I see this all the time in northern Minnesota. It would stop and jump forward two or three times. I use a tree roughly 100 feet west of my location as a reference point. It is kind of like letting the air out of a balloon and letting it go. If you shine a bright light or laser at them they will kind of dance in a circle or zigzag pattern to avoid the light they will also try to black out there light to get you to stop. Basically, if I hold my fist at arm’s length, I can visually fit that fist between the object’s starting point and ending point with room to spare. My friends and I were looking at the sky at around 9 PM when we saw 2 lights moving in circles.

It never fails. A few years ago I was looking online and I found a guy who wrote about when he was a kid laying on the beach at night and looking up at the stars in Los Angeles I think. Stars do move in the sky, of course, but too slowly for us to see. Whatever we are seeing has been going on a very long time. Are they UFO’s, air force maneuvers, maybe even drones? With longer focal lengths, small movements may even be … Super Bright Object Seen in Early Morning Hours All Week.

This helps validate our sightings. I remember telling my dad, and not only he saw it too, but he called my uncle and went “Dude, do you see that?”.

River, CA, North of Colusa) at tree level. I’m in the process of seeing one right now. It’s strange because usually it’s only 1 or 2 stars that move. It is an effect called “autokinesis.”. I looked and it had a slight flicker to it. I think she counted around 16, but they kept moving so rapidly and they were close. I pointed it out to my friend and he could see it too. There is no way it’s an optical illusion, or anything like that! It was falling in a zigzag while exploding. The sky was clear with no clouds.

It literally just blinked out and disappeared. Please read cgi.org/ufos-exist-but-what-are-they. It was bright and much closer than a star. Then, it moved over to the county dump, which it also turned to daylight. It was almost playful or evasive, depending on the way you look at it. I think it was around 2006. Satelits basically move in a straight like just like the space station.

I live in the boothill of Missouri I can also lookup and see star that appears to move and dance, but it never goes anywhere these are mind tricks. It also appeared to turn directions in such a way and at such a speed, that I haven’t ever seen in my life.

He said do you see this s**t? It would be the brightest object in the sky next to the moon. Required fields are marked *.

It never changed location in relationship to other stars. This time it was around 11 PM and my family and I were relaxing on a very still and cloudless night in the middle of a lake. Your email address will not be published.

Satellites don't move like this. I just wish it would come to me, but I think it can’t enter our atmosphere!! We live in east Texas and my wife and I are watching three different “stars” move with great intensity tonight!

It moved fast, but not a long distance, and various directions and back. The one that I first noticed and keep my eye on mostly is usually a lot lower toward the horizon than most of the stars that you can normally see due to trees and the hilly landscape here. Something wonderful! As a 10 year old I lost interest and stopped looking after a few minutes of it not moving. This has stuck with me all this time and I am still looking into it. They looked to be at least 10 miles away so it was hard to tell how big they are.

The following night (tonight) I saw it again, this time in the northern sky, this time he saw exactly what I saw. I zigzags about, moves up and down, around in circles and then just floats off then back again! My mom actually pulled over on the side of the road because there were so many. I live in that Tampa bay area, Florida. I have a really bright flashlight that strobes just quickly flashes and if you point in front of it (the zig zaging object), it will respond!

I highly doubt that this is a UFO or anything of the sort. My sightings were in North Yorkshire, UK around 2006 and then 2014-15 as far as I can recall. It was the one that would be at the peak.

I agree with you. If you are reporting a sighting, be sure to include the location (city, state, country), date and time of your sighting. We literally used to watch them for hours as we laid on the ground and watched the night sky and took them for granted. I wonder if it was super high clouds moving across the surface of these 3 to 4 objects I observed. They don’t like us shining light on them. I live in Scotland and have been seeing these objects for the past two weeks late at night and early hours In the morning. Usually if I stop it stops too. I am in Monroe City, MO and I witnessed this amazing phenomenon at approximately 11:30 PM last night 6/30/20. Thanks for everyone’s honesty! I have been seeing something similar on every clear night for over two weeks now. I cant believe its an ufo because I live by major airport as well as military bases and Im sure it would be picked up radar. Try it yourself.

I ‘saw’ the same thing and thought it was a UFO, but researched it and found out it was just my eyes/brain! Required fields are marked *. Eerie Moon #1 I've been distracted by the cloud formations the past few weeks. A friend and I used to call these things “Fiends” for want of a better name in the 60s and early 70s when we were children. During this time (fifteen minutes) my feet have remained stationary.

I just moved a week ago up to northern California and went outside to look up at the sky at 8:15 and only to notice the same thing in the city of Carmichael. Can Star–Link satellites zig zag and move in circles? Likewise, living a stones throw from Boeing, as well as a small private airport less than 10 miles away, I recognize a pretty wide variety of commercial aircraft. i saw the same thing late last year with a coworker and can't figure out what i was looking at. I worry in case they are aliens and might zap me!

What is this thing? It would go in circles go back to the same position and then zigzag and go back to the stationary position. I’ve read all I can about this and don’t find any real answers as to why this occurs. Use abbreviations or aliases if you don't want your name listed. They are always there. They were tiny and looked like small stars, but they were moving a little faster than a jet aircraft. First, I thought droids, the more I see, the more I can’t explain. One thing I can say for certain is that this was in no way a man-made aircraft. Armed with infrared video cameras and digi... Pizza Clock at Monicals Pizza Lake and Knoxville, Peoria, IL USA Monicals Pizza I'm on a diet. What are they? Tuesday, May 29, 2012. I am in central New Jersey and have this exact phenomenon going on. I saw them across the same river (Sac. I’d forgotten all about them until 2000 when I was looking at the sky and saw one zigzag, go “Fuzzy,” then zigzag again and then fade away. Your not alone. I have seen this maybe two or three times before exactly as you described. I got no reply? I got an adrenaline rush watching it. It’s real. This morning 8/16/2020, I was looking at the sky trying to see meteors when I noticed four star like objects moving in a straight line about a half mile from each other.

I found it to be Sirius.

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