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but i have another issue. This can be done easily by adding a conditional to your liquid template file. url += newStyle;

I presume i need to implement some kind of counter and use that counter as the page number in my ajax query, but i am unsure how to do that as well as create a NEW div after each query where the next data will be inserted.

Design like a professional without Photoshop. } Essentially, the browser is able to submit the form via a background request and keep the user on the page. I am trying to build a simple solution on shopify, where i click the 'View More' link and my ajax will pull data from the next page and display it on my current collection page without changing the page. {%- for tag in collections[collection.handle].tags -%}, {%- assign tag_patterns = tag | split: '_' -%}, {%- unless tag contains 'categories' or tag contains 'display' -%}, {%- assign div_closed = div_closed | plus: 1 -%}, {%- assign div_opened = div_opened | plus: 1 -%}, {%- if categories != blank or filters != blank -%}, {%- assign products_count = products_count | plus: 1 -%}, {{ 'collections.general.no_matches' | t }}. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

For example say you created your shop as “weddinggear” on Shopify and your main domain is “weddinggear.com”, you will start off with two URLs for your shop: URL 1 weddinggear.myshopify.com and URL 2 weddinggear.com. If you see anything that could be improved here please let me know :).

Never mind! selectedStyle = $(this).text(); however, instead of having them on the collection page, im trying to have the filter tags on the “index” page where i used the theme settings to feature the “frontpage” collection. Any thoughts on why that might be? *Compatible with most of the themes, (extremely relevant for Drop Shipping). Thanks again because you’re awesome for sharing this!

Linux System Admin & Fullstack Web Developer - Thailand. } else if (newColor != ”) { There’s plenty of info on this topic online e.g.

Shopify Add to Cart Ajax - Duration: 4:04. The ajax apis include: cart – Update cart line items, attributes, and notes. ), You must add the tags you wish to filter your products on.

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I’ve implemented this on a store I’m working on but I seem to be missing something. Please contact me at Jay@XGear101.com, Thanks for your five-stars. Why does this Excel RIGHT function not work? I put the console.log right after the success function (going to try to paste it in here): When I do that, the page refreshes and the correct products show up, but then I get an error related to that line: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token . An easy way to find out if it is correctly assigning a proper string to the collectionUrl is to console.log(collectionUrl) We will fix it immediately!

} User scrolls to bottom and clicks View More link. But unfortunately it doesn’t work when selecting a tag from a different list. @CisForChi hi! }

Secondly since it is a tag based filter then the answer is yes you have to assign the color to every product that you want to show up with that color. //remove other “Remove tag” in same filter row

activeColor = $(‘#filter-2 ul li.active a’).text(); you can only filter on one color. complete: function (data) { Hi there, I am trying to figure out how I can use AJAX for my Shopify website. Record down a list of tags that you have associated with each filter to use later in step 4. var newColor = selectedColor || activeColor; $(‘li’, ul).removeClass(‘active’); Still no good ah well, thanks for trying anyway. Without this, my grid layout gets screwed up.

set specific recommended products, allow customers to add products to cart with one click from the popup etc).

It will improve your customer experience - You will greatly improve the shopping experience just by making it simpler for your customers to add items to the cart.

Add products to the cart and update the cart item counter. We have a store which sells commemorative coins, and for ease of use the user can select the quantity of each coin and add to cart without leaving the page. Hey Keith! How to manage a redirect request after a jQuery Ajax call, jQuery Ajax error handling, show custom exception messages, Get the size of the screen, current web page and browser window. Now open this file, select all, and copy paste the contents into the ajaxify-cart.liquid snippet that has just been created. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

var popped = (‘state’ in window.history && window.history.state !== null), $(this).attr(‘title’, ‘Remove tag ‘ + $(this).text());

if the user clicks forward or back in the browser).

var ul = $(this).parent().parent();

You need add this script at first, try it. Change ), Advanced AJAX Shopify collection tags filter – Shopify tutorial, http://shelights-au.myshopify.com/collections/pendant-lights, http://www.maidomall.com/collections/girls-fashion/OMG, Upload file contents to AWS S3 using Javascript SDK, Submit a form using Angular $http, form data and jQuery serialize.

Change the alignment, margins and padding to match your theme and get the best display you can for your end users. It takes into consideration browser history (e.g.

Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! This is achieved via an AJAX call written in JavaScript which sends a request to the Shopify API. Is it legal for a pointer to point to C++ register? var activeColor = ”;

In combination with displaying your products in a list with the quantity setting, the probability for a larger order has increased somewhat. they're used to log you in.

Thank you for re-installing the app, then we have resolved all your issues :), Looks pretty good and powerful, but some basic features are missing for me. The Ajax API provides a suite of lightweight REST API endpoints for development of Shopify themes. Everything you need for your next creative project.


The is a brief tutorial that describes how to achieve the following in the collection view grid: Special thanks should be given to the help provided by Caroline Schnapp in this Shopify post that got me started – you should read through this thread to get more information on what the initial intention to be achieved was. page: url An example is shown below: Now head over to your Theme Settings and you should have a new section there called “Collection Filters” that came about from you editing the settings.html file. Just change this jQuery selection to whatever your theme is currently using. To make this responsive to work on mobile and desktop, you will need to use media queries such as the following to clear the float: Say, for example, you just want to display the buttons inside the collections, not on your home page. It could be possible, just replace the anchors to be checkboxes instead and change the javascript click function. A filter by collection would basically be a case of changing the URL part after /collections/collection_name/tags, Your tags query would stay the same (except you would probably have to check your linked lists of the new collection the user has clicked to see if all the current filtered tags are relevant) and it would just be a case of changing to the new collection_name.

Happy to see you again! If anyone wants the solution ASAP, let me know! Make sure these files as well as jquery is linked to your store before starting this tutorial. }

A basic understanding of JavaScript and AJAX would be required to do this, but don't worry if you are a newcomer—it's really very basic stuff indeed. I’m in the same boat as you in terms of trying to find a way to filter such that I can find ALL Small or Medium shirts that are Black OR Orange. Customer always see ATC button even when they scroll down a long Product page, Select and add/buy variants instantly by Variant Popup, Upsell with Recommended products showup after product has added to cart. We have a store which sells commemorative coins, and for ease of use the user can select the quantity of each coin and add to cart without leaving the page.

It would be best if you were to replace the fullUrl and collectionUrl code with the following: {% capture pathUrl %}{% if collection.handle %}{% capture url %}/collections/{{ collection.handle }}{% endcapture %}{{ url }}{% elsif collection.all_products_count > 0 and collection.products.first.type == collection.title %}{{ link_to_type }}{% elsif collection.all_products_count > 0 and collection.products.first.vendor == collection.title %}{{ link_to_vendor }}{% endif %}{% endcapture %}.

Is Safari on iOS 6 caching $.ajax results? isRemoveFilter = true; Couple more questions, pardon my dominating the thread but I’m sure this could be helpful for others.

How do you configure the CSS code to function with the SCSS timber file? //console.log(‘newBrand = ‘ + newBrand); Advanced AJAX Shopify collection tags filter – Shopify tutorial. Make sure it comes out with “/collections/all”.


Thanks for the reply. Add the {% if collection.title %} conditional as in the following code: You can specify any criteria you like in place of the {% if collection.title %} if you'd rather check for another value such as whether the product is in stock or what category or tags it has applied. Or even simpler, All products such that (A or B) AND (X or Y). I was wondering if you had found a solution? // Ignore inital popstate that some browsers fire on page load

I’m getting this error now: Make sure you Save your changes before exiting. if ($(‘#filter-1 ul li.active a’).length > 0) {

} For example: To display your collection in a list, we will need some CSS to make that happen. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 9 months ago. Use cases. var ajaxLoadPage = function (url) {

As far as I know, there is no way to filter a collection purely based on product variants

If this is not working, please check the previous steps and look in your browser's web developer tools error console, to see if there are any errors reported.

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