All the dyno files are available to the client and the client is free to observe the dyno session in-person through the window of our Dyno Cell. All too often motors are built too loose causing lots of engine noise, too much cylinder blow-by, and major oil consumption issues. Tuning remains the most vital aspect in achieving the maximum from your car. COBB purchases from these dealers will not have any warranty coverage. Tuning Services Available for Subaru's with COBB Accessport, Enter your email address for special offers from Neon, Enter your email address for special offers from IAG Performance, 1241 New Windsor Rd Westminster, MD 21158, Stage 2+ (Injectors & External Upgrades): $699.

DW300 Fuel Pump and OEM Fuel Pump in saddle tank Philip Grabow may have used both Element Tuning’s Hydra EMS powered Scion FRS and Subaru STi during the season and led the points heading into Sebring, but he was without a car. The third main from right to left has a larger oil port.

Always be sure you are buying from a COBB Authorized Dealer to ensure you are getting real COBB products, a full product warranty, and the best customer service! With this data we have been able to build an engine that not only makes huge power but has near OEM oil level consumption. IAG requires a mandatory Pre-Dyno inspection service for all tunes.

BC Racing Supsension North America to support Phil Grabow’s championship efforts at Sebring International Raceway with their 700 HP supercharged Stage 3 Active Autowerke BMW M3. Pro tuning is also for clients that wish to take off the shelf COBB maps and tweak them for improved drivability, throttle response, and reliability. What happens to oil pressure when you increase the oil port size? Second in the championship, David Santillo (BSM Corvette Z06) had expected to take the fight to Grabow, but spun a bearing in his Vette on Friday. With 1032 load cell fuel targeting the Hydra can set to any AFR target at any RPM/Load. FA20Club 60 Trim Turbo Kit, 60 Trim Garrett Turbo, Front Mount Intercooler, Tial MVS WG, and Tial BOV The only way to have long term durability data on your engine program is to continue using the same parts. Fabrication. At Element Tuning we realize all the elements are needed for success. About Pro Tuning:Pro tuning is necessary for clients that have enhanced their vehicles with power upgrades not supported by off-the-shelf (OTS) COBB maps, such as turbo upgrades (both stock location and rotated turbo systems), fuel system upgrades, motor builds, cylinder head upgrades, hybrid engine conversions, etc. -Complete Plug and Play Epsilon model (Highest Feature Level). We’re confident saying this as every aspect of these motors has been tested and verified under the most demanding racing circumstances. IAG Performance - Subaru Performance Parts & Service. Drivability has returned and now I enjoy driving the car with no surging or stalling and massive power on demand! Call IAG Performance 410-840-3555 to make an appointment to pro tune your Subaru. Unfortunately the FA20 series of engines do not have adequate oil pressure for substantially more power or RPM. Simple to install, just place inside the glove box. We make Mitsubishi's and Subaru's go fast. This has to be the best feature honestly for a high powered FRS/BRZ. With Element Tuning’s STI taking the Watkins Glen round five win, and David Santillo in his Corvette Z06 taking two second place finishes at the Glen while Grabow DNFed Sunday, the battle continued at New Jersey Motorsports Park for rounds 7 & 8. A great Custom ECU Tune, providing awesome power is the key to making a fast drag car. Each gear has its own speed delta trigger for traction control along with each gear having its own setting for ignition and fuel cutting. Manufactured and precision machined in the USA to within .0002″ ensures exacting fitment and balanced to within 1 gram. Global Time Attack win Road Atlanta naturally aspirated. Element Tuning engines are the only engines to solve this problem! I’m sure many are thinking, OMG I have no idea what he’s talking about and I don’t know if I can even tune all of that or need it.

So your variable cam timing maps are tuned with a target and the Hydra then ensures each cam hits that target independently.

DEALERS VS PRO TUNERS. We are known for our dyno tuning prowess, custom turbo systems, magazine worthy engine bays, and much more! 18×9.5 Prodrive GC010 with 275/35-18 Hankook RS3 Advanced user control allows fine tuning of cam discrepancies an error in target control. We have advanced expressions that allow us to tweak output controls and do things that are not part of the “fixed” maps.

Our engine program has over 9 years of R&D through thousands of miles racing Subaru engines exclusively. Buy a Hydra 2.7 EMS and Get $490 Free Upgrade to Flex Fuel and CAN! The Hydra will then automatically compensate adjust the fuel, timing and boost maps for the difference in ethanol content. Maximum boost sets your protection for overboost with a fuel cut, Boost RPM Targets, minimum solenoid duty based on boost target, maximum solenoid duty based on boost target, compensations trim maps for coolant temp, air temp, knock, throttle position, and gear.

Shop today! We pay attention to the details and make some of the smoothest maps in the tuning world. In order to offer a complete comprehensive level of care to our clients, IAG offers professional pro tuning services for COBB Accessport, Open Source, AEM, Hydra, and ECUTek equipped Subaru's. Even if you have never remote tuned before, we can walk you though the easy to learn process.

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