They’ll cost you a pretty penny at around $400. This can drastically affect its basic functionality and ability to go about day-to-day tasks. If you can develop a keen eye for coloring especially in regard to distinguishing similarly colored snakes from one another (think a Lesser and a Butter), you’ll pretty much have the hard part down. © Reptile.Guide. As you might suspect with any designer morph, Candinos can fetch a higher asking price, typically between $300 and $400. ​While every boa constrictor morph that exists has interesting characteristics that make it appealing to a wide variety of people, some morphs do rise above others. Sub $100 as well! If you have your heart set on purchasing a Pastel, you’ll be happy to know they tend to cost just $75-$100. Their coloring tends to be yellowish tan and they may even have grayish colored flames along their belly. When two Fires are bred, a Super Fire is created in which the colors are much more fiery. ... Boa Constrictors 2019 Male Super Fire $ 6,500.00 $ 6,000.00. Meanwhile, Super Pastels will run you a little more, typically around $150. If you have never seen a white boa they really make you think, they only get better as they grow! Undeniably striking, the Blue-Eyed Leucistic or BEL for short, are those that have Leucism, which occurs when there is an absence of pigmentation. The Candy ball Python was first recognized in 2009 and shares co-dominant patterns with both the Toffee Ball Python and Albino Ball Python morphs. They are born to normal ball python parents and are often used by breeders to expose which snakes may carry Pied genes. Additionally, their piercing red eyes give them a fiercely beautiful stare many breeders only dream of producing!

However, there are many unique morph combos that have created snakes that cost well into the thousands of dollars…. underground reptiles supplies some of the best snakes for sale in the world! You can purchase a Yellow Belly Ball Python for as low as $50. Now we have one that I have no idea what is.

Motleys have more of a lavender/silver color with circles/ovals on their back and no side pattern. These exorbitant prices are quite uncommon, though.

Another relatively basic morph, Red Ball Pythons appear very similar to that of a normal ball python, with the sole exception of their coloring. These morphs are desired more than other morphs due to a plethora of factors. There are currently 2 main "lines" of hypos - the Salmon line and the Orangetail line. The fire is a dominant gene, meaning that they can produce a Super Fire -- a totally white snake with black eyes and a red pupil. Although different in appearance, habitat, and domestication, they are the same species, Rangifer tarandus. Albino boas lack melanin, resulting in a white to cream-colored body and red eyes. For instance, an albino ball python with white and yellow scales is a different morph than say a Blue Eyed Leucistic Ball Python that is completely white and without pigment to their scales. However, you’ll still spend a pretty penny as your typical Sunset Ball Python will cost you upwards of $1,000. With black and yellow scales, it’s no wonder this morph is referred to as a Bumblebee! Often times resembling that of a Normal, the Woma Ball Python morph is a basic morph that was first created in 1999. Breeders LOVE Pastels because they can be used to brighten up yellow and recessive genes. A dominant mutation, a Spider Ball Python morph first made its debut in 1999. However, one advantage they have over other albino and/or leucistic morphs? Before you begin the breeding process, you need to make sure that you can provide a safe and healthy environment for any snakes that come into your care. Their eyes are a piercing dark brown or black. Created in 1997, the Piebald’s unique pattern is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the result of a recessive gene. First discovered in 2003, Banana Ball Pythons have a co-dominant gene that creates brightly colored yellow blotches against a tan base. Please DO NOT support any ball python that comes from the spider morph! Anery and Albino boas bred together will create double het offspring. You see, the Woma produces offspring that vary from clutch to clutch in terms of appearance. It is just the amount you want to spend on them. Although examining the eye and head color won’t always help you instantly identify a morph, it can be helpful. ✅ Buyer’s Tip: Interested in taking your morphs education to the next level? Another small boa that only reaches 5 feet at maturity and is a recessive gene. This morph is VERY difficult to achieve because it requires crossing the Albino-Lavender with Piebald genes, all of which are recessive. Actually some morphs do play into the difficulty of the husbandry. We'll also highlight common defects in snakes to help identify them easier. I would really appreciate the help of knowing what she is. Perhaps a no brainer, but the Fire Ivory Ball Python morph was created when an Ivory and a Fire were crossed in 2012. However, due to the pastel gene, the blotches in a Pastel Bongo are noticeably brighter yellow than in that of their regular counterpart. Rich and indulgent in color just like a fudgy brownie, a Chocolate will have darker brown and black pigmentation with a distinctive healthy sheen to the scales. Pretty similar, right? Plus, healthier and happier boas tend to have better success with reproducing. Today you can purchase a White Ball Python for $600-$700. This results in boas that allow the underlying colors to show through much more prominently, making it a popular breeder morph. The mutations that occur in boas, or morphs, affect the physical appearance of the snake by changing where and what kind of skin pigment is produced. Often a favorite of breeders, Mojaves are Co-Dominant mutations and renowned for their ability to produce many different kinds of morphs, such as Blue Eyed Leucistics. A relatively newer morph, these unique beauties were created from combining Scaleless Head morphs.

If it finds a way somehow, you should probably take it to a shrink or someone like that because he may be depressed and doing the snake form of “cutting,” or is suicidal. Originally discovered as a class pet, the Aztec boa has a very pronounced pattern and a light-to-dark gradient down their body. They are quite rare, but they do happen on occasion. There's usually very intense speckling throughout the body with black on the head and tail and a light brown underside. Regular price $900.00. How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get? First created in 2003, the designer morph Lemon Blast is the result of a cross between Pinstripe and Pastel genes. If you’re interested in purchasing a Mystic, expect to spend between $100 and $150. As you can now see, there is truly an infinite number of ball python morphs available once you start including all of the possible combos and unique pairings breeders experiment with. (2020 Cost Breakdown), Snake Scale Rot: Best Identification & Treatment Methods, Corn Snake Morphs – 27 Morph List, Pictures & Descriptions.

For instance, when crossed with Pastels, Pinstripes can help create the relatively newer morph Lemon Blast. As such, if you have a Ringer, it could be a het pied (possess the Piebald gene), but it’s not guaranteed.
As you may have already guesses, they actually are lacking in scales and instead have skin. Spiders are notoriously good eaters. With an obvious Ball Python pattern, you can spot a Yellow by the smoothness of its scales, the general yellow color, and its white underbelly. However, the Stormtrooper is still a chaotic morph that has yet to be stabilized and controlled by breeders. Now that the gene has been stabilized and controlled by breeders, the price has come down significantly. However, look a little closer and you’ll likely notice blushing along the back and on back of the head from the pastel morph.

However, in some Lemon Blasts you’ll also see a rich orange base without a pattern on the spine. However, if you know what you're doing and what to avoid, you can mostly avoid these devastating defects and raise beautiful, healthy boas. And with an even temperament and manageable size, this fondness should be even more clear. Naturally, when you’re trying to figure out how to identify ball python morphs, you’re going to typically want to look at a few common things with every snake.

Over 20 years of experience in care and handling. They tend to be very easily recognizable with a dark brown or blue-black base coloring and flaming that can range from creamy tan to bright yellow and rich brown.

Where do you get your information? You can expect a Fire to have a reduction in both its brown pigmentation AND pattern. However, the Killer Bee, one of the more rare ball python morphs, can typically run you as much as $500. A regular Fire will often set you back around $100, but a Super Fire can go for as much as $400. However, the existence and popularization of morphs has definitely changed the way boas have been viewed by society. The base color will be a soft brown that may appear to blush and lighten, especially towards their belly. I do think there are ones that can have an extreme form but every one I have had doesn’t have a whole lot of head wobble and I have also taken a look at Kevin McCurly’s, Brian Barczyk’s, and Clint’s reptiles along with some others and base your opinions from there. There are currently dozens of different boa constrictor morphs with thousands of combinations between all of them. Finding a healthy, beautiful Blue-Eyed Leucistic for under $800 is rare, with most snakes going for around $900-1,000. There are hundreds of different morphs and morph combinations that result in a wide array of boas existing today. For a Ghost, buyers should be prepared to spend around $100. Hi wots best bedding to use for mojave ghost python? If you fancy a Clown Ball Python, you should be prepared to spend around $200.

Specializing in super rare colors and patterns of captive bred ball pythons. Today, Vanillas have a really affordable price point and can be purchased for around $100.

It’s very serious!

Extremely bright yellow Bumblebees are referred to as “Killer Bees” and unlike other morphs, actually keep their vivid color as they age. When looking at the body of the snake… what colors tend to stand out? 2019 Female Albino Graniteback Reticulated Python. Are there any more morphs of ball pythons and are they good pets for beginners like me. It's important to know the difference so that you can tell when a ​characteristic is caused by a morph and when it's something that's actually problematic.
If you’re looking to purchase a Axanthic Ball Python, expect to shell out around $200. Their blotches are a dreamy bright orange shade and are vividly defined.

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