Shadow Queen | EggRobo | This part of the battle will certainly be much more trickier than the first part. Dr. Coyle | Trace | It is possible to still two round even with a worse first round, but every additional Missile needed makes it that much more unlikely. Spinies | King Worm | With the windows completely gone, Phantoon sweeps one of its tentacles at a time across the floor in an attempt to hit Samus aside.

| Keep firing anyway, as when your Missiles begin to run low Mother Brain will begin charging up energy in its brain, it'll then fire out a massive beam that completely paralyzes Samus and slams her against the wall while draining your energy, Missiles, Super Missiles and Power Bombs. Galleom | "PHANTOON/(The Boss of the Wrecked Ship)/The ghost of the ship taps in to the vicious brainwaves of the Mother Brain and attacks adventurers with deadly plasma. One way to adapt is to shoot an extra charge shot shot before the X-Factor in the second round, which entails another set of setups. Once Kraid rises up out from the spikes fully he'll begin firing thorn projectiles around. Keep repeating this method until Phantoon is defeated. Garon | Shake King | Shortly after Samus enters its chamber, several flames will ignite, floating in the center of the room. | King Bob-omb | Starmans | Vega | Crazy Hand | He also has tentacles for arms, and an eye surrounded by teeth that is his weak spot.

King Dedede | This technique can save ample time over a three-round doppler if you still need phantoon to fly offscreen in order to hit enough missiles to achieve the 3 round, since the first two rounds don't need to wait for Phantoon to come back on-screen. Shadow the Hedgehog | Rhea |

Eye when opened

Samus's positioning will influence his movement. The statue will march and jump around the room, it'll also fire the sonic beams and smaller energy balls. Phantoon can create large vortexes of dark energy to damage Samus if she walked too close to them, and can use said vortices to teleport the bioweapons to fight her. Chaos | Chargin' Chucks | There actually isn't much point in firing at the head, as you won't be causing the Mother Brain any real damage. Gharnef | Click here to make the site look normal again. Unload all your remaining Super Missiles into him then let rip with either Missiles or Charge Beam shots. It is possible that Phantoon was behind MB taking over the Bottle Ship, and assumes full control of it after her death until Samus returns and destroys him. Unused Phantoon model that served as a reference for an unreleased artwork. This method is much more consistent since you don't have to shoot a frame perfect super.

Count Cannoli | Keep holding out and eventually Draygon will let go and sink down into the ground below. Then crouch in the bottom left corner when he is in the rain state. Nevertheless, based on its portrayal among the bosses in the Golden Statues, Phantoon appears to be allied with the Space Pirates in some capacity.

Keep holding out and after a few rounds Mother Brain's container and defenses will crumble and it'll fall down to the floor, but don't breath a sigh of relief just yet. Right Medium - This one is a tad tricky. By performing Lethal Strike, Samus will grab onto its eye and hold on as she's flung around on it, until she finally blasts the eye with a Charge Beam. Kyle Merkulov | Drill Man | His entire body looks like a grey alien's head and has green skin.

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