Hot New Top Rising. Have driven both turbo and NA. The sport hatch is basically a lx with a tweaked engine and extra sporty accessories. I tested it a bunch of times to make sure it wasn’t just in my head either.

Keyword regret, also 2019 ex has black rims (yesss). I feel like Sport is just there to remind all of us with LX models that we could have spent a little more to get something that's actually sporty lol. 2017 ex-t coupe here!

It also changes how your air conditioner works (it makes it work worse). share. Messy Monday terrible Tuesday wounderfull Wednesday terrific Thursday and fd up Friday shixxty Saturday and superb Sunday ... Then the next week it's totally mixed up. When it comes to getting a souped-up, fully-customized ride that’s as unique to you as your own fingerprint, the Honda Civic is a great car.

So this got me thinking and somewhat worried, if my car is a sports model and if S was sports mode or just to simulate "2nd gear" since after all its a cvt. I only get it when I'm on and off the throttle alot like in traffic. My first manual! In the CVT it simply changes the ratios to mimic lower gears to achieve the same. Was going through the owners manual reading the refueling procedures to see what octane gas to use and it said that 91 octane is meant specifically for cars with sports mode.

I haven't been able to test it out but it does kick up speed fast which is cool Just a bit heavy of a car. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You can copy the boost tables from the other tunes and paste them in the dual tune, use the drop down to change between eco and non eco mode, oh mint I’ll have to see if I can find that, KTuner V2 / customized TSP Stage 1 - DC Sports front sway bar - aFe Pro Dry S filter - PRL silicone intake hose - Stainless steel door sills - Gloss black grille overlay - Helix (Unity) side markers - Carbon fiber interior/exterior trim - Aluminum sport pedals/footrest - Si rear sway bar. Pics / Videos / Stories / Advice & More! Only the sport hatchback comes with the turbo. I only use it for short periods of time here and there though. It's all mental. Turbos generally provide more torque at lower RPM and hit peak torque sooner. Reactions : ... 2013 Toyota Sienna LE, 2010 Lexus IS 350 Sport, 2018 Honda Civic Si (SOLD) Aug 8, 2019 #6 Mcclaughry95 said: I think it's better without rev hang on tsp stage 1. Hot. Advertisement . Sedan/Hatch/Coupe .................. LX/Sport/EX/EX-L/Sport Touring. Lady at the dealership also called it “Sport mode.” I don’t have a L option on my CVT gear box. With sport hatch, the turbo gains 6 hp using premium gas so you get 180 hp instead of 174 hp. Anyone have personal experience? From a press release on Honda's website, specifically about the Civic: To allow the driver to alter the operation of the CVT, the console-mounted gear selector includes an "S" or Sport mode that provides a sport-shift schedule that delays upshifting for more available power, and provides greater engine braking.

JavaScript is disabled. In the ktuner software, you can do a 19.3 psi base and 23psi sport mode tune, however i do not have a sport mode in my 2020 civic sport hatchback 1.5t. why do you think so many ppl want it disabled? I have been searching the internet for answers (including search here) and I cannot find a solid answer.

Edit: Bought the EX thanks guys. Jul 4, 2017 #6 JNOR said: I'm going to be honest in saying I've yet to even turn it on with 980 miles on my car I'm in for a … Next Last. All the dealers I spoke to said its not much of a difference but my cousin swears by 1.5 (though he lives overseas and goes off different trim branding than us). You should see a big change in how your accelerator affects RPMs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The u/chino_honda_civic community on Reddit. But it sounds like you use it the same way I do on my 16 lx.. which pretty much does nothing other than lower your mpg. I'm always careful about driving nice and easy until the car gets up to temp. The engine ramps very aggressively in 1st gear, and causes the flywheel to rotate at a comparatively higher RPM once releasing the clutch. Nothing will happen other than lower mpg,more frequent oil changes... and if you pretty much drive in sport 100% of the time then change the CVT fluid sooner.. I do notice the difference in the RPMs, but because I've never driven stick, I have a weak intuitive perception of where the "power band" is. The Civic manual doesn't specify what the 'S' stands for so I just assumed "Sport", although given its behavior, I knew it was basically a substitute for that "2" mode. OP, the 19.5 normal/23 psi sport tune is for the Si. Source: [Honda] (

Thread starter #1 Hey guys, I recently just hit 1k miles on my 18' hatch sport trim and I'm just curious about how you guys drive your cars. I am comparing strictly the EX vs Sport and if there is a noticeable difference and if it is honestly worth extra money just for a 1.5 turbo (like I said I don’t care for anything the Ex offers), the turbo will probably require more maintenance and more frequent oil changes and require better grade fuel. Moderator. Also to clarify one thing, Hatch is out of the question.

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