A good example of capillary action is when a paintbrush or paper towel is dipped in a liquid. Brazing smaller pipes is possible with a small propane torch, but larger pipes such as 1” and up require more heat, therefore, it’s recommended to use an oxy/acetylene system with an appropriate torch seeing silver solder melts at a higher temperature than normal solder.

I have that because it claims to run hotter than propane but I am more reluctant to keep a canister of pure 02 and acetylene in the hot garage. The first step is to prepare the joint. All rights reserved. In other words, your filler material won’t fuse properly if they aren’t perfectly clean. Here’s what a “carburizing flame” looks like, it’s easily distinguished by its 3 colors, and leads to excessive carbonization on the pipe which isn’t necessary and could compromise the joint.

The tools and type of filler materials vary from a soldered joint to a brazed joint, so let’s go thru both of them together. This type of joint is known as a capillary or lap joint because the socket of the fitting overlaps the tube end and a space is formed between the tube and the fitting. Also, de-burr the inside of the pipe using either a round file or a dedicated pen reamer. That temperature is defined to be 842ºF/450ºC by the American Welding Society (AWS) but is often rounded to 840ºF. Best find an authoritative source or two to cite as primary sources when you can. Tip However, this increased strength generally comes from filler metals made of materials that melt at higher temperatures. EDIT** I just checked and yes there is a picture, it's this one right here, cheers! Every once and a while, use your filler material to test if it’s hot enough, and once it is you’ll see it start to melt. Something else you might wanna consider is making sure your torch has flashback arrestors on the oxygen and acetylene side. "The basic difference between soldering and brazing is the temperature necessary to melt the filler metal. There are 3 types of flames. Brazed joints are used for refrigeration, high-pressure air lines and HVAC where maximum joint strength is a must, and soldered joints are used in low-pressure applications such as potable water lines and some heating systems. Alright, so with that out of the way let’s get started. Applying water to a heated pipe as such could cause a fracture in the joint, resulting in a leaky joint. Brazing does not involve melting the work pieces. Silver Solder (8) Round Brazing Alloy Filler Metal (7) Square Silver Brazing Alloy Rod (5) High Silver Brazing Alloy Rod (4) Flux Coated (2) ... 1/16" X 20" BCuP-5 Harris® Stay-Silv® 15 Round Silver Brazing Alloy Rod 1# Tube (Prices are subject to change without notice due to raw materials cost volatility) Airgas Part #:HAR15320R1. Plus, propane torches don’t give out near as much heat as an oxy/acetylene torch does. How many lighters to braze a 2":L copper?? (Saves comments like the fellow who thought "... you started off incorrectly.").

on Step 2. a valuable lesson. It is weaker than a silver braze. Thanks for the lesson. In case of any doubts, Harris products does supply a very clear chart on what type of brazing rod to use for various types of materials being joined. Yes, you can probably get a brazed joint completed with MAPP gas on smaller pipes such as 3/8" and maybe even 1/2" if you are lucky, but I recommend doing it done with an oxy/acetylene setup as it's a lot quicker. The brazing temperatures for most of the brazing alloys used to joint copper piping systems (BCuP and BAg alloys see below) are roughly between 1,150°F/621°C and 1,550°F/843°C. "The filler metal is a metal alloy that has a melting temperature below that of either the tube or fitting. Each manufacturer comes with a chart that specifies what tip you need for whatever thickness of the material you are dealing with.

As I mentioned earlier, proper wetting is crucial when brazing and overheating the joint will inhibit proper capillary action. Go ahead and first open the acetylene knob about halfway and light the end of the torch with a striker like this. Share it with us! More pressure than this will result in an unstable flame so I recommend sticking with these numbers. Silver brazing is a popular method for joining or bonding ferrous and non-ferrous base metals like steel, stainless steel, copper, and brass. Interestingly enough, TOH would suggest the MAPP Gas Kit might be a bit too hot for 1/2" and smaller copper fittings (soldering): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQMHwthAlrM, 2 years ago

Silver Solder . Silver brazing uses filler metals and alloys such as silver, copper, zinc, cadmium, etc. Great lesson, very well done!

The difference between brazing and soldering is the temperature necessary to melt that filler metal. If your kit comes disassembled like this one, go on and install both tank valves on their respective tanks without any thread sealants such as Teflon tape or pipe dope. On the acetylene side, however, it’s recommended to open the valve only a ¼” turn after the gauge reaches full pressure.

In this demonstration, I’ll be skipping this step. This from Wikipedia: Brazing is a metal-joining process in which two or more metal items are joined together by melting and flowing a filler metal into the joint, the filler metal having a lower melting point than the adjoining metal.

Above that temperature, the process is brazing.

The author got it absolutely right. Saru Silver is your single source for all your brazing needs including alloys, fluxes and any technical assistance. We are strategically situated to service all customers, big or small, throughout South Africa. Most new torches come with them built in. It's division Saru Silver is the largest and pioneer manufacturer of Silver Brazing Alloys in India exporting to more than 60 countries worldwide. Perhaps less "wanna" and "gonna" would be nice. "Brazed joints are generally used to achieve higher joint strength or fatigue resistance. During the brazing process, a lot of oxidation will occur inside the pipe, creating scale that could potentially clog these costly components and even, void a warranty. ;-P, That was a nice tutorial, but where you say, The liquid is absorbed without the aid of external forces. And lastly, a neutral flame. Skipping this step may result in an improperly brazed joint. Once the pipe has been heated, start heating the fitting’s hub, always staying in motion. Any thoughts on MAPP gas to do brazing? The first part you wanna to heat is the pipe, the reason being is that between the fitting and the pipe is a small gap of air. This type of solder can’t be used when brazing so, you’re gonna be needing a filler material. Flux is necessary for brazing to remove and prevent reformulation of surface oxides on the base metals. A neutral flame is what you are looking for as it doesn’t carburize nor oxidize, it has a perfect mix of oxygen and acetylene and is typically a clear blue color like this. BAg Alloy (pronounced bag) - where the B stands for Brazing and Ag is the chemical symbol for Silver. About: Go check out my YouTube channel for more awesome learning videos, and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to win some cool gifts!

Occurs at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit; 5-50% of metal is silver, rest is usually copper and zinc; Expensive at $50 or more an once; Capillary attraction in small cracks I must say though when I was taught to solder, we always want the heated object to melt the solder, be it copper pipe or electronic circuits. When you’re finished brazing, slowly close the oxygen knob on the torch, followed by the acetylene knob and then close both tank valves to make sure no gases are passing thru. Now open up both tanks and adjust both regulators to around 5Psi. 2 years ago. You’ll see a mix of soothe and smoke in the air, this is normal, just wait for both of them to clear up and slowly open up the oxygen side. EUR: +44 (0) 1279 443 122 | infoeurope@fusion-inc.com. That is welding. For this demonstration, I’ll be using a #2 tip from Harris. A source worth checking, of course. Once the joint cooled down, get your wire brush and remove any scaling that occurred on the surface of the pipe. Dissimilar Metals Steel Specialty Welding Rods E312-16 Silver brazing is a joining process whereby a non-ferrous filler metal, alloy is heated to melting temperature (above 800°F) and distributed between two or more close-fitting parts by capillary attraction. Brazing is the same as soldering, except brazing occurs at higher temperatures. However, they are more economical and lighter to carry around in tight spaces, so use what’s best for you.

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