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So the usual simile for "strong" is "strong as an ox".

If you are 13 years old when were you born? —John Ford 17 Strong as earth’s first kings. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray?

A simile using 'strong' (not "a simile for strong') will, by definition, relate to something powerful. Simile smiles to brighten your day. There's no way around it...that's why we use the word 'strong.' —Fitz-Greene Halleck 18 As strong as instinct.

You might want to say as strong as a butterfly (and if you don't think butterflies are strong, consider how far they fly every year), but I'm pretty sure that will not be understood the way you mean it. Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? A simile is a figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another of a different kind,as an illustration or ornament ( brave as a lion or as strong as an ox). new Date().getTime(),event:'gtm.js'});var f=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], What I said about people likes bad and dislikes good why is that not making any sense why doesn't it make any sense if I say that? I hope I haven't confused you. [Mack and jasdsakd have given you synonyms, which was not the question.]

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ If you are 13 years old when were you born? (Southern regional intensive) very. Find more ways to say attitude, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. How long will the footprints on the moon last? All Rights Reserved. Another word for attitude. So the usual simile for "strong" is "strong as an ox".

Go Back to Top Definition of powerful powerful - adj. Go Back to Top Definition of strong strong - adj. Remember: a simile is a comparison between two different things using like or as to make the comparison. enable_page_level_ads: true Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes stockerons et/ou utiliserons des informations concernant votre appareil, par l’intermédiaire de cookies et de technologies similaires, afin d’afficher des annonces et des contenus personnalisés, de mesurer les audiences et les contenus, d’obtenir des informations sur les audiences et à des fins de développement de produit.  Yahoo fait partie de Verizon Media. A simile is one of the most common forms of figurative language.Examples of similes can be found just about anywhere from poems to song lyrics and even in everyday conversations. What is the time signature of the song Atin Cu Pung Singsing? m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Another word for finish. A simile will use the words "like" or "as" to compare. google_ad_client: "ca-pub-0926166113595582", Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. A simile using 'strong' (not "a simile for strong') will, by definition, relate to something powerful. Simile smiles to brighten your day. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? All Rights Reserved.

A simile must make an explicit comparison. Similes often contain as … as or like. A simile must make an explicit comparison. ga('send', 'pageview'); Good poem, by the way. google_ad_client: "ca-pub-0926166113595582", Vous pouvez modifier vos choix à tout moment dans vos paramètres de vie privée. '&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src= Let us realize the importance of the attitude in which we stand before the world. (function(w,d,s,l,i){w[l]=w[l]||[];w[l].push({'gtm.start': ... (of a person) possessing physical strength and weight; rugged and powerful; strong enough to knock down or overwhelm; adv.

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