This idea of fluid, ambiguous space has never left his work. The basic design of the building is a standard L-shape. Edward Street House (2008–2012): bands of inhabitation run across the site, from public to private space, and are mediated by galleries. [5], "RAIA Robin Boyd Residential Buildings Award: Winners and commendation recipients: 2006-1981",, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Premier’s Design Award for the Built Environment - Victoria, Australia, Finalist Wallpaper International Design Awards, UK, Honourable Mention - Residential, Public and Private Architecture in the Barbara Capochin International Biennial Architecture Competition, This page was last edited on 25 October 2020, at 21:04. Edward Street House (2008–2012): the clients’ idea of an urban farm inspired the use of galvanized steel cladding. It is partly an extension of his thinking about the verandah – abstracted yet still providing shade to a building – but it also subverts the conventions of a facade. Future Shack (1985–2001): relief housing in the form of a repurposed shipping container. Most of the houses in this essay are objects in the landscape, which is why the recent Edward Street House is so interesting – his first suburban project since his own Kew House fifteen years earlier. Read more. Architects: Sean Godsell Architects Glenburn House (Peninsula House) - Sean Godsell Architects A 30m x 7.2m oxidized steel portal structure has been embedded into the side of a sand dune. “They are tactile, usually with a warm, earthy palette. AFL football, at which he excelled, threatened to derail him until injury knocked him out of the game at twenty-one, allowing him to refocus on his studies. Peninsula House (2000–2002): like all Sean’s designs, it has a skin – an abstract, subverted facade or verandah. Carter/Tucker House (1998–2000): tilt-up panels in the timber-battened facade open like awnings to create a verandah-like room in the interior.

At Glenburn the skin is embedded with technology and power-gathering solar panels, as the discs on his futureproofed RMIT building will be one day. Glenburn House (2004–2007): from a distance, it looks like a monolithic, rusting steel sculpture embedded in the landscape. He puts it down to his Jesuit education. The residential work of Sean Godsell Architects has evolved elegantly and rigorously around a set of principles and ideas uniting East and West traditions. Search for: Trending now. Edward Street House (2008–2012): bands of inhabitation run across the site, from public to private space, and are mediated by galleries. Carter/Tucker House (1998–2000): the ancillary spaces have the same material qualities and filtered light as the main spaces.

Talks, seminars, conferences and more. Apart from the Carter/Tucker House and the Peninsula House, where he says “the section is rampant,” the life in his buildings exists between two straight lines – a ceiling and a floor. From the architects: “The fluid nature of verandah space has been integral to my research into houses for some time now. Entry, at the side, is to the most public space – a gallery that glimpses and opens into the living spaces.

Image: The building is also influenced by the European/Australian ideals behind ‘sunrooms’ and is executed with maximum effect; the marrying of styles, seamless.

There is also ample outdoor space that is shaded to prevent overheating. Architects: Sean Godsell Architects Location: Mornington Peninsula… The Tanderra House by Sean Godsell Architects is tucked into a hillside on an enormous property on the Mornington Peninsula, outside of Victoria, Australia. The mental toughness from his days as an elite football player has surely infused his professional character. A door, a window in a wall ceases to be there.”.

The house has beautiful views to the distant ocean but the views are to the west and the house is exposed to a powerful prevailing wind. Sean’s sections are mostly very simple. It’s a deliberate ploy to force a reconnection with nature. Instead of the classical approach – creating more privacy along the long axis of the site – bands of privacy run across the block of the plan, from side boundary to side boundary, separated by sliding openings and dividing walls. It is essentially an alteration and addition, an extension to a heritage dwelling added on to the back like so many projects in Australia, but unlike all of them. Kate Doyle will step down as CEO of the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) in March 2021. “You have to be a man for other people.” These endeavours provide a counterpoint to his bespoke work. Words: Tell us where we should send the Latest news.

Designed by Australian architect Sean Godsell in the Australian contemporary style, the house was awarded the Robin Boyd Award in 2006.[1]. The Peninsula House by Stafford Architecture and Hare + Klein. Tilt-up panels in the timber-battened facade open like awnings to create a verandah-like room in the interior. Particularly in the latter case, the house is looked down upon from various vantage points. The kinetic nature of the divided plan assisted me in removing dependence on the section as a spatial device from my architecture and in doing so mounting an attack on European modernism as a formulaic means of generating architecture (ie making interesting space by changing ceiling heights or floor levels)”, “These ideas are at work in this house which is sited on top of a hill on a 40ha site. With the sliding wall closed, a private space is retained while the “verandah” becomes the circulation. Earl Carter. Simply, he wanted to be different. Victorian landscape architect Claire Martin has been elected as president of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. Edward Street House (2008–2012): beautifully detailed in recycled blackbutt. Also, Sean says, “By giving the roof parity with the walls, it removes an identifiable element from the building and you can create confusion about what is a wall and what is a roof.” Especially in the Peninsula House, internal structural layers are used to create differing levels of privacy.

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