Reversed. Dancers can do a variety of powerful effects, but they are also random. They can only use four equipment slots, but can learn up to four randomly-learned magic abilities. Was not originally like this. He is recruited by Odie to pose as the Blazing Swordsman, Gestahl. Female Sepp who grew up with Revya. It also causes his next basic attack to lunge at the target for extra damage. Fights with twin daggers. At above 50%, Rumble's skills deal extra damage, but when the Heat gauge reaches 100%, it disables his skills until all the Heat dissipates but gives his attacks extra damage during the process. An individual's attack within the squad depends on it's position in the squad's room. Vitali, Voiced by Michihiko Hagi (JP), Derek Stephen Prince (U.S.). She then was reincarnated into Feinne, a world eater. She also believes that unlike Haephnes, Drazil is a perfect world free of disorder and is only right that Drazil exists and wishes for Haephnes' destruction. A young angel who wears a pilot's hat and uses a gun he received from Endorph. Gogo has "Mimic" by default and the player can choose to equip any three other skills on him. he eventually gains large amounts of Speed and Luck, making him a very effective evasion-tank. Bethany has low starting damage and she cannot use soul hearts, forcing her to rely on regular health containers for survival. In Soul Nomad, the player is able to choose Revya's gender, but appearances and references in the Disgaea series default to Revya being female.

Alexemia Voiced by Yukiko Mizuochi (JP), Karen Strassman (U.S.). What moves and attacks are available for each row and their effectiveness depends on the class of the character. Without a cure for herself, she succumbs to the disease and dies in Tricia's arms. Sett has Grit, a rapidly-depleting resource converted directly from the damage he receives. Download Foursquare for your smart phone and start exploring the world around you! Additionally, the player can attack the towns and fight against the NPCs inhabiting them. This studio has no upcoming classes yet. Fifteen years later, Lord Median's daughter had proven herself as a true leader, and convinced the remaining countries to form peace treaties, establishing peace once more. In the Demon Story, he/she goes insane with Gig's power and becomes the main antagonist of the story, becoming the Devourlord in the middle of the Campaign. She is said to exhibit a special healing power that most humans can't make use of. SoulCycle Inc. is a corporation registered in Delaware, USA with its headquarters at 609 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10014. Actively working with the World Eater Raksha. Revya is eventually hired as a teacher but Mao provides her with voice clips to use in battle. It is revealed that 200 years ago, Layna destroyed the shadow and sealed its soul into the black sword.

He's actually Walnut from Phantom Brave, who was sent to Prodesto after he dragged Sulphur through the dimensional gate at the end of the game. She is a World Ruler. A mysterious woman who appears in the player's dream from time to time. A bandaged man who, along with the beasts Yavis and Parin, is inherited to the Dracon who takes on the name of Dio. Additionally, instead of charging attacks, he has a number of charge orbs that allow him to use a charged attack with no waiting period, but which take time to recover, with charge modifiers like the Dracopent set instead giving him more and more powerful charge orbs. 200 years have passed since the defeat of the shadow at the hands of the technique user Layna. If your Friendship Points with Levin are eleven, a different scene will appear after beating Raksha. Danette, Voiced by Chiwa Saito (JP), Stephanie Sheh (U.S.). This tends to verge into. She's way too late in the Demon Path though. With, Ninjas are unique in their role as some of their abilities are Ninjutsus that aren't accessed as a single action.

Revya is a young teenager who, by using the power of Gig, vowed to save the continent of Prodesto from the dreaded World Eaters.

He ruled for ten years, before his sudden death caused Prodesto to fall back into ruin. Depending on the attack, this may come into effect before or after their attack. Also, the Demon Story is the only time when Revya's voice is heard outside of battle, laughing maniacally due to the power he/she gained after devouring Gig. In the end, she was destroyed along with all that exists. For the Nomads Nomadic Souls Clothing is for the rebellious nomads amongst us. Eventually it's discovered that his real name is Odie (and the "Gestahl" accompanying him is a hotpod farmer named Vangogh) and Dio is his much more powerful brother. He was originally the benevolent Vigilance, but after Median killed him he was reborn by Drazil as the Omnicidal Maniac we all know and love. Moze the Gunner behaves the most similarly to past Vault Hunters in some ways, since her Action Skill always summons her mech, Iron Bear.

He's a ridiculously fast runner and strong, though a little dimwitted and reckless. A Sepp man who runs an organization called the Yesterwind. Along with Layna, whose age now exceeds 200, the protagonist helps to protect the village.

Monsters can only get stronger by eating meat randomly dropped from defeated enemies and transforming into a different monster. The Convergence of Cyriss faction's warjacks act completely different depending on which warcaster is controlling them. If not for the current state of the world, he'd have preferred to pursue a career as a chef.

Gamma believes that Drazil's utopia is perfection and will do anything to maintain the order of the world, even though total control and domination allows the people of Drazil to live out their lives as soulless, machine-like creatures who follow the whim and will of their gods. Though appearing jovial and cheery, he's often acting in a secretive manner. Every special character has a personal special, as well as certain specials that are made available if the squad's configuration allows it. Sgt. However, if the battle is lost, the brainwashing effect over him is destroyed, as he remembers his life as Master of Death Vigilance. A few heroes can effectively teleport (often globally), at the downside of having very poor out-of-combat mobility while this is on cooldown. A Greninja with battle bond can transform into, The vast majority of classes depend on what Djinn are attached to the character (giving a Mars Djinni to a Venus character makes him go from Squire to Brute, for example).
In the Demon Path, he is briefly coerced into joining the Devourlord, but goes back to Odie after finding out that his wife is safe.
This functions similar to having infinite Mana, but cooldown times are crucial to them in exchange. Endorphins are real! Though kind-hearted, she's often naive and impulsive. When his Flow is full, he gains a shield the next time he takes damage. Though he dies when Revya kills the third World Eater, if his relationship is high enough he can still be used upon arriving in Drazil. Rehgar shapeshifts into a ghost wolf instead of mounting, which is instant and doesn't interrupt his movement to use.

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