One of the first wrecks on the list was the Short Stirling at the bottom of the Markermeer. But their responses weren’t as bad as I expected. Thirty years after the war, a teenage boy named Johan Graas began poking around crash sites with his metal detector. What Is the Stirling Aircraft Project? ‘We’ll never find them all.

They came to rest in fields, skewered through farm buildings, in the North Sea or in the country’s network of waterways. In November 2011 a memorial was unveiled on the island of Marken, composed of a propellor blade on a stainless steel plinth and the names of the seven crewmen. ‘An American life jacket with a name on it. The salvage operation will take up to five weeks, as investigators search a 75 metres squared area of the freshwater lake. Though the flight path of the BK710 was to the north of Amsterdam, the 21-year-old pilot, Jack Henry Uden, appeared to have turned inland and ditched in the Markermeer as he tried to find a spot for an emergency landing. Harry’s father, Arnold, had died when he was 19 and his younger brother, Clifford, succumbed to diabetes as a child, leaving his mother, Bertha, alone with his sister, Edith. When people found pieces of plane wreckage while out walking or fishing, they took them to Graas. The sailors called in Johan Graas, a tireless volunteer wreck detective, who has spent 50 years investigating hundreds of crash sites in his home country. But the BK710 belonged to No. At least a further 2,427 men and women died in the service of the unit, both air and ground crew. The alternative method of building a dam around the crash site and draining it was used four years ago to recover a Wellington bomber, but its remains were confined to a smaller area of around 34 by 23 metres. On a winter’s day just before Christmas in 2008, the Royal Dutch Rescue Society received a call-out to a boat that had broken down on the Markermeer lake, around six miles north-east of Amsterdam. Graas and his team also recovered three parachute locks, part of a flying jacket and a tied belt. ‘His bank manager told him he did not have to go because my mother was a widow and I was the only one left,’ she says in a video call from Canada. Recovery officials say they understand the remains of Flight Sgt. One of them was the 24-year-old navigator, Harry Farrington, from Niagara Falls, Ontario. Many planes came down over the Netherlands. Your financial support has helped us to expand our coverage of the coronavirus crisis into the evenings and weekends and make sure you are kept up to date with the latest developments. She knows all that happened now, and so do I.’. And we don’t know beforehand where we’re going to find machine parts or human remains. If McCaw’s remains are found and identity is confirmed, proper funeral services are planned to inter the gunner and his crewmates with full military honours. It has the distinction of being the first four-engined bomber to be introduced into service with the Royal Air Force (RAF).”, The heavy bomber Short Stirling was the first aircraft used by the RAF on long bombing raids during the Second World War and was later stepped down behing the Halifax and Lancaster bombers as the war progressed. The Stirling had a relatively brief operational career as a bomber before being relegated to second line duties from late 1943.

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