"It’s hard to pick out favourites from this great list because you give so much to every single one that I can’t pick one over the other. "I didn't read the producer's email properly until the day before recording and then I realised what it was, and it was too late to pull out.

"You just have to hold the line and need really good management that will support you, which has always been the case for me at the ABC. As Australians suffer through a recession, taxpayers are funding some big pay packets. While Ferguson has kept the lid firmly shut on her private life, last year she opened up, writing a deeply personal and moving book, On Mother, about love and grief following her mother's unexpected death. Melburnians have had it tough. Sarah Ferguson is edgy. She's generous in sharing insights and advice with colleagues and younger journalists and is comfortable admitting she doesn't always get it right. It was normal to want to go and explore the world," she says. "I have never once felt that they didn't have my back.". "It's extraordinarily intense," Ferguson says. Off camera though, Ferguson is warm, funny and engaging. That Ferguson was able to get both Milne and Guthrie to agree to participate in the Four Corners' program says a lot about her journalistic ability and the respect she's garnered over the years, according to friend and head of ABC Investigative Journalism John Lyons.

"I don't understand a lot of the dynamics and I'd like to understand them better, and I'm sure if I'd like to understand it more a lot of other people would like to as well.

Ferguson has won multiple awards — four Walkley's, including the Gold Walkley for 'A Bloody Business', the Melbourne Press Club Gold Quill, five Logies, two Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards (AACTA's) for best documentary, the George Munster Award for Independent Journalism and the Queensland Premier's Literary Award.

"People on all sides of politics and across the spectrum trust Sarah, which is gold.". In the New Year, Ferguson is moving to Beijing to … This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. "The defamation police had their sirens on, so I was worried about doing that interview at that time, but I did enjoy it. "I don't know how to say it, so I'll just say it. One South American country has had fewer than 100 deaths, while its neighbours have reached 100,000s. Not by herself.

"He's a fantastic writer and filmmaker, and was so at Four Corners, and we needed that at this stage. Tips and Murmurs: Hume’s wrong turn … Delete your account, ASIO … Waterfront revisited. ABC Journalist Sarah Ferguson Now Ferguson heads to the US in a “special in-depth reporting role” for ABC News amid a historic election for the country, and will spend around six months there. Her quick wit was on show in an entertaining 'Hard Chat' interview with comedian Tom Gleeson, which came about by accident. "This story about the Catholic church has been so much a part of our lives for a number of years that the moment of seeing the person themselves, the person who actually perpetrated these crimes, it is a revelation. 'On Mother' has special meaning for her but asking Ferguson which are the stories or programs she's most proud of it's like asking her to nominate her favourite child. "She combines the intellect of a good QC with a great emotional intelligence.".

"It's the other side of the coin in the great superpower stand-off. To spend your professional life wading through murky waters, exposing unpalatable truths and skewering slippery interview subjects, you have to be gutsy, determined and steely. Marjorie Ferguson was a local Tory party volunteer and one day, 13-year-old Sarah overheard a visiting political insider reveal that the local MP, and major player in the party, wanted to move to a safer seat. Michael Sainsbury is a freelance journalist based in Asia with more than 20 years experience writing about business, business politics and human rights across Australia and the Asia Pacific. They married in 1993 and have two children. Being a foreign correspondent is a new direction in a career built on long-form investigative journalism and documentary making, but the rise of China is an irresistible story. "After the cattle story some people wanted to quote, unquote 'wrap me in chains and drop me in the bottom of the harbour'.

The new ABC bureau chief-in-waiting Sarah Ferguson and Nine’s China correspondent-in-waiting Eryk Bagshaw have been cooling their heels for 10 and eight months respectively, awaiting their visas. Credit:ABC. Ferguson can't reveal much publicly about Revelation yet as it's still in production, except to say the interviews with paedophile priests give an insight we've never had before. "The drama of the US story is compelling," said Ferguson in a statement via the ABC.

Sarah Ferguson preparing for an interview for her Revelation series. "This kind of work leaves deep lines in your soul. "So, we need to talk and think deeply and admit when we get it wrong.". The ABC told Crikey last night that it was continuing to pursue a visa for Ferguson but would not comment on how many local Chinese it has working in its Beijing bureau or whether they were still being paid or on leave. How will this affect the result? The US reacted swiftly when three of its journalists were expelled. More than 97 million Americans have already voted. Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. I thrashed about in the back of the taxi, like something animal. Tips and Murmurs: NAB gets nabbed … ASIO looks to the hard-right … Centrelink enters the bedroom. On a broken line, Anthony tried to explain. "I'm glad I did it because I have this precious memory written down and doing the publicity, talking about it in places was fantastic, because it's such a rich event for everyone when it happens so you know you are touching people. That was just so special from start to finish and not something I would normally do.".

When the MP turned up at Ferguson's school the next day, with local media in tow, the future journalist threw him a curly question.

"Tony has his job and I have my job and they don't need to cross-fertilise but the reason we brought him in on this project is that he is actually the best television writer I know of in Australia. Jones has another child from a previous relationship. With no ABC reporters left stationed in China, the broadcaster has also announced it will open a temporary bureau in Seoul, "to expand reporting in North Asia". ", Sarah Ferguson will head to Washington to take up a "special in-depth reporting role" for the ABC. Ferguson though is committed to maintaining contact and supporting those who have entrusted her with their story long after the program has gone to air.

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