Overall this poem gives out a social commentary on the inevitable reality of society and it’s difficulties leading to boredom and even insanity. Example ‘Stealing’ essay Carol Ann Duffy’s poem, ‘Stealing,’ is a strangely disturbing and complex poem that explores the motives of a thief who steals a snowman.

The poet portrays this by effective word choice when describing the thief’s feelings and actions. It has been proven that about 30% of the workers plan to steal from their employers long before they are actually employed (Buss, 2010). An Analysis of Stealing by Carol Ann Duffy, Role of Students in Disaster Management in USA, A Manifesto for the Position of School Prefect, Cleaning, Decontamination and Waste Management. “I nicked a bust of Shakespeare once” The thief steals things, which are a creative symbol or are part of a creative pastime.

Furthermore, the comparison, Literature Poetry:

White collar crime is not a victimless crime. In the novel, Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson, a 67 year-old man named Trond who lives in solitude in Norway reflects back on the summer of 1948 where several significant events changed his life.

” He is misunderstood and doesn’t expect people to try and accept how he feels or understand why he does what he does. I think this is very possible as the thief makes it clear that he/she is unhappy with life by making remarks such as ‘life’s tough’ and ‘sick of the world’.He/she also tries to reassemble the snowman in his/her yard, to me it seems the thief is doing this to try and make it (the snowman/ the happiness) his own and is angered when someone else’s snowman/happiness can mean nothing to him/her.

The gambling debts my brother and I had racked up were steep and we had already drunk and whored away the small fortune we had earned from our last job. November, 08 2009 A snowman. On the first line, she states she joy-rides cars, on the second line she follows that up with “to nowhere” that sentence running on, gives a slight pause as if there is a refrain for a brief second. Upon successful, view the act, embarrassment and distrust enter the scene. Carol Gilligan (2011) explains, “An ethics of care directs our attention to the need for responsiveness in relationships (paying attention, listening, responding) and to the costs of losing, There’s a vast difference in downloading a CD and stealing it. Also through the poet’s language we get the feeling that the character is a habitual thief. The informal tone and slang make the character seem more real as it imitates the pattern of speech and the thief comes to life. The scene changes very quickly, one minute we’re in a stranger’s bedroom and the next minute we’re back in the snow – I found this quite confusing. By doing it this way the reader can get a clear sight into the way the character is feeling and what his/her personality is like. It follows his progression of growing up and starting to understand more about the people and surroundings that revolve around his life and how they’ve shaped him into becoming a mature and wise man. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Nowadays, he helps Will manage the team and the website.

What's your thoughts? Also from the opening question, we get the impression that he has committed the same crime more than once. The thief is so lonely that he wants a snowman as a mate which builds a compassion between the reader until the use of negative connotations in the next line.

The thief has also stolen a guitar, which is made useful through the player’s creativity and ability to play. People usually steal something they need, whereas the character takes a snowman which is not essential in life Example ‘Stealing’ essay Carol Ann Duffy’s poem, ‘Stealing,’ is a strangely disturbing and complex poem that explores the motives of a thief who steals a snowman. There is lyricism describing the snowman which shows the thief giving it a speciality from every other things he had stolen.

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