Spear of the Magus is amazing on Sobek and Bacchus who can quickly stack it up and allow your mages to deal true damage to enemy’s. [0] => Array

[god] => Array [display_name] => Athena Pitiful damage, no penetration, and a meagre amount of CDR that honestly makes no difference. Waste of an item slot, Asi gives you more power, some pen, and more attack speed. Thus I built: Pen Boots -> Sov -> Ancile -> Runeforged Hammer -> Transcendance -> Hide of Nemean Lion.

[god_id] => 23 [god] => Array [god_id] => 6 [display_name] => Anubis


This consumable heals 125 Health and 75 Mana over 25 seconds. I'd probably keep Asi, maybe Ninja Tabi, but change the rest to more bursty items. [url] => baron-samedi [display_name] => Artemis Smite's Set season 6 builds page. PASSIVE - This item grants 2.5 MP5 per 10% of your missing Mana. [god_id] => 1 [url] => baron-samedi ( [display_name] => Ares Each Assist is worth 1 stack. [god] => Array Using this item removes Crowd Control Effects and makes you immune to new ones for 2s. [2] => Array Note if you do choose to build Pen boots you HAVE to play aggressive early. SMITE When to Build Damage for Supports Guide by The11eartless Hello fellow support players, this is going to be a relatively in depth guide on building damage items as a support. )

Berserk provides 20 Physical Power and 20% Attack Speed. I want to receive promotions from our partners. [scoreVal] => 2 The combo with ulti is usualy instakill so you can you allways more penetration. +8% Health and 25 Mana Restored on Killing a Jungle Monster ) [god] => Array 1, Array [notes] => Hoped I helped a few of you with that support lyfe :D feel free to share your opinions/thoughts. ) This is a useful tool for deciding if building damage on your particular support god is a good idea. Generally it’s useful for the team for you to have a little bit of damage in your build, unless your up against some very hard carry’s in which case going full tank/CDR is favourable. Soul Eater is extremely situational in the way that, it can be extremely effective very rarely. [display_name] => Aphrodite Join the leading SMITE community.Create and share God Guides and Builds. PASSIVE - Enemies hit by your Abilities have 40% reduced healing and regeneration for 8 seconds. ) Each time anything dies within 80 units you gain a stack. Hide of Nemean Lion was necessary lategame to deal with the Chaac and Artemis. Your email address will not be published. 1, Array Using this item will allow you to teleport up to 45 units away instantly. After using this item you gain a 10% Damage Mitigation Buff for 2s. Obsidian Shard is good on Guardians because they generally have very high base damage ultimates and you want to force as much of that out as possible. It’s generally harder to build damage against four magic because you’ll be getting smacked by A LOT of AOE, if you find this to be the case pick up Pestilence over Obsidian Shard. ( Jungle Monsters If you have over 200 Physical Power, your ability bonus damage scales up. [display_name] => Athena Note that Guan Yu has a protections buff on his heal which allows me to get away with building extra damage. You always want to build as much CDR on Geb as possible. Enemies near Set are damaged every .4s for 6s and have their vision obscured by the sands. If you are dealt 150 * your level damage while this effect is active, the effect will end early. SmiteGuru - Smite's best source for player profiles, god stats, smite matches, elo rankings, smite guides, and smite builds. [god] => Array [display_name] => Baron Samedi [scoreVal] => 1 ) This item can not be used if you have taken or dealt damage in the last 3s. Divine Ruin is very good on Sobek and Bacchus due to their healing mitigation, Gem of Isolation is probably the most situational item. At 50 Stacks Assassin's Blessing Evolves, gaining +5 Penetration, and 5% Movement Speed. Since Reinforced Greaves give awful stats at the moment, Pen boots are a very good pick up. This is the best split that will often occur and will allow you to build good amounts of damage while still being extremely tanky. [scoreVal] => 2 So I started experimenting myself and this is the culmination of my experiments. This consumable heals 250 Health over 25 seconds. Which is 50% + 50% + 80% + 120%, thus I’ll actually be getting 150 damage from the item. [god_id] => 1 Geb has the lowest item efficiency of any support god because the only easily confirmable damage is on his 2, which won’t be hitting for full damage most of the time anyway. I started noticing however that I’d always leave teamfights with a huge amount of hp remaining, something that always bothered me because it means my build isn’t achieving good efficiency. ( Yeh Warriors just have some really good items. All rights reserved. )

When building damage on supports your main goal is to be able to deal enough damage to squishies that it brings them within threshold of being easily wiped by one set of your own carry’s abilities. The last piece of advice I can give is if you plan on building damage, it always pays to pick up a Shell of Absorption/Spiked Shell to make up for the lack of beef on your body. And fitting CDR into your build is always preferable.
All of these gods can put out big damage with relatively few damage items. This consumable deals 200 True damage to Jungle Monsters around you. [display_name] => Baron Samedi [god] => Array [god] => Array Item efficiency is simply a measure of how much damage you’ll get out of an item by itself. ( As long as Ancile exists for Warriors physical CDR boots may as well not exist. ) PASSIVE - If you take damage below 30% health you unleash a shockwave that stuns all enemies within a range of 20 units for 1s and become immune to Crowd Control for 1s.

Guan Yu has very good scaling from his abilities, and built in CDR so Ancile was a no brainer. ( ( PASSIVE - Your abilities heal you for 20% of the damage dealt to targets. I’ve mained support for nearly a year now, and for the first 6 months I’d always build full tank. 1.

At 75 Stacks Soul Eater Evolves, gaining 15 Physical Power, 5% Physical Lifesteal, and causing abilities to heal you for 20% of damage dealt. SmiteFire is a community that lives to help every Smite player take their game to the next level by having open access to all our tools and resources. Assist with Minion kills to gain stacks. I started asking “pro’s” in their AMA’s when and why they build damage items, most of them had vague and unhelpful answers, or simply didn’t know enough about support builds to have any idea. [scoreVal] => 2 Attack speed and crit items rely on you sticking to the target, which he can do well, but it … Every game is unique and people should build for the best scenario. Otherwise, he can reactivate this ability to teleport. +100 Health SMITE When to Build Damage for Supports Guide by The11eartless. You may still move. [url] => artemis Not including the extra damage from auto attacks when the enemy is stunned/slowed.

[2] => Array

[notes] => [url] => ares [notes] => [display_name] => Artemis The goal of building damage on a support is to force the enemy into a position where they are running away instead of fighting back, by lowering their HP enough that it makes them scared. [url] => artemis [scoreVal] => 1 For example, Sun Wu Kong and Sobek both have very high item efficiency because all of their abilities deal damage. Midas Boots and Pen boots are just infinitely better first items. [url] => athena Something of worth to note, do not EVER build CDR boots on Guardians or Warriors.

I recognised here that Geb’s damage to me is redundant due to his ultimate, and Hades’ damage is largely avoidable. This effect lasts 7s. PASSIVE - 3% of your Mana is converted to Physical Power. [notes] => The … PASSIVE - For 8s after using an ability, your next Basic Attack will deal an additional 40% damage. PASSIVE - Enemies hit by your Basic Attacks have their Movement Speed reduced by 30% (20% for Ranged Basic Attacks) and have their Attack Speed reduced 15% for 1.25 seconds. [notes] => Cooldown - 130s. Jungle Monsters are worth 1 stack and Enemy Gods are worth 5 stacks.

Browse Set pro builds, top builds and guides. [god_id] => 96 1, Array ( [notes] => ) Urchin is needed here because more often than not you will still have to tank damage from a Hunter.

VS me on Guan Yu. Here is the match ID: 74603685, I dealt 25k damage, and although the full stats aren’t on show I tanked 20k more damage than the enemy Geb who went full tank, just by playing the match up and having good positioning to avoid Hades and Geb’s AOE damage. [scoreVal] => 2 [major] => Array Using this item places a ward that lasts 60 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

Since each god is different I found the most important factor when deciding when and how I should build damage items is the gods “item efficiency”.

) ( 4 Magic VS Sobek: Pen boots -> Sovereignty -> Bulwark -> Voidstone -> Hide of The Urchin -> Obsidian Shard. +10 Physical Protection and Magical Protection Abilities that function like basic attacks do not benefit from this. PASSIVE - For each enemy god within 55 units of you, you gain a stacking buff that provides 10 Magical Protection and 10 Physical Protection. Athena is noted because her damage can be hard to confirm, and most of the time it’s more useful building CDR on her. Please consider supporting us by whitelisting us in your ad blocker!

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